• Miss Pip

    Um first?

  • Girly Girl

    Took long enough

  • Ms. Bling 💋

    Lily definitely has a problem. You don’t just go about fucking dudes on other people’s kitchen counters😖 that’s gross😣 and she sure as hell can’t handle her liquor. Cobra is jealous as well cause she wanted to hit that ass 😅
    I like Nikki even if she hyper sometimes. She a real ride or die😏
    Ashley behaves like she’s in a fairytale. You just quit your job, your man’s trying to make more money & u out there spending ridiculously like really 😳 now u preggo again! Don I feel your pain 😄

    • Josanne Jos

      Everything you said is exactly what I said to my husband lol great minds think alike

      • Ms. Bling 💋

        Yes girl lol 💋

    • Courtney Wheeler

      i dont like Nikki.

  • Shannon Mcquitter

    Lily seems like she has a drinking problem.