1. So Reginae’s family is really about to commit felony assault on camera? All this over some dumb shit. This is the definition of a nigga moment.

    • Right! Definitely a night moment… And honestly what he said was not that deep… SMH.. If that’s all it took to get her that upset… She got to develop tougher skin…

      • Brandon need to get check no excuses his big punk was howwwwwwwwwww u cudda help a legend in his career no Biggs u need help in ya career his attitude is stink y no one works with him

        • Kendra Alexander on

          I soooooooo agree with u he us to grown to be acting like this/that all about himself no one heard of this nigga b4 like frfr who are you….. Wayne is a legend u can’t help him because u can’t even help yourself….that’s y you stayed in the shadows this long ur a NOBODY BOI smmfh…. regardless of Reginae overreacting he’s still too grown to have put himself in that position with a child it was more than enough room for him to be the bigger person and not just physically lol

    • This ain’t dumb… if u bring somebody daddy in something and it doesn’t involve him then that’s a real problem .. shidd I’ll defend my daddy if someone spoke on him 🤷🏽‍♀️💁🏽 I’m ready for Brandon to get his ass beat cause I don’t like his ass either and i don’t even know him 😂😂

    • Fuck 👆 hoe ass bitch talking about some “nigga moment”. You a bitch. How bout you go suck a big fat black cock. stop watching at all black show. Go watch RHWONJ Stupid Bitch #MYBLACKIS EAUTIFUL

  2. Anybody else thought this was the longest elevator ride… 😄😄😯😯 Off the chain…
    But seriously she says she’s 18, she definitely carrying it like she 15… And her moms in allowing to continue this foolery.. Brandon was wrong to a degree. But if that’s all someone can say about four father to get you upset…. Then hunny child you going to need tougher skin…

    • I agree. If you grown enough to ‘handle’ him, then why didnt you? You went and got your mama like lil girl…just sayin.

      • True but that’s how she handles things .. her mama and daddy I’ll do the same shidd!! He big and bad and every time he wanna talk shit his eyes tear up and wanna be a punk bitch… I’m ready to go to Atl cause I promise u I’ll beat the fuck out of Brandon feminine ass

  3. Reginae is spoiled rotten. I’m sick of hearing Toya talking about “I don’t play when it comes to my daughter. Who does? She needs to be tellin her daughter to chill with all that ghetto shit. Brandon gets on my last nerve! Who the hell is he besides Deb son? He acts like he’s this MASSIVE force in the industry. Boy please. Stop arguing with a child & grow ur ass up. Google Brandon Barnes

    • I swear I hate Brandon like .. since zonnique fired him he can’t keep her name out his damn mouth like damn u miss her that much? Get ur shit together then come for somebody brandon

  4. The boy got some sugar in his tank he only clapping back with the females and the young ones cuz he is a female

  5. Actually a baseball player came up. Then I finally see Brandon Barnes, Deb Antney’s son, & Wocka Flaca’s brother.

  6. lol Brandon Barnes is a baseball player lol he to much for me. His mouth way to slick. In Chicago we don’t play that. As far as Reginae she young so all she knows in mom and dad that’s her family. You go hard for the ones you love

  7. Brandon definitely needs to stop hes too grown to be acting up if he wasn’t looking to squash the beef and be the bigger person he is then he should have stayed his ass at home and not gone to her dinner …Reginae do need to settle too shes to much talking about shes grown in one breath and then running for her peeps she should have simply dismissed Brandon’s bitch ass from her presence ….This is too much drama for nothing but each of them biting back with the worst they can come wid over f all ……if y’all supposed to be professional people stop making yourselves look dumb

  8. As a mother your job is to protect yours PERIOD, no matter what age… But it’s not what he said its how he said it… It would have be different if wezzy wasn’t already successful…he is grown… He should have handled it better by going to her mother the first time…and everyone grow up differently but where I come from disrespect is disrespect n that will get u 6ft under we don’t care where it’s at and who around is around you being very disrespectful isn’t something we play about…i expect that from an 18yr old… I expect more from a grown person..

  9. Toya really need to talk to reginae woman to woman for reginae to live in buckhead she real HOLLYWOOD shes too young to have so much damn mouth like for real no other kid on that show acts that way she should be a Kardashian with all that extra shit n i dont blame Brandon i wouldn’t apologize neither because at the end of the day nobody owes that lil girl a damn thing nobody cares who her father is n no one cares who her mother is the only reason why toya is even relevant is because of Wayne n if reginae wants some to be mad at be mad that your daddy is a lil gay ass nigga too so brandon might be right he probably could help her father with some cause his career lol is dead … Maybe Come out the fuckin closet… Cause its clear birdman dicking him down when wayne has been caught kissing him on several occasions. So reginae get out your feelings n figure your daddy true sexuality out n toya quit being stupid shit you already embarrassed yourself with memphitz why yall goons didnt run up on him when boldly disrespected your dumb ass on not one show but you bitches need ti sit down. Thank you

  10. Chocolatemama on

    What grown man goes back and forth with little kids tho……. and his artist all look like trash from what he is showing…. NOT a good look for a showcase. SMH

  11. i think its crazy how everyone coming at brandon, but missing the whole point! Reginae didn’t like him from jump because niq niq went to her with the negativity about him. So when he step in the photo shot he was taken back since him and niq niq had a convo about her look. So that’s why he did that. Yes his mouth is too much and he shouldn’t be going back and forth with a child but lets be clear reginae feels entitle and she thinks she is untouchable(hints getting slap by the room mate on live but try to say they were playing girl bye). And he was actually clearing up what he said and if she would have let him finish she would have got the apology she cry so bad for. See she can dish it but can’t take it. And be real look how she did her so call friend niq niq but we gonna over look that. Niq niq dont have a back bone either she couldn’t even check reginae or call her out on her bs between the dads. I hope toya looking back at this like yea you created that problem reginae. she gonna get someone kill crying all the time.

    • Now that’s the comment I wanted to see! 😂😂😂 Regina and her momma need they asses beat!!! I’m not leaving Brandon out cause he needs it too… But that lil “18” year old bitch started this whole mess!

    • RealityChecker on

      Yes. I’m going to get my cousins and tell my momma too lol. That’s elementary. And those fools jump without question. Oh hell no, I’m not going to jail for anybody. Entitled children believe no matter what they do not have to deal with the consequences of their actions aka mouth. Money doesn’t develop character. She needs to be checked. Be humble, witch sit down. This is so not a good look. I don’t like go say “bad” things about children, but that one there…..she’s a piece of work. No telling how long she’s been getting away with this behavior b/c of who her Dad is and people around him too punkish to say something. Hell, he’s not the best role model so yeah.

      • I totally agree! she needs to be checked or else she’ll be in some big trouble soon, they will knock her mfao.. Kids must be kids act accordingly. You have a big ass mouth you will use it on the wrong person one of these days. You’re gonna be knock so hard you’re not even going to remember your mommas number to call for help

  12. No lie but Brandon is too stuck in his ways and is rude af, why they bring his childish grown ass to her lil ass dinner thinking she knows he coming.. knowing her ass gone pop off at the mouth all because it’s her birthday.. She think just because she’s 18 she running shit huh? Lol not​ she hella spoiled and I hope her and Zonnique come outta that. But there’s something in me that just want Brandon to get slapped tho either way I’m not taking sides

  13. CartierKENEA on

    Underage drinking though…. didn’t she say shes 18 now so she could handle him herself, then turn right around and get a group of ppl🤔 As hard as she thinks she is with her “cousins”, let’s not forget that he is Waka’s little brother and waka can go just as hard!

  14. Branden talks too muthafuckin bitch ass much😂😂 frfr like how are you a grown ass man beefing with a kid😑 really b.b. really🤔 but i forgot gay dudes love to check females cause they think they females… and nae nae do need to humble herself and stop talkin crazy before somebody knock her ass tf out

  15. Brandon is an fool!!He is not humble and is a weak bi**h .Regina was clearly acting like the grown up and was even willing and open to forgiving his dumb a** .He made the situation worst by acting like he said nothing offensive. What if the tables was turned🤔and Regina spoke Ill of his mother???.Miss Deb admitted he was dead wrong but had to defend her son.Debbie better check her son instead of being involved in other people’s problems😑.

  16. Reginae is a spoil brat! This is the problem with todays society, we cant speak how we feel hence it leads to built up emotion which can leads to crime and even suicide. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, If he doesn’t want to apologies you cant force him. What you ought to do is stay away. You disrespected my dad, I’m not cool with that so I’m not fucking with you until you apologies. But instead because you are spoiled and your mom/dad will defend you, you can say whatever without any repercussion. You need to grow up! I’m not in support of Brandon being disrespectful but at the same time you throw shades too.
    Toya should have been the bigger person and call Brandon with his mother and all four of you have a sit down but instead you want to resort to violence; shame on you. You should be setting an example and put your daughter in her place the same way Ms Debs did Brandon

  17. Honestly, Brandon’s Attitude sucks!!! So does Reginae’s. But Brandon is too big for all that shit, he is to grown to be going back and forth with someone who’s way younger than he is. He was very much disrespectful for bringing the father into the situation. That’s what bothered Reginae the most. The fact that he put lil wayne in it from the jump and he said what he said because he knows that little girl doesn’t play about her daddy. Also why would he say such a thing???? as if Lil Wayne sucked as an artist. I loved all his hits and he never failed me once when it came to his music. So Brandon needs to shut the fuck up with that “he’s a person that could’ve helped her father’s career.” Because i honestly never heard of Brandon in my life, until now from watching this show. Reginae had every right to feel the way that she felt after him saying what he said about the dad. Im a daddys girl and trust me I was always ready to jump in and defend my father no matter what) rest in peace to him.) but Reginae also needs to have a tougher skin than that because not everyone is going to say things that you would want to hear. ITS LIFE! Turning 18 doesn’t make you grown hun especially when you run and go get your momma and daddy when shit goes left LOL. but I understand because I have 2 lil girls but don’t claim your grown when your only 18 years old calling for help. She is pretty much too spoiled and really needs to humble herself. Toya needs to talk to her about that because she’s getting older not younger and things can come crumbling down pretty quick if she doesn’t learn to humble herself. God don’t like ugly. same way he giveth is the same way he can taketh. Stay blessed.

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