1. I freaking love that white girl voice😍😍!! Sorry forgot her name 🤦🏽‍♀️.. I am getting so annoyed with Nia Long fake, sneaky ass and haven’t Andre learned not to fuck with his dad!!! Smh… can’t wait until next week 😩

  2. The white girl is Rumer Willis that’s Demi Moore and Bruce Willis daughter I don’t know she can sing gorgeous boys unique different is she keeps getting better and better I was thinking that Angelo was the little young dude back in the days that was trying to talk to her what she was making that drop for Lucius on the streets but this is getting good cuz now it’s going to be like the Hatfields and The McCoys

  3. That women voice sound like a man singing should of pick sierra rather that girl sing her song, and cookie is jealous now ,now she look like she want him back sense she got dump I guess.

  4. I thought Cookie really turned herself around.. 😩😩. Dang Cookie! we were rooting for you, we All were! Learn from this!!! (in my best Trya Banks voice)

  5. Cookie look mad as fuck n Lucius up to no good pay back is a bitch she think that song for her lmao but she fuck over Lucius so can’t wait to see what next

  6. Right she stole 10 mil. From him. YIKES! Too. Much of a co.mfort zone to forget . I wouldn’t have no ABSOLUTION! GOOD SHOW RUMOR WILLIS SOUTH DAKOTA LIKE AMY WINEHOUSE, A LIL

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