1. Did Trina forget she brought Gabe to the sisters house?, they rented together and did not tell them until he got there? Does anyone remember that? Or am I trippin? Now all of a sudden Towanda wants to bring her kids everywhere! She gets on my last nerve! And please leave Momma E. alone with Braxton Sr. and his wife. She is moving on. She knows how to forgive, she won’t forget and thats what is pissing her off. I wouldn’t want to be around them either. Even if she didn’t so called break the marriage up, he wasn’t a divorced man! So she was still the side chick PERIOD!

    • Hi Tam. I am sorry to say, but the side chick is the wife now, so what can be changed at this late date. A some point we must let go and realize that we weren’t the one. That doesn’t make you less of a women, it just says he wasn’t the one for you. Sometimes we marry and have children before we get to know who we are married too, and when the real person cames out , we are stocked. Most of the times this is the result when we marry to young. Evelyn wants him to hurt and be broken like she hurt and is still broken. She wants him to beg her forgiveness for all he has done until she feels good about herself. She still feels this side chick, turn wife, is standing in the way of that happening. Evelyn needs a little more Jesus in her life and alot less demons so she can learn how to accept the things that she can not change.

  2. Trina your fake. Didn’t nobody want to see Gabe and you brought him and was screwing all over the house. Ms. Evelyn I’m sorry your hurt but you seem bitter also. You never remarried and you turn wicked at the thought of you husband wife of 16 years. That women had every reason to be there cause eshe is a braxton your actually not anymore. Its messed up how the girls attack the father and not the mother. She needs help. Tamar I understand why you had Vince there but the rest of the grew boo u was out of line. Toni braxton loving ledgend you really been a big sis this season. Love your father and mother and whom ever make them happy. These days are short. I don’t think no wife would be OK with her husband going on a trip with his ex wife and kids. Y’all are grown ass hell get over that Lil girl shit. Your mother and father business is their business. Now you know the truth respect ms. Rhonda. Like Toni said women always blame the women when the man makes the final choice.

    • It’s always easy for ppl too give opinions on things you haven’t experienced. Mrs. Ev has let it go and she also doesn’t deserve her past to constantly keep being reattached to her by someone else’s doing. She also has the right to choose whom she wants in her space. When someone else loves to remind you of past hurts then you get annoyed eventually. So they haven’t let it go. Not Mrs Ev.

      • Hi BLUESY, sorry but Evelyn’s person space was not the whole island. Mr. Braxton had every right to take his wife with him anywhere he go, thats his wife no matter what anyone thinks. Why was Evelyn there she is not a Braxton anymore, but his new wife is a Braxton through marriage just as she once was. Then Evelyn said “his new wife wants to be everywhere she is and that tells her there is something wrong,” No that’s her (hallucinating) she has the man, and she took him from her so why would she the need to be around Evelyn, women scorned. What should have happen is the girls and their father should have taken the trip and rebonded, but no, they thought they could relive their childhood when they were a family.

      • Amen…she is not bitter, more like frustrated at the fact that no matter what she does…she is beat over the head with this man and his wife…he wants them to sit down and converse!?! For what??? He in my opinion is the selfish one. She never said the woman couldn’t come, but why does she want to be around Ev??? and why do they need to have any type of conversation at all…

    • Blessed Jackson on

      I do not like church whores. my granny always said a church whore is the worse whore and poppa braxron is the worse. having multiple affairs with women in the church, if I was Evelyn I would never want him in my presence.

  3. I literally chocked when Evelyn said they need to get over it and move on when she OBVIOUSLY has not! Also she has convinced herself that they want to be wherever she is when the truth is her daughters keep setting up those meetings. Lastly, she’s no longer a Braxton and her bitter ass needs to accept that..

  4. Evelyn needs counseling she is still hurt by the divorce over 16 yrs ago if it can make her so angry to this day…. She will never be able to have a relationship with that hurt, he married the lady now get over it.

  5. Evelyn has the right to feel how she feels like she said over and over let me live my life and they live there’s. You dam right im not going to act fake and be cool with someone my husband of 30 years cheating on me with then 30 days after the divorce married the side piece.. You cant put a time limit on how long somebody pain. It’s not like she telling her daughter to be disrespectful to the dad wife she just telling them she dont want to be around her.. As long as her kids a Braxton she’s a Braxton. Now Toni Braxton spoke the truth through out this whole season IJS

    • Yes Ms E has the right to feel how she feel but she definitely has not let it go nor has she forgiven him for what happened…If you listen to Ms E talk to Trina and Towanda she is under the impression that Braxton and his wife showed up, not that they were invited in which the wife wasn’t. Then she said they just want to be in her space and around her in which that’s delusional Braxton and his wife wasn’t thinking about Ms E, it’s Mexico which means vacation. Ms E is hurt and bitter and need to accept the fact that the marriage is over and done, move forward. It’s clear that he has, it’s been 16 years

  6. I sympathize with Evelyn on how she was done with the cheating and then the divorce and remarriage. Divorce is very devastating! It’s like experiencing the death of a close loved one….you grieve, you hurt, you try to move on, but then add to that feelings of anger and rejection and abandonment. It’s a lot to deal with. HOWEVER, Miss E has not released that pain and she really hasn’t forgiven Michael and the other woman….and it shows. You can tell by the look in her childrens’ faces when Miss E talks about the situation that it makes them feel uncomfortable and stuck in the middle. That’s not fair to them because that’s still their dad and they still love him and I’m sure they’d give anything to remove any bad blood between their parents. Miss E needs to cut the cancer (anger,bitterness, unforgiveness) out because it’s causing her family (kids and grandkids) to suffer the effects of a strained family dynamic. I’m not saying Michael is innocent just because so much time has passed since he abandoned Miss E and the family but I’m just saying for the sake of the family and her mental health, Miss E needs to let go and seek healing…for real!

  7. I said in the last comment section on the last episode that It’s time for Evelyn to forgive and move on..She’s holding onto that pain and she will never feel better until she lets it go. Forgive what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.

  8. It’s my understanding that the dad didn’t and wouldn’t come around until the show started. I bet a million bucks, he gets a paycheck every time he has an appearance on the show and now he wants his current wife to be part of the show. How much did they pay Ms. Wanda to be on the show.

    I don’t blame the mother for not wanting Ms. Wanda to get part of her hard work. The humiliation; how dare all of them for bringing the other woman. Seems Ms. Evenlyn put her whole life into her marriage for her not to be able to find someone else; although according to the show, she has tried many times.

    Every move on all of the realities shows is all about the money, they are extremely scripted and calculated because the more drama that’s presented the more viewers will watch.

    Love Tamar, yes she use to talk really loud until she had her rib removed. Tamar works so hard, and she was spoiled as a child by all her family members including her mother and father. She speaks to them with such knowledge. She grew up listen to five older siblings, her mother and father, (for most of her life). Tamar has no choice but to be smart as hell.

    I don’t watch DWTS, but I truly believe Tamar would have won if she hadn’t gotten sick according to what I watched recently of Vince & Tamar reality (I know it’s old, but I’ve been really busy).

    Overall “Braxton Family Values” is wonderful and entertaining, and hope the rumors of this being the last season isn’t true.

    God Bless the show.

  9. Ms. Evelyn is a counselor I think. I’m over my ex I dated years ago who caused pain but but I still don’t want to be sitting across from him and a new women acting like we can be friends for the kids (I don’t have any, I’m talbout the Braxtons). Even if you get into a car accident and your insurance pays for everything, it doesn’t mean the shock and the emotional hurt goes away. Ijs

  10. It is not selfish for Tamar is bring her husband on that vacation, especially knowing that it his birthday. Once you become married, you and your spouse are one and they become first ,after God of course , in each other’s life.

  11. Funny, how everyone is blaming Ms. E, but no one noticed are cared to repeat what she said…she said I have no problem with him or her, I just don’t want to be around them…this woman was married to this man for 38 years, had multiple affairs andretry much led a double life!?! He decided that he wanted to be elsewhere and then dec8ded that wasn’t enough.lllet’s humiliate her even further by marrying the woman your cheating with 30 days after your divorce. Then decide that since my children aren’t in agreement with my decision, I ‘ll cut them off to until they are on board. Seems to me moving on is a task to, because folks won’t let her…the kids or him!!!

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