1. Wow good episode it’s getting deep I’m sure Dutchess can tell by now if her man is lying or not but he did look alil suspect like he was shaken up but who knows all the girl and her sister needed was stone cold proof

  2. Sky’s baby father looks different on this episode hmmmm and i kinda believe that girl about Cease i been watching this show long enough to know when he lying smh

  3. That don’t look like sky babydaddy lost alot of damn weight then because he was big know he look like a crackhead.and That girl could of been lying about cez but who knows.

  4. thats a different guy then who they showed as her baby daddy last season… you can youtube the clip and see the difference. gotta love “reality” tv

    • I’m gonna check it out…. I knew they asses was frauding… He was big big n chocolate… This skinny lil runt look weird

  5. Dat Korean Bitch motherfuckin lying, talking bout
    Nyc garbage men call “Magets” disco rice😳😩
    I lived in Nyc all my 31 years n never heard dat shit till dis episode.
    She really wanted to say ” In Korea” but da bitch dont wanna admit how nasty her background culture is😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 she da worst
    P.s O shit is a fuckn doofus!!! He be worried bout da wrong shit dat he thinks matters.

  6. Not sure if Ceasar is guilty or not.. but I really think he loved Dutchess. I sincerely believe she couldn’t handle the lime light: the negative comments, the stalkers, etc. I think her shop gave her the excuse of running back home when things got tough.

  7. y’all right. I remember Ski’s baby baby’s father being dark and a big dude too! That dude is way shorter and he really does look like a crack-head! I know we all can’t be thinking the same thing and be wrong. These show’s must be full of crap!

  8. Sky baby father look like a fuckin crackhead and that’s not the same dude from the last episode.. All these shows are fake and just something to look at

  9. Cat in the Hat on

    Is she forreal, there’s no way a BLACK MAN… Would just set there knowing that he cheated with that girl sister. He would’ve made a door thru the wall to bounce. Get the f**k out of here. Dutchess always talking about those college degrees, baby use her head. & why in the hell didn’t your sister come. Seems like Dutchess wanted a reason to leave now she has it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dutchess didn’t hire her to come… 😂😂😂😂😂 Really feel bad for Ceaser if he didn’t do it, but your past has a way of coming back for you. Even if you wanted to believe your man you have to remember he’s done it in the past. But I truly believe people can change.

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