1. This episode made me very emotional I could feel the pain that they were harboring for all those years. As long as they hold onto the pain it will hurt them more and more. At some point they all gotta forgive and let it go especially their mom without her forgiveness the relationship between them won’t ever work. They’re going to stick with their mother more than anything that don’t mean they have to forget what hurt them but they just need to remember what it taught them and the fact that their dad is still around and trying to mend things. They’re all still hurting and I sympathize with them. I’ve been there and as long as they keep holding onto that pain it will make things worse. I’m glad they finally had a sit down and addressed the hurt but there’s still a lot for them to get off of their chest and to let go. I hope the mother can one day do the same she don’t have to have a relationship with the wife but at least be cordial. It’s very tough for a woman that’s scorned to let her guard back down and open up, but I hope she will set a good example since the father didn’t.

    • I agree with you 100%…. At the End of the Day that is still their father. Their parents marriage is between their parents It’s time for them to forgive and it Does start with their mother being the bigger person. Their father is right they can not dictate his life and at the same time Tony is right he should have delivered and introduced his wife a better way to his children presentation is Everything.

      • I agree and disagree CRYSTAL, the mother refuses to be the bigger person because of her inability to forgive coupled with the fact that she believes he should be with her or no one. The reason she agree to go on the trip is so they would have a moment without his wife. She made it clear that she would go if his present wife didn’t. Maybe she still have unanswered questions like all women whose husbands turned to others for the comfort they can’t find at home anymore. That is why she stormed away when she found out he brought his present wife with him. Maybe he never took her on a trip, just the two of them, to a romantic island and treated her like a queen, and the thought of him doing this for another women Infuriated her, because her plan failed. Now to his children, yes presentation is everything, but so is timing. If Braxton had tried to introduce his present wife to those kids before now, they would have tried to ” strangle and stab her” like Toni said they wanted to do to her, “hurting people hurt people” (T. Braxton).

  2. Imsayingfuckyou on

    No you’re the first idiot to to broadcast you watching it when I’m sure 100 other pple didn’t bother counting like you did I’m about tired of coming on here to catch up on my shows and idiots like you don’t have nothing better to say in the comment section about the actual show. Anyway Tamar had me in tears and their dad was being selfish asf when he married Mrs Wanda didn’t give a damn how it would hurt his kids long term.

  3. I feel like they all need counseling. Not on tv but for someone who’s going to take the time to allow them to express their pain from one another. They all are hurting including ms Wanda. The hardest thing to do is to date let alone marry someone who already had a family. You always feel as if you were the reason of the family separating. After all theses years of avoiding the issue this is the results. I have my opinion because I lived through it. It’s time to accept reality because life is too short and you never want to leave this earth or the person you love to and you never rekindle your relationship.

  4. This is extremely overwhelming for me and I’m not even apart of the family. They definitely need counseling, outside of television. Braxton needs to understand that if he doesn’t get this right, it could ultimately mess up his girls vision of what marriage, a man etc… looks like. He needs to fix this. Especially with them being believers of Christ. This is extremely serious.

  5. No Tamar selfish ok she was sick at 20 he was sick at 60 she couldn’t see pass being a daddy’s girl and realizing at that moment they couldn’t be there for each other, and i think there mom should’ve stay to hear that the wife wasn’t keeping him away , maybe she wouldn’t hate the new wfe as much y’all see traci already kinda knew it wasn’t her she just wanted her sister’s to hear him say it out his own mouth, they nwed a two hour special with Bishop T. D. Jakes new wife included , it alot of pain gping around and they need to give tamar a lie detector test she full of she dont want to share the spot light always making things about only her # really dont like people like that.

    • I agree with you Lakedra! Tamar is dramatic to the point where it is sickening. Her own sisters could not stand her Until T.D. Jakes intervention. She had her own husband to look after her when she was sick, but she still demanded her poor old father’s presence, and did not care if it killed him trying to be there for her. She stormed out of the room and did not want to hear why the old man couldn’t make it there because it’s all about her. Selfish is an understatement, look how she manipulated her husband into the equation on everyone else’s trip, yet her father could not do the same with his present wife. They claim they are Christians, so here is a reminder, Genesis 2:24 explains why “a man leaves his father and mother and is joined or cleave to his wife, and the two are united into one”. Tamar threw a tantrum at forty something saying your kids come first when that is not the order of God. The bible says forsaken all others and cleave to your wife or husband first. So why would they demand he exclude his wife for them at their ages? I am so glad their father stood up to them and told them that they can’t dictate his life or the choices in his life. Everyone understood except Tamar. What law says that at a curtain point in life your children take control over the parent’s life and start verbally punishing them for their pass mistakes. Anyone without sin cast the first stone. No one at that table had a valid excuse for their behavior at this late date other than Trina, because every young woman wants to be escorted down the ale and given away in marriage by their father. They gave him an ultimatum on every account by excluding his present wife in hopes their parents would reunite in some form. Truth be told, they’re reacting to their mother’s hurt, pain, and unforgiveness. Mom is a beautiful woman who can get another husband if she would let go of the past and let God rocket her into her future. Old things have passed away and behold all things are brain new!!

        • Thank you Nicole, you know it’s real. That women had nothing to do with their pain she was just available at the time. She wasn’t the women their mother caught their father in the bed with, she just represented the thought of their mother’s husband being with someone other than her. The new wife is just someone to blame for the hurt their mother refuse to let go of. None of them entertain the thought of doing like their sister Traci who went to meet this women one on one for the sake of the relationship between him and his grandchildren while he is still alive for fear of offending their mother. That is why Traci had nothing to say at the round table,
          because she already knew that women was cool and made her dad happy in his old age.

    • i agree 100 percent,Tamar got alot of nerve the same thing shes pulling with the lovely Mrs Wanda is the thing the sisters especially Towanda and Trina pulls on Vince.They are grown!Mr Michael has every right to live his life,i love him and Wanda as a couple,maybe Ms Evelyn should date and hopefully remarry.

  6. i NEVER post comments, but this episode was POWERFUL! Praying the Braxton’s and the new wife find healing & restoration

  7. How in the world can you hold such bitterness in for so many years. This is pitiful. The dad has been remarried for over thirteen years and the family has never had this conversation before??? So sad.. this is probably why the sisters are not as close as they could be.

    • I’m just saying people on the inside kill me blaming people on the outside for their problems. Can’t no other man or other woman wreck a home only the 2 people in the home can wreck their marriage because at the end of the day the outsider owes no one an explanation and won’t do no more than the insider allows them to do. So Ms. E need to get over herself and those grown daughter need to be grown and live their life their no better than their parents so who are they to pass judgement. Please

  8. Omg so fake shut up. I stop watching bc I was geting annoyed them.. And tamar ughh over the top and fake n trina to.. Bs I tell get over yall grown n divorced so why bring it up if u aint married the mf no more.. Hmmm just to talk. Im done watching braxtons

  9. Tamar irritating AF!! She wasn’t even crying at first! Did any one peep that she rubbed her face all over her sis face tryna pick up some damn tears?? 😒😒😒

  10. Tamar face looks a mess… No facial expression when she was crying!!!! Also these broads wear to much make-up hate to see what they look like on a regular….#wasteofmoney

  11. Is it just ME, but Tamar was too MUCH over the top with the dramaticS. I empathize with the hurt all of them have. But at some point they will need to move on. They are all GROWN and have had martial and relationship issues themselves.

  12. Their dad seems to be still missing the point. Like Toni said, he wasn’t separated not divorced when he hooked up with his new wife. So with the way he had raised them their whole life in the Christian faith, heck yeah they were angry and hurt by what he did. And they have every right to blame his wife, cause she is 50% responsible. She knew he was married and should have turned him away until he was divorced. Just cause he was showing her interest doesn’t mean she had to take the bait. They both should have had more self control and done it the right way. He keeps saying they were having problems, shoot that is every marriage at some point. But you don’t make it worse by adding another problem of cheating. Their mother obviously still had love for him during this whole affair or it wouldn’t have hurt her so bad. And he was wrong for distancing himself from his kids directly after the divorce. If he had took the time to actually just have a sit down with them, the resentment wouldn’t have built up so much and for so long. I just pray that he really will see the error of his ways cause even after this dinner, I feel as if he doesn’t really get it.

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