• mari Luvsmitri


  • dyan


  • dyan

    Charmaine connected that punch into cobra……….lets see how the rest of the season plays out…………!!!!!!!

  • nikki edwards

    This show sucks! I need my black ink new york crew!!!!!!!

  • Do it really matter

    I cant believe Charlemagne is 27.. Chic look over 40.. Daniel stfu..u n van over sized teletubbie lookin ass… I abt fell out when ryan said where my money at to the person behind the camera. But on da real.. Everybody got the game twisted.. It might be a family atmosphere.. But it will always be ryans shop.. He paid for it.. And he is the owner

    • Malia

      Right I don’t understand oh I built this shot from the ground up like you know everybody act like they got some entitlement to something when is he is the owner that’s what I was trying to figure out is he the actual owner if he’s the owner he can make the calls he is the boss that’ll make no sense to me everybody acting like a b****

  • Courtney Wheeler

    these people are retarded. how do you get fired then show up at your old job and not expect the police to be called on you?

  • Loves Every 1, 🙂!

    Welcome Back Cobra, & The Girl Sayin That Im Ur Cousin?! I Still Want 2 C A DNA Test Just 2 Make Sure, She Probably Just Wanted A Free Tattoo!

  • Courtney Wheeler

    charmaine needs to go. Im really sick of her. Id made excuses for her for all these seasons….not any more. she is unprofessional and delusional.

  • April Walker

    Ryan look like somebody grandma with those glasses on his nose

  • April Walker

    Ryan look like somebody grandma with them glasses on his nose