1. What in the US of A . She think she just can kidnap a baby…..So how long does she think this is gonna be a secret what in Sam’s hell is going on

  2. Luscious step brother, FBI agent, he had run out of town, is behind the baby being kidnapped. And, yes it was a kidnapping. Since when does the Office of Child Protective Services come to your door with a SWAT team in a simple domestic situation? He went after the baby as a way of getting back at the family AND Anika for helping to set him up.

  3. Humm I knew she Clear was lying about the baby the son had no idea they going to find out though he’s going to tell.

  4. luscious: am I good a father?
    luscious mother: you are not even a good person? oh my goodness that had me laughing…………..

    he’s definitely gonna say something cause he know he aint suppose to mess with cookie……..

  5. I think the best scene in this episode was when Cookie back-slapped the female!!! Bet she’ll mind her biz from now on!!! LMAO

  6. Lmbo! Yeah I thought maybe the brother too but the mother? They sure left us with a cliffhanger that’s for sure

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