1. Sooo everyone going to act like the little 17 year old smart mouth brat wasnt talking hella shit like she grown.. She needed to be put in her place she was hitting below the belt just like him.. Brandon Cousin is right its 2017 where man is hitting bitches back.. Just because she toya and Lil Wayne daughter dont give her the right to talk shit she old enough in the real world people dont care who your parents are the knock your ass out ijs. Debbie was coming from a point like tiny hush let me and her talk i would of did the samething it just cause to much confusing with a 3 party adding there 2 cent into it… Why toya act like she the only who dont play when it come to a child im pretty other mother feel the same way….

  2. brandon needs to stay in his lane but i cant stand toya and her fass ass daughter..her attitude is bigger than she is she needs to be slapped!

    • i feel Brandon has some vaild point though she is not taking her career seriously…He might only be her vocal coach but they seem to be friends at one point too i dont see what’s wrong with telling a friend the truth instead of blowing smoke up their ass ijs…. Tiny daughter really did look like a little hoe in that photo shoot.. I think we see enough of these type of images of young black girls in the media ass and chest was all out i mean come on we need some more young postive vibe back on the scene.. It a way to look sexy and classy with showing all your chest and ass

  3. Yeah she act a little grown and she said I’m almost grown I can do what I want to do that’s why she made that comment to tip but some I need to put her in check to because you are still a child if she did kind of provoke that even though she didn’t like what he was saying but Brandon sweet ass he act like a female and he was going in on her for what and then she started crying what is the tiers for and all that s*** f*** you n*****

  4. Brandon is clearly gay talking bout he dnt wanna go to the strip club. Ayana is pretty to me and she seems to handle herself maturely. Brandon and Reginae were both wrong in the argument. I’m not gonna take Reginae side just because she 17. She is the one who kinda escalated the situation because she wanted to have the last word in an argument abt nothing. She is so dramatic and her over the top facial expressions are annoying af. I don’t see what Brandon needs to apologize for. Zonnique seem lazy abt her career she just wants everything to be easy for her. She really does need vocal lessons her voice isn’t all that.

  5. Feel like Brandon was wrong for biting back at the little ratchet child …even though she did keep on child needs a slap n sure someone one day will have no problem with giving her more than one smh
    Toya and Tiny are also ridiculous should approach woman like a woman not like a child….. no wonder their children acts the way they does
    Im protective over my children but when they are wrong they are wrong and need telling in order to grow.
    Wish Toya would have had half of the mouth she just had with Deb when i was watching her ass on Marriage Boot camp with Memphis LOL what a joke
    n Zonnique thinks that her career is gonna fall in her lap cause of who she is and for the record she was scantily dressed at that shoot no need where is their pride at?????? If you are truly talented is no need to be dressing like that especially at such a young age when will these youngsters represent the younger female generation with some respect????

  6. I will be glad when someone beats lil Wayne daughter ass. Somone need to smack her moms for raising that lil piece of shit

  7. Brandon was wrong for making those comments about zonnique in front of everyone like that he is rude and harsh with his approach. Reginae does have a smart mouth and one day she’ll learn but she wasn’t wrong for standing up for her friend/ family because we all would have done it im sure. However, we would have hopefully done it in a mature way but you know when family gets involved it’s automatic defense mode and that’s what she did by standing up to Brandon. It’s all he say she say when it comes to the mothers getting involved because none of them were present. Tiny wasn’t a third party only because her child was present and involved as well so she had every right to speak on it. I just hope they squash this mess and move on because this photo shoot altercation is getting very old and annoying.

    • ShaDazia Harding on

      Right! Y’all act like y’all wouldn’t have stood up to Brandon for your family member or for your friend. He tried to intimidate her because she stood up for her friend they both were wrong however if someone invites you for support you don’t degrade and belittle them it was obvious she once cared about his opinion. Deb always take her for kids right or wrong. She should’ve just stated they were wrong. Tiny and Toya could’ve handled this in a more adult manner but oh well

  8. Some of these parents let they kids do whatever. . talk to grown ups disrespectfully dress inappropriately act like they grown but they cant handle real life.I mean what kind of career are you trying to obtain with them photos from that photo shoot ? Why would you think wearing that top was ok ??Its a shame when other people have to raise your children and thats the out come when no one is teaching them anything but how to look good and ACT grown.

    • Zonnique a grown ass woman though that’s the thing can’t nobody tell her what to wear and what not to wear . And trust that outfit wasn’t even bad it’s people out here posing with NO clothing on. And y’all act like reginae was in the wrong when she was clearly just taking up for family . That gay ass man kept saying Zonnique looked bad and all reginae said was she looked good . Then he kept going on and on until she finally told his ass off. And he did not even have to mention her daddy like that cause Wayne career always been great tf

  9. At the end of the day its not always true of how you act in public is a reflection of how your raised at home. Clearly Brandon and Reginae both are spoiled BRATS with minimum respect for anyonne else but themselves but they want RESPECT from everybody else. Bye to them BOTH!!! and Ms. Deb corrected Brandon immediately when she found out what was said and explained to him how this could escalate with a child when he is clearly the adult in the situation. Point 2 Reginae feels she can say what she wants to ADULTS in a particular situation because Toya has raised her child to believe I will come running if your right or wrong because she is Rap Royalty, and that is sad. Toya should have watch the same video we all watched and Ms. Deb watched before she spoke on the situation that is what you do as a parent so you not out here looking crazy as HELL. Reginae provoked the entire verbal exchange and Brandon took the bait, with his Childish Gambino self. His cousin (DJ Hurricanes daughter) was correct a man will knock the dog piss out of Reginae in that SAME mouth talking CRAZY to a grown a** man or WOMAN side wayz boo. Brandon was wrong on many levels and so UNPROFESSIONAL with how he made the NEGATIVE comments in a public setting. I am a image consultant and i would NEVER EVER speak out loud if I disagree with an my client is wearing. That is a private conversation between Zonique & Brandon at a later time that was not the place or setting for him to be NEGATIVE! Brandon wasnt hired to be her artist developmental coach just Vocal. Brandon if your not getting COINS & paid for the development portion then stay in your lane where Tiny cut that check. Brandon, Zonique and Reginae are all so immature with alot to learn in life stop including your mamas to fight your battles and HUMBLE yourselves. Jermaine Durpi daughter the only one with some COMMON SENSE. I need Bow WOW Shad Moss whatever to grow up. He aint no SHOOTER and he aint gonna pop nobody. Sat down. being a HOE aint NEVER cute not even in this decade sir.

  10. Grown men do not act like this period especially toward a child. And any man think different need to check there panties……..

  11. Mysterious Person on

    I feel like Brandon should have told Zonnique he thought the outfit wasn’t for her instead of everyone else.Secondly Reginae could have kept her mouth closed and let Zonnique handle it. Like you’re 17 so you are not grown. sit down and let other people handle their business. Lil Wayne come get her.

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