• I’m trying to find out too! My Shazzam can’t catch it. VH1 is slipping! They usually will note the song and artist. Smh

  1. dutchess and her sister and friends and some wack ass bitches like bitch you got your come up off black ink go on about your dam life.I knew something was fishy about that whole babymomma scam bullshit for some reason i believe ole boy on the internet… Donna ass just needs to be firedddd. kitty was ready to beat dutchess ass LOL

    • Donna was a lil jelly… but I dnt think she deserve to b fired.. she the one of the realist and she has been there for black ink… Cease has been treating her like shit since the dust bucket Dutchess made that whole story up bout Donna tongue raping her.. which as we all seem was a lie

  2. I like Kit more and more, she gave Caesar that death stare when he was feeding ole girl some cake lol. And when is Duchess camera time gonna be over. Shes so boring and hard to look at. I take a bathroom break when she come on. And I kinda feel sorry for Donna I think she snapped on Sky out of anger and fear because she didn’t want her to leave. Yall know Donna act like a spoiled baby she didnt mean what she said. She knows its gonna be her against the whole shop once Sky leaves and she’s afraid, but she’s right because no one else likes her.

    • Dona is just jealous. I’m not sky fan but she the one who help Dona find a job and helped her. I think Dona should have been more grateful and be a good friend + the way she spoke to Ceas there is no way you talk to your boss like that, she should be happy she still have her job. Dutchess is greedy, a lyer, evil and had a very bad entourage. Girl move on already.

  3. What kind of Pepper spray was that, because Kit took it like a champ. I didn’t even see her flinch… 😁😁

  4. #Team Dutch.. Get whats yours..he been sleepin around too. Funny how they 😢 when the tables are turned. Stay bo$$

  5. What lawyers are these. This witch did not invest in this man’s business, an employee turned girlfriend not wife and common law is not effective in NYC. How are you going to invest in child support and light bills. When its his money you had a hand in just making sure he pays on time. Ridiculous thats not going anywhere, those monies are gift.. Take it to Judge Judy. How you want something you had nothing to do with.. Ladies , Men learn prenupt immediately.. Draft a dating agreement shiiit. The next man in my life signing some papers .. Come as you are. Go as you came .. Okay

  6. Who pepper sprays someone, runs away, then talks shit from the other side of the door smh. So dutchess was fuckin 3 niggas at the same time. Cease, the football player, and the street nigga wow.

  7. She didn’t want the baby that why she came in the shop fighting . She did what the girl said and ran. She’s not a real chick.

  8. Nicki is a fraud asssss bitch… and oh shit is a fucking pussy. All those skeletons that came out her closet and he sat there and played along like a jack ass…look at him now.. still a jack ass. lol

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