1. Why Ceasar frightened over Tatu baby? Dutchess is a million times sexier and beautiful that tatu baby. She doesn’t even look like she’s into Cease as much as he’s into her.

    Cease calm down…every woman is “understanding “…. IN THE BEGINNING. LIsten all relationships are perfect in early stages then it all goes the shit. Lmfao…… hence why Melanie baby fawda nuh waan marry she ever dwllll.

    • Agree with you Ely.. She prolly gave him some yams so that she could get that free trip to PR. She really isn’t that interested, she’s just entertaining him for the free stuff. You heard when he was explaining himself and she just said… “let’s just have a good time in Puerto Rico”.. She will drop him like a bad habit in No time…

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Dutchess is definitely beautiful and a boss. But Tatu is damn! Her presence speaks for itself.But I agree Ely , every relationship is always perfect in the beginning stages.

    • Tatu Baby looks like Tatu GRANNY! Her fake teeth are too big for her fat face and she’s had plastic surgery everywhere…DEFINITELY a step down from Dutch. And the only reason she’s with Cease is for camera time and to big up her shop.

  3. Yeahhhh tatu baby is one pretty ass girl and she seem cool asf that what dutchess ass get she left,gave the ring back with a fucking letter and left the state over some random chick bullshit with no proof she broke up with him so he has every right to move the fuck on. I believe he did love her why else would a men Chase your ass to Paris and propose to you.. He said not this time If someone crack headed chick can come to and say some bullshit with no proof and you just up and leave you never wanted to be there…. if you want to come between me and my man you’re going to have to come with some proof first cuz I’m not just going to up and leave and crazy like dutchess ………Something is fishy about o shit wife frfr

    • Tatu Baby looks like Tatu GRANNY! Her fake teeth are too big for her fat face and she’s had plastic surgery everywhere…DEFINITELY a step down from Dutch. And the only reason she’s with Cease is for camera time and to big up her shop.

    • Tatu baby and that loaf of bread shaped ass head, all extra flat in the back, with that nasty inflated ass, her rode hard and put away wet prosti looking face is not the business either. eww please. dutch is naturally cute with no make up, hmmm wonder what tatu baby looks like without it. if it wasn’t for surgery she would be shaped like your typical bad built mexican.

  4. Dutchess is a dumb ass BITCH always jumping to conclusion and making shit up. That whole story abt Cease not. Being there 4her when she opened her shop and him being jealous was soooooo Fuckin extra and made up. BITCH SIT DOWN tryna do the most in front of ya sis. That’s ALLLL that’s abt. Fuckin CHAPPED LIP IDIOT. SMFH!!!

    • Dutchess was wrong for leaving like she did. I understand she was hurt but a grown woman can’t run back to her mama and daddy every time she’s into it with her man. And she shouldn’t be running everything about their relationship to her family because if they ever get back together the family won’t forget all the other ish. Best to keep folks out your business.

      HOWEVER, Cease is dead ass wrong too! She gave him an opportunity to talk it out and HE ignored her…talking about an emergency with his daughter. She kept calling him and he didn’t answer when they were supposed to meet so what was she supposed to think?

      Yes, he had an emergency, but damn, his daughter wasn’t dead! He could of taken two seconds to give her a heads up to let her know what was up and to table the discussion for later. Let’s also remember that she put him out before for cheating…SO HIS ASS AIN’T ALL THAT INNOCENT! Then to add insult to injury, he quickly moves on PUBLICLY to Tattoo Baby! Given all this, AND what she saw on his computer, she’s human and reacted like most women would…rather yall admit it or not!

  5. Plus Ted is the DUMBEST IDIOT ALIVE. NINJA can’t DO SHIT RIGHT. I DONT see how he got any RESPONSIBILITIES LET ALONE A JOB STILL. Family or NOT he’s gon run Cease str8 outta business. Mark my words. Ninja gon turn Cease old office into HIS BOOM BOOM ROOM. DA FUK?? And for any BITCH giving him any play gots to be a retarded BITCH too. Smmfh IM DONE!!!!!

    • That was so embarrassing as well as unprofessional. Cease needs to change that chain of command all the way around. ASAP!!!

  6. Teddy one dumb ass nigga man 😂😂. Cease shouldn’t of approached Dutch wit ol girl. He should’ve known betta

  7. Idgaf if you’re my family Ted .. you’re fired!!!! Skyy can’t be in charge either .. the smartest person at 113th is Walt! Period! Cease shouldn’t have brought Tatu Baby around Dutchess.. that was tacky. I wouldn’t speak to him either …&&&I really don’t see why Donna keeps running back tho this place, Cease clearly has no respect for her whatsoever. (He probably can’t eat pussy) I think Melody and her man are too cute I eally think they belong together.. Oshit’s girl is suspect like a mf!!! And lastly Dutchess is an opportunist… all that shit she was talking as fake asf. I’m sick of her. Give her her own show so that I don’t have to watch it!

    • Dutchess is a piece of work she made the comment that she “helped” Cease grind for 113th. Uh didn’t u come in as an employee he ready had his business, and once u hit the scene the drama started full speed. Cease was wrong to approach her with a female in tow but he was hurt and she does owe him an apology she can’t play victim all the time. She cheated a few seasons ago with an ex boyfriend then she let Donna eat her test last season she has taken that ring off several times and last season caked up with a dude on the phone and cease still wanted to marry her. So for her to jump the gun on someone else’s word and leave him was bogus. I never wanted to believe she was an opportunist but if the shoe fits… IJS

  8. Anybody with 2 eyes can see Tattaoo Baby with Cease for the freebies.. free trips, free checks, free exposure..he tried to open up to her about the conversation about Dutchess, she changed the subject.. Duh.. Donna looks disgusting.. imagine what she will look like at the age of 80😱. They all look like they need a bath except for the Cease’s assistant and the Asian artist.

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