1. ceasar phone cracked bc he probably threw it behind dusty . Im glad he left her ass she get on my nerves and glad he opening new area. So will there be black ink crew Atlanta show.. I’ll be watching… Richard need to leave his fraud wife.

    I like reading 353 comments yall be having me laughing

  2. Ceaser had black ink before he even started dating her wack ass….dutchess is not going to win they not married what makes her think she deserve half because she paid a few bills because they was together you helped out your man consider it a gift that u gave wtf especially if she get a judge like judge Judy lol… She can listen to rick rose bm if she want too and look like a fucking fool… Her story and yours are two totally different scenario she had a reason to sue dutchess is doing it because she hurting ceaser didn’t want her ass back and enjoying his single life.. I thought the kitty going to meet dutchess was the stupidest thing ever but dutchess scary ass had me dying laughing when her ass ran….

  3. crazy ass bitch ditches………..u are so bitter that u don’t want to see the man rise and elevate to higher heights…………bad minded and grudgeful ………….. go get ur own shine

    • Eggzackleeeee. As soon as that door opened it would have been 2 dread heads tussling in the lobby I swear. Out there cursing at each other no bih you pepper sprayed me. LOL.

  4. I have to give it to the production team. This plot is a smart way to keep the show interesting and keep Dutchess relevant even though her and Cease broke up. Her mom spilled the tea that production set the whole thing up. She didn’t go there purposely to sue him. If she had, it would’ve been in the blogs already. Filing a suit is public information.

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