1. Bow baby mama bad af she look much better than Erica Mena i dnt get why he didn’t wife her before. If he can’t commit to her i dnt think he can commit to anyone. He’s just selfish.

  2. Bow wow ain’t ready to do the commitment thing yet. He’s lying to himself. Reginae is too grown for her britches.

  3. 😂😂😂 Brandon is crazy yeah he did alittle to much but she kept going like girl u old enough to know when you throwing to much shade me personally do not like lil Wangs daughter her lil 17 years old attitude it to much for me. I mean i would have to put her little ass in her place

    • Yes Brandon ego is too big..but Reginae needs to stay in a child’s place, she’s a spoil brat, with too much attitude…I can’t with her….

    • No, It was none of his business Brandon isn’t Zonnique Manager she doesn’t have to tell him she has a photoshoot or anything she does! It was none of his business in the first place to say anything about her look he’s not her manager or her parent he was talking about Zonnique Reginae put him in his place point blank period! It’s none of Brandons business HES NOT HER PARENT OR MANAGER

      • 💯 I absolutely agree with you 100%! He wants to be her manager (“Talent Developer” Lmao) so bad, but he’s not. Stay in your own lane. You have one job to do stick to it! At the end of the day you were “invited” to come out and support, yet you came in talking shit about Zonnique’s outfit look off the rip. Nobody I know is just going to sit there and let you talk about a person that they consider to be family in front of them, I know I sure as hell wouldn’t, so what the hell did you expect. I know these reality shows like to make up stories about people knowing eachother throughout the indistry and how they “go way back to whenever” but everybody knows the these to ladies have a long history of growing up and working together, so I would expect nothing less but for Reginae to go hard for her friend in that manner point blank. Especially knowing that he stepped into the room tryina go hard with, with his weak ass, and then tried to turn around and say “Oh know she definitely looks cute” boy if you don’t go and find yo grown ass some business!

    • But Who Is Brandon Anyway He’s A Volcal Coach Not Her Damn Manager Why Does It Matter If She Wants To Dress Like That He Act Like Its Affecting His Pockets He Disrespectful And He Need To Chill Before Somebody Hurt Him ‼️💯 CAUSE HES A NOBODY And Reginae Right Cause He Coming For Nique And She Defending Her Friend

  4. This Brandon character is he with the alternative lifestyle because he seems sweet like a little b**** and when does the vocal coach have anything to do with the photoshoot or anything else in the artist career other than vocal training did she invite him or did he invite himself or actually he did invite him because his niece was supposed to help her with the fashion yeah he actually you know me b**** ass n***** argue with little girls or girls period. …

    • WYS! He was hella out of line and idgaf what she said to him you a grown ass man tryina go blow for blow with a lil ass girl, automatically you a B****! But his cousin knew he was in the wrong too, and she got the nerve to stand there and say that she was gone fight her for talking shit, and how she didn’t was to be in a position to have to fight a 17 year-old girl. GTFOH You got a whole lot of growing up to do too. What you should have been doing is tellin yo cousin to shut up, bc he looks stupid and he is the only one walking in the room making himself and Zonnique look bad, talk shit about a “client” that he WORKS FOR!

  5. 17 or not, You are making grown women threats and talking grown women talk. Yes the gloves should be off no matter who fkn daughter you are..These children are having grownup conversations and then running for their parents to defend them.. 99% of the world don’t give a damn who your father is, they will knock you right in your damn mouth.

  6. Letha Turner on

    They both were out of place, and Reginae always running to her mama. In the real world that mouth of hers will get her a well whooped ass.

    • But she don’t want is slow ass for nothing more than being her vocal coach! So he need to sit down and STFU!

  7. Yes Reginae is definitely grown with her mouth at times and need to be brought back down a lot. However, she did a very good job defending her friend/family as I hope we all would have done. We might have not caused a scene while doing it and kept it more classy, but she was right for shutting him down from the rip. If she didn’t say anything then everybody would’ve called her a pussy for not standing up for her friend. He is a disrespectful big giant, arrogant, and a opinionated cry baby. He shouldn’t have came in there like he was running something and embarrassed her being so loud and ignorant. If he felt some type of way about what she was wearing he could’ve waited and voiced his opinion later and in a nice and mature way.

  8. Yes brandon might have siad things tht was none of his business or what to be her manager but at the same time he stopped going bac and forth with reginae however she kept saying lil slick stuff and he got fed up nn threw some blows so she cant go crying wolf now like no she got what she asked for

  9. I cannot stand Reginae! This show has truly shown that she is a spoiled little brat that has too much mouth! She is not about that life. The first thing she yells is how she gonna tell her mama! Sounding sooo young! Yes Brandon is giving some opinions where they don’t matter, however, Zonnique must have made him comfortable enough where he feels like he can give advice in any area. He did say she previously discussed how she wanted to change her appearance but what he walked in was total opposite than what they had discussed. He should’ve kept his comments to himself and spoke with Zonnique about it on the sidelines. Zonnique clearly invited him to the photo shoot otherwise he wouldn’t of been there. So clearly she was involving him in her whole process. He just need to learn to speak when it’s appropriate. But back to Reginae! She needs to stop being so extra and eat some humble pie. I can’t stand the way she talks, moves or even flip her hair. She is just too much! Zonnique does not act like that. She’s very humble. I love Zonnique. Reginae, take a page out of her book.

  10. Bow wow is using his baby mother for a storyline. Weren’t you about to marry erica mena? And NOW you want to start a family with your bm? Bullshit. His storylines seems so scripted and made up I just can’t with his fraudulent ass.

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