1. Wow did anybody notice that the nail on sky’s index finger was broke or missing at about 31:52?It was when she was crying in the woods but then at the table when they were all talking and eating her nails were fine🤔😕 and that girl Tiffany threw some low blows and she has a lot of mouth Soo she did need her ass beat.

  2. Sky is obviously going through something && taking it out on the weakest one she is a bully && needs help every one except the receptionist came for the new girl first && I hope o shit wake up && realize his wife is a replacement drug. Dutchess is so lame she been ready to leave cause she couldn’t make ceaze her bit** all her stunts been set up .

    • Naww you dont sat nothing about nobody kids sky had ever right to try to knock her head off her shoulders that time..

    • Nikkol, u r right. That was messed up her going through his comp and destroying it. I bet they r realty finished this time.. Sky seems Bipolar. She said her mom is. Love the show. I hope Cease moves on. Thanks 353 for the endless entertainment.

  3. Tiffany, that was a low blow and very provoking. Kids are always off limits. Sky, she’s the one who cost you you’re promotion…there are more ways to come at somebody…with your words.

  4. Can somebody explain the word cheating to dutchess please because what part dont she understands she broke up with him and left over some random chick bullshit……. gave the ring back with a wack ass letter ummm bitch that what yo ass get

    • Teaira, absolutely, Dutch is always talking down about Cease. They have not been a couple for a long time. Just fake it for t.v.

  5. Who cares if Tiffany hit sky wit a low blow sky been coming at her n she got sick of it sky is a bully she’s sick, ignorant, hoodrat,an scary as fuck also she was spitting in tiff’s face she be doing to much for someone who dnt bring money into the shop she’s evil!!!!! Ceaser scared to get rid of her…like grow the fuck up n act ur age act like u at least got home training or common sense!!!

    • Right!!! Its time for her to go i always have to turn my tv down when skyy nasty ass walk in anywhere. Her and Dutches scenes are irritating AF. Omg Cease need to put some new people on.

    • Yesss! I agree. Yes. Tiffany said a low blow but it wasn’t out of the blue. Sky been taking her personal issues out on Tiffany and she finally got a reaction. Just wasn’t a reaction that she expected. And Cease is right these are ADULTS . Not children . I don’t like a few of ppl at work,& outside of work.. but I have bills and responsibilities.. can’t beat up everyone who makes me mad. The heck.

  6. Sky is retarded, acts like a three year old having temper tantrums. I don’t blame cease for closing the shop. Who is going to kiss grown folks ass to give them a job so they can eat. Grow up or starve. And I could not be around sky with all that yelling. That shit would get on my nerves. She .needs some mental health meds that they give retarded kids to calm them down.

    • Valarie, don’t say retarded. The term is Special needs. Sky is too loud. I turn my volume down when she’s on. U r right. Closing the shop makes sense. That’s a lot of money managing 2 properties.

  7. Sky is definitely not Management Material. All the ones at the table should not have went in on that lady, especially when they weren’t there to witness what really happened. Donna was wrong for going after that lady because it was their beef…one on one!! Yes Donna is a BIG ASS BULLY!!! Instead of getting all these alterations, spend the money to better your anger and insecurities…ijs!!

  8. Skye wouldn’t come back to my shop without medication and counseling. She is 33 years old and waaay too old to act the way she do. I honestly think Mel should’ve shut up she wasn’t there. Tiffany mouth is slick. I think Dutchess got tired of the negativity of being on television, but I think she will miss Cease and that Black Ink money.

  9. I agree that O shit’s wife is up to something. But then again that’s the same woman who is paying for his child support responsibilities and she paid for the apaetment, AND the reception that they had. She’s been carrying the whole relationship on her which that doesn’t make sense to me either. Their whole situation is just so off. I just want Cease to move on from Dutchess for good cause she only acts like that because she knows that Cease won’t leave her. She fake asf. But I love me some Walter!

  10. Christine Turner on

    Donna and Mel needs to sit back and let the people who have actual issues with that girl hash it out. Bae had an issue with her based on Fake Ass rumors, Skyyy is a big Messy BULLY, and Kit came in talking shit about the shop so the Bitch was DEFENDING Black ink!!! These girls have no LEGIT reason to be fighting Her!!! Dutchess shes just a pretty girl with concrete for lips and no substance about herself. I Really like all the charcters in their own way But this script need to change!

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