1. Lord I knew it was too good to be true 😂😩 I hope Mary Jane don’t fall for Justin again and get herself in trouble..thanks for the upload

  2. Wowza what an episode! Now i know why Lee’s baby mama was all friendly smh. As for Justin , am I sucker for believing that maybe he actually has Mary-Jane’s back? Must be the blue eyes

  3. MahoghanyBrown on

    Come on ,…this is chess for Justin ,now he has Built Mary Janes coinfidence he can munipulate her like pieces on a chess board, he knows where she lives and that she vunerable , he cannot be trusted. He wants revenge f9r
    Atlanta hl, & he’s keeping his enemy close otherwise what was his stalker self doing at the lawclerks office. MaryJane’s her bestie is all booed up and lee just got ahella Sperm bombshell dropped in his lap…he doesnt do it for me is unattractive and that brittish accent not helping !!!Come on I like how hot Mary Janes love intrest are and its like watching paint with Lee, then he has the nerve to crack on her family…. with those bunny teeth and big ass forehead n tight shirts boi stop. (I know she married in real life but come on with the ugly dude love intrest).at least I was waiting for a kiss as she and justin were waiting on the wrongly convicted…you know a girll love a bad boia .Anywho still Justin is easy on the eyes. but dont trust him or the crafty old news chick….love Being MaryJane1# Show

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