• Yea he a real piece of SHIT!!. Nigga them yo kids u stopped your “CAREER” to take care of them whenever your wife wasn’t out of town getting that money…. Broke Ass!!! He just want full custody so he can ask for child support money. Fuckin P***y nigga.

  1. Sophia Johnson on

    Andre is a DoucheBag! He is just trying to hurt her and he said it. Any judge that grants full custody out of spite is ridiculous. He is controlling!

  2. I already watched this on YOUTUBE! Yall are starting to take several days to show a episode. Hell, it be almost time for the next show to start. And where is Potomac?

    • I think they have to wait till its streaming to post it. If not, I think it becomes a copy right issue. And then the site maybe shut down.. But don’t quote me. I just know it happens a lot. Even with YouTube.

  3. Lmmfao….😂😂 Now I’ve seen some Fake SHIT!! But ANDRE PLZZZ STOP THE BULLSHIT! How you crying with THE DRYEST EYES AND FACE??? Like I said he’s a piece of SHIT and doing that cause he has already assumed and wrapped his head Around the assumption that Towanda is or has cheated, and that’s where the issue is. And not to be bias but Towanda crying seemed Fake also. Lmao!

  4. Andre is being vindictive and greedy because the gravy train has come to an end. He’s using those children as a weapon to hurt Towanda and as cash registers to obtain child support and alimony. The worst thing she ever could of done was marry him without a prenup and let him lay up and not work all these years.

  5. Will someone PLEASE kick Andre’s ass! He made a decision to be the one to stay home & watch the children while Towanda toured with Toni. She took care of home, the children, & him as well & he was loving it. Now that they’re divorce bound he wants to make Towanda look as if she neglected her children. That’s some low down shit. He’ll do whatever to hurt Towanda & he knows how to hurt her heart, & that’s by winning full custody.

  6. Andre is not a man. He’s a stupid ass coward who needs a job. He wants houses & shit he DID NOT pay for. Stand on ur own two feet!!!!! That’s what real men do! He only wants full custody for 🏧💵💰💲

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