1. this is what I love……………………..its a shame we have no shows in the UK that depict any black lives all we are have shows like made in chelsea and the only way is essex and have no black cast members and what shocking is essex has a high number of black people living there. America keep representing……

    if its not this show its love and hip or house wives… my colleagues rave about it how funny it is and the drama love itttt!!!!!!! lol

    • Just so you know not all of us black people live as rachette as these shows portray us to. These show are not good representation of how black people in America. It’s only entertainment Luv. So if you really want to see the raw side of how black people live in the Atl then visit it may suprise you how much we are like. And trust me the white networks never put anything that shows us black people in a positive light.

  2. Let’s say this bow wow isn’t about that life let’s be foreal. The show is okay it will be better without bow wow in it waste of time!!!

  3. I can tell Reginae is going to be somebody I’m not going to like. Girl y’all not even from the A bitch be humble!!!

  4. Good Morning, Every 1, & Love The Show Already Its The Parts That U Don’t C In The Social Media, Like 4, Bow Wow 4 Instant, I Didn’t Know, Bow, Had Enemies, & Im Being 💯💯💯💯💯💯 % Honesty, Right Now!

  5. Why is bow wow even on the cast I thought it was ‘growing up’ hip hop not ‘grown ass’ man hip hop😂He needs to get his self on one of the love n hip hop franchises 😔

  6. Bow wow is lame. Reginae a brat she really should listen to Toya. I really don’t think Wayne meant any harm on the black lives matter subject. His words were taken the wrong way. T.I was wrong to go to social media that does scream attention. Nique has potential but does need to get her attitude in check and learn how to be professional. I like Brandon but was doing too much when it came to Ms. Deb. I wish bahja niques friend who was also a part of OMG Girlz had a part in the show she’s a beautiful talent young lady.

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