• dyan

    yessss #1

  • Malia

    Great Episode

  • SheKnows

    I feel like this show is becoming so different now, not as relatable as it was before. And so now they’re gonna have a blonde girl making racist comments all the time? I hope they dont give that character alot of airtime.

  • Heather Mary


  • Dana

    I think that he’s using Mary Jane to keep it cool at their job because she becomes PETTY and he’s trying to grow and he needs her to cooperate and he gets to smash in the meantime keep her under his control. He’s a savage like that.

    • Yolah

      I agree

    • Jasmine Sinclair

      I believe he is playing her as well but he is catching or will catch feelings and his plan will go awry!

  • Jaela Mattison

    Where’s yesterday’s episode????