• Di

    Love this site! Thank you!!

    • Nat

      Right! Come Through with the Braxtons

  • Teedie

    Yess for the Braxton’s ❤️ now all is we need now is The Walking Dead and that would be GREAT! I tell everyone about this site lol

    • Casey

      Yes. Two of my favorite shows on one site. Awesome😉😃😃😃

  • Shanell

    Love this site! Please post GREENLEAF!!!!!

  • Cortney

    The site is so much better love it!!!

  • Little women Atlanta pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseee

  • Tarajee

    OMFG 😱 thank you Sooooooooo much these my bitches

  • shancia

    Thnx for posting the show, I’m glad their family show is back on :))

  • Ely

    I love Traci she is such a delight. Unlike nasty nancy TaMar. Whats up with Trina is she pregnant? She looks fat, sour and ugly like she stinks. Crazy, she usually looks the best wth.

    • Tuxie

      Wow, you’re such a nasty, nasty person. How can you say that about a human being? Do you know that words have power? Why is it so difficult to be kind?

  • Ely

    I love Tamar’s hippie hairstyles …..locs and untamed manes!

  • Ely

    Really TaMar!? Opinion? Whether you think your sis can sing or not you dont shame her publicly on tv come on. That’s messed up…

    • I agree. I would never humiliate my siblings in public. I try not to in private, either. Traci also needs to grow up. Stop blaming your issues on your astrological sign. It’s a mess to hold a grudge with your sister for two years..

  • drea rolle

    Love this show ☺

  • Mama


  • Tan


  • Vashon Edmond

    Yes add Greenleaf

  • faye

    Thanks but add Greenleaf please