• Shantel Shaney Graham

    Oh shoot first heyyy😂😂, where do I pick up my prize

  • Danielle FemLuscious

    Brianna is such a bitch

    • shemika grimes


  • Katys Dulce

    Angela is so full of shit since is supposed to be the baby girl 🙄😒😑

  • shemika grimes

    Kristinia was Brianna friend when no one else wanted to F*** with her, and TT is very messy and 2 faced to almost everyone……smh.

  • Malia

    Brianna just need to get beat up because that’s what she seem to like busted lips and black eyes she’s so immature it’s got to be scripted then the whole honest thing Christinia, said no Let It Go and a first I like TT I thought she was mature taking the high road and being diplomatic about things that she turned into a bone carrier and an instigator

    • Shanta Anderson

      And the only reason Brianna acts like that becuz the other girls are very classy and they wasn’t brought up to hoodish and that’s why Mary j blidge left daddy cuz of that bullish

      • Ferris Beulah Hargrove

        No they are rude how tt say “hey u guys know each other” and u lie and say no i dont know her when yallclearly meet before like tbts rude and they do it on purpose like knock it off if it wasnt for thr show nonone wud know u teddy rileys daughter u didnt make any hit records ur father did humbke ya self i like bri fuck all tht saddiy shit these broads be on like they to good to know her

  • Malia

    And another thing how Biggie can’t pay $5,000 for a lawyer do not like ice cream or a cupcake shop or something they showed in the first season

    • Shanta Anderson

      No that was his other son

  • Marriee Skyla

    Can we please get queen sugar greenleaf claws

  • trumplikestotakeintheass

    that half sis acct like she had a lesbo relation or something.

  • StarbucksEmp

    Briana and Tee Tee need to be fucking each other since all they do is fuck up everyone elses business. Don’t no real man want them except to be his JUMP OFF because they can’t keep they mouth shut except when they got CUMM stains in it. I can’t stand neither one of them. They need to EXIT the stage. Neither one of them has talent or a claim to fame.

  • Queen

    Will the new episode be uploaded???

  • Kay

    I LOVE Brianna!!I think she is my new favorite.Angela was trying so hard to pull a tear from that fake cry but it never happend lol&smdh