1. I feel what deb is saying about bow wow dad past,I feel like his dad didn’t won’t to see him like that so it took him a long ass time to heal due to his illness he was doing, bow wow I know you dont wanna see the man but shug you going have to man up an talk to him i know you have pain in them eyes an hurt in that heart but god saying its time to fix that problem you can’t hold on to that anymore its time to fix it an move on he is not going anywhere until you talk to that man, in life you have to forgive an forget in order to get a more wonderful joyful life thats just going to be a weight on your back you going have to carry in life, hear what he has to say because it seems to me he was doing drugs an didn’t won’t to hurt your mother an you any badder in life its best to just get up an leave rather then harming you an your mother.

    • But she isn’t. Because she’s an enabler. Both her parents spoil her. If she can’t get it from one she’ll call the next one. What parent rewards a child with a party because they didn’t call and tell their father? Like girl that’s nothing to be rewarded for. If she was really trying to diffuse the situation like a real mom would she would’ve told the cousins to sit they asses down, went to talk to Brandon calmly, and figured out what happened. Not instantly accusing a person WHEN YOU ALREADY KNOW your daughter got a smart ass mouth. She should’ve walked up to Brandon and asked him what happened or what exactly did he say so she’d get a better understanding of why her daughter felt disrespected. But she just believed reginae ass like she don’t lie or exaggerate. “He don’t know who I am!!…He done messed with the wrong one!!” Girl who are you exactly, besides someone’s daughter? I used to like her before she opened her mouth. If Ayana tag that ass imma be all for it because Reginae needs to learn. Can’t just be out here saying whatever to ppl but you gotta call mommy and daddy when it gets rough lol but you grown tho…? Girl bye.

    • Cartierkenea, you’re right reginae is spoiled little brat. Her antics calling people to beat somebody up just because she didn’t like what they said about her dad, that’s just how people get killed over NOTHING. If Brandon had gotten beat up or killed that heffer would have went to jail. I just don’t have a like for the little girl. I’m not into hip hop I don’t know of nothing her dad has done except have kids by three or four different women.

  2. Bow Wow, Spend Time W/ Ur Dad, Cuase 1 Of These Days He Goin 2 Haven ((Trying 2 Say It In The Nice Way)) & Ur Goin 2 Regret It, Right Now #TeamWowsDad, 4 Got His Name!

  3. First of all I don’t like the way Reginae is acting but hell she is spoiled as fuck.Beside the shit she got going on with Brandon,I think she should just let it die down and move on ,hell we all know Wayne is to me the best rapper, Im an#1 Wayne fan.But I do think he needs to get an better hold of her​ before someone put them hands on her and Wayne and Toya end up in jail.

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