1. ceaser- with that peanut head of yours. how can u allow Kitty to be banging on your door, like she is paying rent. Is the pussy that good, that you are allowing her to play games with your business??. U definitely a pussy. u trying to please everyone..including Sky. i like Sky, but i don’t feel like she is ready to run a shop. Look at her awful behaviour towards tiffany from the jump. Sky is loyal..yess..but not manager material .

    young bae- thank god, u found out the Kevin was gay before you gave him the kittycat

    kitty- chile..have several seats. You been upgrade to suck ceasers dick-when needed, and book appointment for the shop. play your position boo, and stop banging on doors and acting like a boss bitch.

    dutchess aka Ms, cracky lips, why u getting mad at Skyy? Sky doesn’t own you any loyalty. u throwing shade about her mom and kids was low. U bitter, because Ceaser move on to better moisturized lips. Cheers!

  2. I’m sorry how can you make a video about getting a vagina tight and right if you’ve had surgery to enhance yours. If sky would’ve put in the effort to work on vaginal workout and left the surgery as a last resort I could respect it. That’s just my opinion

  3. I just think this whole show Is bullshit..sky is the worst if I owned that shop she would have been fired a long time ago ..str8 up she’s to Fucking loud for me..amd will fight for the smallest shit ..she does need to take care of her kids …of it was a father that’s all people would be talking about…amd cease is a sucker for real theres plenty of tattoo artist out there that would fully make his shit the boom but he chose these clown as people who don’t do shit but complain about this or that …Donna would be dope if she could stay off her back …but I would love to bang her sexy ass…and the most craziest thing is what the hell does that other black kid do other thenight drink…the one that looks like a peanut …everyone has a friend name peanut that looks like him …the clown of the bunch

    • But Sky have her kids up for adoption since she had them. I think it’s irrelevant for people say that she needs to take care of her children when she’s not even in custody of them. Also, that’s probably why she acts so crazy cause from watching the show you can tell that this girl just battling her own demons but don’t know how to confront them so she takes it out on everybody which I’m not justifying.

    • that the most funniest shit I’ve heard . Like that one time in band camp stuck a flute in my pussy. 😂😂😂😂 you blog is the same tone but so true what the fuck does sky do how are you gone brand in ATl and cant even keep 125 up or the othet shop . This show is becoming a bunch of bull .

  4. Courtney Wheeler on

    I dont like dutchess…OMG i never realized how negative she is until she stepped away for a minute and came back. wow

  5. Ceaser ass a whole bitch for letting Kit fine ass check him, dude soft like charmins. Plus he should just kick it with Sky friend Allyson cause she so laid back and just going with the flow. That’s the girl you need in your life if you’re not wanting to tie yourself down to anyone. Dutchess ass been kicking with that football player even when her and Cease was together. I don’t think Sky crazy ass mind rite to be a manager of black ink ATL because ATL people a whole different kind of crazy. Also for the first time I noticed yung bae, has she always been that fine or am I tripping.

  6. I like Sky and Ceaser’s relationship… and how they genuinely care about each other like a real brother and sister. Never realized they were that close in the previous seasons.

  7. Sky is the most childish,unstable,irrational,psychotic person ever.she’s bad for business and Cease really needs to check her! so damn loud for no reason.that Kitkat is so foward,did Cease say he’s gonna marry you? bitch chill,thats the kinda shit men run away from! That Nicki is such a victim and Richard is plain stupid and irritating af!

  8. I love sky and dutchess stfu please im happy ceaser didnt take her annoying ass back…Sky had kids at an early age she did what was best for them which was putting them in a home where they could be care for not only physically but financially which means that she does love her kids.. Sky will murder dutchess when she see her talking all that shit…One thing i hate is when bitches get mad then they bring kids in it like bitch have some first then talk……

  9. oh and tiffany bitch finish the story you throw that shade and ran the hell outta there Sky was about to be uo ass so dutchess dont get flattered.

  10. Dutchess is so fake. She did not like Tiffany before but now that Ceasar moved on and she’s mad at Sky now she wants to be buddies with Tiffany so she can have someone to talk shit with. Corny.

  11. NaturalVibrations on

    I found when I upgraded my browser which is chrome the shows don’t play. Try to uninstall upgrades and see if that works. Hope this help’s 😊😅👍

  12. Dutchess is a bum for her comments and that rebound relationship will blow up in her face! Donna needs to quit hating and cease better make Kitty get in her place and he needs to leave mz redd alone, tatu baby was the one! They need stay out of o-shit business!

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