1. That’s some double standards shit, so Richard gets to dip on his multiple families and his wife can’t leave her son with his father? Gtfoh. Stoppit.

  2. malia cunningham on

    Richard lives too much on the moment impulsive what happen to the other other baby Mama he was with that he was going to Marry….? And that baby SMH He really need to focus on himself looks like he’s Co dependent. Nick kindness was like hold the F*** up and she has a son also

    • YES! I agree . Usually she makes me laugh but these last few episodes she’s team too much . Just being a bully smh . Like others said, just bc she is going through it doesn’t give her the right to treat ppl the way she treated Tiffany.

  3. So not being racist or anything of the sort but did anybody else notice them jumping the broom!?!? I am pretty sure that is a African American tradition we were not allowed to marry as slaves that’s how we showed our union to each other!! Sorry oshit but so disrespectful!!!

    • My mom is black and father is white. my husband is black and philippino. we jumped the broom. And are happily married. It’s just a tradition like some cultures stomp on glass something blue , new, borrowed , old .. which I also happened to do on my wedding day. Not sure how it’s disrespectful … Everyone has their own traditions. To each his own as long as they have a happy life together who gives a hoot what people chose to do to commerate their Union.

    • Well he is African American and no one is sure she’s not mixed. I think it’s sweet for him to involve culture in their union

  4. Sky is so full o shit & a damn liar. The little professional tattoo artist that you hated so much gave you them stitches. You didn’t hit your head on no door it was closed. I hope it knocked some sense into you.
    I really don’t know how Ceasar can run a business with an unprofessional business. He’s right, the only person that gives a damn about your on shit it you the owner!

    • I’m soooooo glad somebody said something cause that BIG MOUTH BIHHHH was talkin. Maaaaaaaddd shit last ep. talkin bout she was gon BEAT SHORTY ASS and got that ass handled. Lmmfao I enjoyed that shit so much just cause she was being a BIG ASS, WACK ASS BULLY tryna show out in front of everybody who by the way Never said a word . Just let SKY ACT A WHOLE ASS!. Refresh my memory again, what do Ted and Walt do again??! I’ll WAIT.

    • The door was pushed open as soon as they started fighting. Tiff didn’t even ball up a fist. I despise how Sky bn acting but sneak attacks are cowardly.

  5. Just because you (sky) is dealing with some personal shit doesn’t give you the right to antagonize people. You drove Tiffany to beat your ass…. Lol lol 😆 you deserved it. Talking to much bull. All talk no action 😂
    I like Melody & Kai is so adorable 💋

  6. Sky always actin like a bully wit somebody she think she can control, then wen somebody ask her why, she got some damn excuse. 1st it was her kids, then it was about her going to jail, now its her mom. She needs to stop. I love Melody but why the hell did she have her son in a leopard shirt… Everybody is suspicious of o’shit/richards wife but she might be a good fit for him. Dutchess is a damn opportunist who lucked up and opened her own shop. Cesar need to stop hiring these ghetto ass ppl and hoping for a good turnout

  7. sky u ain’t goin thru shit u just embarrassed cuz that girl whip your ass after all the shit u talked ceaser won’t let u b in charge n y would he I ghetto as hell and he said your mom been doin that since y’all was kids so u probably use to it

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