1. Yess for the Braxton’s ❤️ now all is we need now is The Walking Dead and that would be GREAT! I tell everyone about this site lol

  2. I love Traci she is such a delight. Unlike nasty nancy TaMar. Whats up with Trina is she pregnant? She looks fat, sour and ugly like she stinks. Crazy, she usually looks the best wth.

  3. Really TaMar!? Opinion? Whether you think your sis can sing or not you dont shame her publicly on tv come on. That’s messed up…

    • I agree. I would never humiliate my siblings in public. I try not to in private, either. Traci also needs to grow up. Stop blaming your issues on your astrological sign. It’s a mess to hold a grudge with your sister for two years..

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