• LMAO! He shows up with a damn lollipop in his mouth looking like a lil girl. Who is supposed to be afraid of him!? 🤣

  1. Lordt!! Reginae is sooooo spolied! I’m not going to comment on how Toya raised her but seriously though, how dare you say something like that about your moms. Even if you were joking the world will not view it that way… SMH. And Niq just doesn’t seem serious about her career. Everything Ms. Deb said was truth.. Also what she said about Bow Wow. He does need to let that anger and hurt go. He does need to tell his father how he feels or felt… I think this will help him to be a better father. Bit that’s my opinion….

  2. Of course Reginae is SPOILED ROTTEN! Brandon’s attitude absolutely STINKS, HE NEEDS TO BE DISMISSED. He acts like he’s so important, but he ain’t nobody but Deb’s son with waaaaay too much mouth

  3. everyone reginae as a child………….so I am glad she’s turning 18 so that whenever she rub someone the wrong way, she gets her ass whooped with no one being arrested……………people gonna always say shit but should it matter so much……………you need to grow the fuck up ……………..immature, spoil little brat

  4. I personally love Brandon I feel like if he’s not transparent with them no one else will be as far as Ayanna and her Lil girlfriend from the first appearance I can pick up that she didn’t want to meet her family 2 years and you’re still hollering we’re taking it day by day that’s a sign of girl I’m doing me you’re not important enough and once I’m done playing just maybe we can see where this goes kudos to you Brandon for being outspoken and like seriously whose afraid of Wayne nigga once you kiss another man in the mouth you lost your street cred and your black card has officially been revoked Toya did a horrible job at teaching her loud mouth child how to respect a ppl in my hood 17 you grown and if she would have stepped to anyone else in real life she would have gotten popped right in her smart mouth I wish my daughter would call anybody talking about me after all the sacrifices I made for her and after words she definitely wouldn’t have been rewarded with an extravagant party BYE!!!!

    • Reginaynay is just her mother with money and without life experience. Toya can’t teach what she doesn’t know. Toya believes with all her heart that she has raised a great little girl. She doesn’t see the ratchet she wolf we do.

  5. Reginae is so damn rude, don’t worry she’s going to buck up on the right one and they’re going to knock her ass out! And who the hell is lil wayne, please he don’t have any street cred. Closest he got to a fight is when he was fighting w/ his damn self and was stupid enough to shoot himself. Please, Brandon can stand on his head…dude is a midget!

  6. Amy, Just Meet The Parents & Stop Being Childish, If U Can’t Meet Them, Then U R Just Using This Girl, 😡!

  7. Mfs don’t like Brandon cause he tell it like it mfn is! No matter who he talking to… he gone give them the cold hard truth. Only a real one can respect it. If they use to mfs telling them what they wanna hear nd agreeing w everything they do or say they gone say he just hating or dtm.

  8. Nae is grown now.. All cards are on the table.. Brandon mouth needs to get punched as well.. Shorty need to find her another girlfriend because obviously this Amy ain’t in it. Deb is the one on this show and every show that is 100%…. And if Bow don’t want to fuck with his father, he don’t have too. It’s terrible when parents get to do grimy shit and the children are forced to forgive them.. Hell no..

  9. Reginae smh I didn’t know she act like that I thought she was sweet but I guess not, her voice is sooooo damn annoying like she talk like a white girly girl i’m just saying I mean hearing her talk i’m like damn stfu and her mouth is going to get her into some trouble and her saying that about her mom to tiny I was like if her ass don’t stfu lying about her mom when her mom was their to talk to mrs deb and Nec nec needs to be serious about her career lifestyle she is messing around and playing games and brandon smh your cuzo is right one day someone going to beat that ass with all that mouth u got, he needs to watch how he talk and speak things to people and ain’t nobody know about him point blank period only one i know is wacka and their bro that killed his self

  10. Brandon is so worried about Ayana’s relationship when he needs to go ahead & come out his damn self! Big overgrown ass talking reckless to these young girls looking like a big ass punk. And Ayana is GROWN so what exactly did she think Toya woulda did if she had fought her daughter?! Come on now

  11. Yuck this show is horrible. The only person I like is Ms. Debb. Now speaking of people I don’t care for. Toya child is spoiled and very disrespectful and for Toya to think anything else is beyond me. She knew dam well she was having that girl a party. Miss me with the bullshit. Then there is Bow wow he is so extra. Like I personally I don’t give a hoot if he talks to his dad or not. Yes Brandon mouth is out of control but so. What the fuck is Wayne go do? Like and I guess Woka just go stand by while Wayne supposedly go harm his bother. This show is wack I’m out.

  12. Idc what anyone says I liveeeeeeeeeeeeeee for reginae lmao !!!! This is literally how I am, but I use God and not wayne w/ these niggas…..*flips hair*

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