1. 😂😂😂😂 Brandon mad he needs to chill he think he already run shit but clearly he doesn’t even know wtf he’s doing. He needs to step back bring it down a notch instead of couraging them he’s breaking them down

  2. Did anyone notice that they kept replaying how Bowwow took the shot of liquor when they were bowling lol. They were definitely trying to be funny😂😂😂

  3. Oooooowwweeeee Brandon works my nerves! Lol. And Miss Deb is always speaking that truth…👏👏👏👏

  4. Im glad Ms deb stepped in to talk to Brandon’s artists. Instead of being so damn over the top and rude, he should be DEVELOPING, encouraging, and guiding these new artists. All he is doing is being a damn DIVA. I feel like he should be on rupauls drag race. So disappointed in Zonnique telling reginae what went wrong with the showcase. She know damn well all reginae is gonna do is use that as fuel for the next argument between her and brandon. Reginae needs to humble herself, she comes off as an entitled brat. Poor Ayana, her dad looked soo uncomfortable at that dinner with her girl Amy

  5. It’s so fucking funny how people talk about Brandonbut all of this mess is Lil Wayne’s daughter fault she have a very big ass nasty mouth on her and need her ass to be beat

  6. I can’t understand what Toya, Lil Wayne’s baby mama, is doing talking to Brandon? Reginae is a brat! I haven’t heard anyone, her mom in particular, speak to her daughter about her bratish behaviour,

  7. Everybody mad at Reginae for dis liking someone who disrespected her father … Brandon mouth piece is reckless she has every right to do what she did and to feel how she feel about him , because if it was your mother or father y’all probably would’ve flipped and hated that pussy too 🤷🏽‍♀️

  8. The issue isnt about Reginae not taking up for someone that disrespects her father the issue is they BOTH are disrespectful and feel everybody owes them something?

    At the end of the day Reginae should have articulated her conversation to Brandon if she felt he was being a negative outlet at Zonique video shoot. That is how your protect your girl you allow the person to see your point of view with a postion that makes sense. Taking shots & then expecting Brandon not to counter was LAME on Reginae part being she is a child & only 18 and she dont know how to have a conversation with a adult. Brandon is very immature and i dont know why he feels he has to be so aggressive and talking reckless with a child.

    Brandon is not professional in MANNER he has no respect but demands respect from his artist? What is he teaching besides how to be disrespectful and acting like a GROWN ass lady. Calm down teach, and be quiet. Brandon can learn more about ppl if he listening more that talk so much. Brandon acts like a high school kid that wasn’t invited to a party and not he is HOT and vengeful. He need to act 26 yrs old. He is so simple acting its ridiculous.

    I need BOW to please leave the over the top homeboy ass kisser alone! He is super MESSY. He should have better ppl around him at this age of 30yrs old than the wanna start some DRAMA online with a DJ. I expect more from Shad than to listen to the get a long gang.. Thank god he has Snoop to be positive and encouraging them the LAMES he hangs around.

    Lately I need Toya to check her Daughter mouth and if she cant take it then SHUT UP.

    Toya needs to go and watch the film of how Reginae twist the conversations around to her advantage and wants to appear like she is the victim when she instigates the ARGUMENT every time.

  9. Brandon is a fucking mess… he wouldn’t know talent if it knocked him on that big stupid head of his… you can’t be a “developer” if you not even developed 🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. brandon is funny af talking bout it was his cheat day it look like everyday yo cheat day. reginae is lame af quarterback ho

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