• dyan


  • Dina Miguel Bonilla


  • Dina Miguel Bonilla

    I get everyone’s point, they helped him get to where he is. but HE also helped THEM. he IS the owner, and like he did say the disrespect has to stop sometime. Everyone was walking over him. I like the new Ryan.

    • Shunta Perkins

      Right i like ryan too and I’m glad he his taking a stand

  • Shancia Lashanda Highsmith

    I feel what ryan is saying and it is about time he put his damn foot down I think cez told him to do that one time an Van smh i’m really not feeling his ass anymore its like he jealous of ryan an seems like he has a crush on kat as if they fucked are something but I do agree to the other guy and O girl that they need to talk its like sense kat left everything been going crazy an he needs to hire that girl with they cockeyes w.e her name is that went to the club with kat an i’m sad that she lost her baby 🙁

  • Ahmyah Hughes

    Can you please upload Ravens home 1 2 & 3… Please

  • Ahmyah Hughes

    Can you upload girls trip too thank you

  • Kimberly Jones

    Thank you Jesus Ryan is now a man. Like Van said if you go onto rhose streets scared they will sniff you out then your toast. They doing the same thing. Good job Ryan!

  • Shunta Perkins

    What’s up with Van going to the funeral home and it’s Uncle laying on a gurney is that how they do funerals in Chicago and Ryan is right that’s his shop he can do what the f*** he want to do to his shop I fire some of them lazy ass bastards myself and I’m sorry about the death of Vans uncle but you can look at him and tell that van has some mental issues he’s just muscle and a weak ass little boy.

  • jaz

    Its Ryan shop im glad he got a good as woman that is showing him the real, keep up the good work get rid of the trash the shop is better already. Ryan fine af too Van weak af its not your shop period who cares wtf you help build your just an employee respect yo boss you need to ass beat for breaking that window. Charmaine is funny saying you barely 9mag 😂😂 she need to remain processional doe o boy was looking crazy sitting there. KAT she just happy she found a good man its been along time coming for her and she so use to LA AND being there alone that she forgot her friend was there but she cool amd apologized tgis what friendships are about.

  • 7/31♌🤘

    im not fucking with ryan just because he just now tryna get some balls he mine as well sit right back down for 2 whole seasons them niggas was disrespecting tf outta him and he aint do shit now they not even disrespected him like that now he wanna trip he need to think for himself.

  • Monica Braxton

    Finally Ryan bossed up!!! I agree with JD y’all taking that whole family thing to far. He should have had a meeting and revamp the whole thing. Not just changing locks.. Y’all need Business class 101 and management classes. Cause the way they go about it is just wrong..

  • Tavia Tay

    go Ryan!

  • Miss V

    Can someone please look at what’s going on beyond the drama? Do you all remember how Ryan treated Kat when she went off on her own? Well, Ryan didn’t like it. That’s the same way he is treating his shop members, especially Van. Instead of him looking out for Van, he is “going Hollywood”. Van is the only one that really can’t do anything ,at this present moment, outside of tattooing. Ryan needs to let Van eat too. Van is not jealous. He’s hurt. If Rachael was really real, she would tell Ryan to dead that beef. It’s bad for business. She watched while Ryan threw those chips.

  • StraightUp

    I understand why they may feel bad because of Ryan’s moves because after all it’s foreign to them…… but it IS Ryan’s shop he just decided to have a flat management system so everyone can feel included……everyone’s input was valued……and that backfired because no one saw him as the owner…..so I respect him for putting his foot down…..VAn needs to open his own shop because he obviously is lost or can’t understand the meaning of ownership