1. Donna is really pathetic “I plead the fifth”. LMAO PUSSY fake weak bitch, and u have the nerve to say Sky ain’t really a friend because she cares more about a job title than me? Does she even hear herself ? You ain’t a friend because 1 you so selfish to think you are worth sky declining a opportunity to advance in her life period. At the end of the day u don’t pay sky’s bills so who the fuck are you ? And 2 you talking so much shit about a woman who was good to u. Took u in her home got ur job back and u can’t even own up to what u said so sad ! She really showed a incrediblly immature side and now I see why no one likes her n sky had me weak I’m sure u gonna pop up in Atlanta ! LMAO Donna is such a hater and a follower I hate weak bitchss And I have to add her tattoo of the piano keyboard what ever it was was horrible! She really is not a natural artist when she first came to black ink that wasn’t her desire I think Donna seen a opportunity in tattoos and switched her story up she is a
    money hungry fame hungry lame like sit down n shut up talking about you been at black ink for 2 yrs are u including the months u were fired LMAO and really she is just tracing and isn’t even good at that what a shame BTW next week I can’t wait Duchess is such a punk I almost died when I seen her pepper spray little kitty and run ! Another weak manipulative Bitch ! Why u mad u always talked low about ur man n made him out to be a Bitch that is not sexy for u to try to play that role u got to let a man be a man u dumb ass that’s
    Why he doesn’t want u no more n how many years n u still won’t change ur hair get rid of that dirty shit OK rank over I got way too into this episode tonight LMAO I never care that much but the fakery and lame bitches got me so aggravated ugh

  2. You know all I got to say is CONGRATS TO MY FAV BITCH SKY! Donna is whack asf for hatin on he friend like that. And one thing I noticed about Sky is when there’s a disagreement with someone she fucks with she wants to hear them out and talk about it before she blows up. Idek why donna even feels she’s capable or even talented enough for a state like Atlanta tf lmao birch sit yo broke ass down and be grateful Sky brought your weak ass back to the shop.

  3. Im. Mad at thw fact how donna acting wit sky but we all kno she wrong.. But nobody peepin how oshit gettin played by this scam bitch i already new they wasnt gonna have the baby how u text him but cant call him to tell him wats goin on i dont believe she was prego she could have been n the hospital for something else she probably knew her past was catching up so she had to fake loose the baby and leave jus to do the same to another nigga.. Come on u feel so sad that u lost ya baby but dont take care of ya 2 others kids u dont even claim one she suspect im sorry……

    • Richard’s wife has had more drama than the whole cast. SMH. I hope he’s not that dumb. Well he does keep saying he doesn’t care. Donna just say I’m jealous and I’m hurt. Ms. Kitty gets right back w Ceasar? No hell no. I don’t get. That pepper spray scene looks staged. It certainly didn’t get in her eyes. So ready for next week. Love the show

      • Yes she does richard was dumb for not listening to his friends now she gonna leave him but he cant be mad cause they tryed ro warm him several time if a bitxh can hide a 2year old child and leave it she would leave him the bitch is a mess i really dont like her she used him and now wanna be out cause her past catchin up to her it has nothing to do wit her supposedly losing a baby come on she dont have her own kids why would she feel that bad about losin a child that she never met im a mom but i will never leave my kids then have another child

  4. Hay all.
    Here’s my thoughts on what I’ve seen, I am so sick of us looking CRAZY on television. Ceasar from one business owner to another be careful of who you position yourself around. You keep saying that you guy’s are like family but why do you always treat Donna like the red headed stepchild? If you are about building why does it comes off as you dismiss Donnas potential talent vs nurture it? Kitty, brand ambassador have some RESPECT for yourself and other’s will follow. Duchess, I’m saying you are out here making moves building your brand, engaging in the empowerment of women but you fail to walk the walk on every level. Rich man, allow yourself to heal and grow. Focus on your recovery and health so that you can be the best man for your children. Ted man, build your own dreams and follow them. Sky, all I can say is I understand pain and how it can and will follow you for life, unless you get real help to start the healing. we all have a level of mental illness but SKY, help wont find you; you have to find help, continue and complete it. Oh Sky, its more likely that Donna was or is feeling the same way that you had been feeling about not getting any acknowledgement from your boss/brother. Donna, you came into BLACK INK with a dream but dream making and accomplishing ones dream are two different things. Earn your way and own your craft. Focus on being the best at your craft and learn from the best. It takes time and discipline. REAL DISCIPLINE DONNA.
    I just don’t like feeling like we are allowing the media/television to exploit us and we are the ones giving them the keys to do it.
    Much Love

  5. I kinda feel bad for Donna I feel like she was just a little jealous and in her feelings Sky knew she felt a way and she didn’t have to bark on her like that. I like sky but she has issues. She’s gonna fuck that other store up, she’s too hard headed. Everybody wanna talk shit about Kitty but the other spot is making bread, shes not dumb. I hope somebody punches duchess in the mouth. She hateful af.

  6. I think donna let Caesar and sky smash that’s why she gets so mad , and yes that bitch is going to show up in Atlanta especially if there’s a camera, oh yeah Ducess a punk lol she ran foreal from a bitch that ciuldnt wait for you to mess up and she started sleeping wit yo man i would’ve beat the shit outta katt, oh shit wife has no respect for him she runs all over that nigg*, if tgat don’t have a reuion this time I’m not watching the show anymore the show whack with out sky anyway,.

  7. Kitty is just another Dutchess using Ceaser for a come up. He’s dumb when it comes to dating. Donna is messy and disrespectful to her boss so of course she’s at the bottom of the totem pole. Donna you can’t be the worst artist in the group AND talk shit. Be humble. Sky shoulda beat that ass but i guess maybe she really is maturing and taking the manager title seriously.

    • Ciaunie Aliyse Kirkendale on

      Sky can’t fuck with Donna. Donna really got hands. Sky can’t fight she just ain’t scared of shit. Donna looked like a hater on this episode but she is kind of right. Sky doesn’t deserve to be manager. She can’t even keep her composure enough to not swing on people for saying something she doesn’t like so how is she going to run a whole store with no Walt or Cease to help her. Ceased does treat Donna like shit and fucks bitches then promoted them but Donna needs to focus on herself and move on from black ink. They don’t appreciate what she brings to the table so why does she continue to be there.

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