• Teaira

    #first 😂

  • Teaira

    Why do people go carry the bone back and forth then when shit hit the fan they want to say ” im to grown for this”” like bitch u wasn’t grown going back n forth saying what everybody was saying.. Evelyn just a mess bitch who need to worry about her dam eggs instead of trying to call people out all the time.. Jackie did say that at the dinner table but hey maybe you grow to like people after u get to know them..

    • Krystal

      No Jackie ass needs to stop tryna play victim all the tyme wen she always taking sides nd tlkn shit behind errybody bkk then wen she gets called out she wanna pretend lyk she wanna fight to mk her lie look real smh

      • Des

        Y’all both right lol

      • Dafricanqueenie

        Jackie did say Sayniyah was a liability and Bonnie did agree with her. Matter of fact, they all agreed with her at that time ‘cos Sayniyah was drunk and falling apart.

        • rene

          She said she was out of control go re-watch it that’s what I did cause I didn’t remember her saying that and Bonnie agreed she mad cause she told her to shut- up….

        • Team

          Sheesh why y’all act like Jackie can’t have a thought the chick say was a little messy and Jackie still check up on her to make sure she good ….like what do y’all be watching cuz that damn evenyln wannabe golden girl look stink I meant shady and Brandi talk to darn much her evil looking nose l

    • Faith

      I think Jackie made that comment after she saw how bad Saniyah was acting when she got drunk.. she waaass very embarrassing…😳😂😳. Bonnie Jill knew that because she agreed with Jackie but ran back carrying that bone.

  • Kay


  • First again

  • I feel stupid i thought i was first

    • Teaira


  • Kim

    I have been waiting for this, THANK YOU!

    Guess I’m First

  • Hehe


  • Melanyn Temptation

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂This episode…I can’t!!!

  • Shay

    They Gonna Foever Keep Jackie Cause Her Ass Crazy She Need A Reality Check And People Need To Stop Babying Her She Talks The Most Shit

  • Ms Bling

    Bonnie-Jill bone carrier 😆 Jackie should’ve whooped your ass!

    • Teaira


  • Mobeeasy

    Somebody need to touch grandma Jackie. She has been given ENOUGH chances. She is a damn liar. I feel she should have been laid hands on when she spit on Meghan! I know no one wants to beat up they grandma but bitch you only get so many chances!

  • badbetch

    this bitch evelyn is fake af..like she talked so much shit about siniyyah and has the nerve to out jackie.

  • Jessie

    Jackie, Calm Down, 😒!

  • Christin

    It won’t play past 10 minutes noooooo

    • Michy

      How do u watch it? When I click on it it’s not playing. What society gotta do to watch it

  • Michy

    I love this show I swear

  • Monique

    Jackie is stupid! Shaunie is getting a good return on the lil money the show paying Jackie. Ain’t enough money in the world for me to look as foolish as Jackie….er’season!!!!

  • lorena

    everlyn and bonnie jill should not be in the show because,everlyn is messy and fake while bonnie is too boring, a follower and trying to b relevant

  • Jen Sochi

    Am i missing something? I don’t see how Evelyn is fake, nothing she said was false. Jackie is a liar and Malaysia is lying abt not knowing what the issue is. She was told multiple times not to bring Brandi around. It was a fuck you im gonna bring her anyway. It was disrespectful because palm springs was a personal celebration for Evelyn’s IVF.

    • rene

      Evelyn is being messy and she wasent their, Jackie said the girl was out of control and Bonnie agreed she still mad Sayniyah told her to shut-up and she don’t like her and Jackie ashley forgot about it until Bonnie She brought it up when they meant up for lunch with the man…Bonnie should confront Sayniyah told her to shut-up way she drunk ass HELL.

    • Who Else

      Exactly! Malaysia knew what she was doing. If it’s my BF and she’s in town yeah we going to link up. Malaysia wanted to be messy because she knew Tami didn’t like her.

    • Unique

      Evelyn talk the same shit Jackie do the only difference is she do it better. Also Jackie do sometimes lie honestly I don’t think she remembers as much as she drink. also Malaysha know what the problem is she just don’t understand why she got a problem with brandy when brandy didn’t have nothing to do with the fight. Disrespectful it was not because evelyn don’t know the girl to even have a problem.evelyn just starting bs like Jackie .

    • Trishandra

      I agree

  • Nicole

    Okay so Jackie goes off on Bonnie Jill but didn’t go off on Cristen for confirming exactly what she said smh. Two ppl said you said it.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    Fock Bonnie Joe. She is a typical you know what. I hate all these old bitches

  • GeeCee

    Sooo Bonnie Jill is a follower I don’t like how she came on the show without having any substance herself. Shaunie may know her but the viewers don’t, so she’s not really putting herself out there in a way most people would gravitate to while being on this show. She claims she’s grown but she’s acting a bit “high schooly” as well by being a follower and not really getting to know the other girls and going by hearsay #weak.. Jackie is a messy one and her name does pops up alot and it has so much already since this season started.. Malaysia is coo but I’m not gonna lie, she knew what she did was wrong but had good intentions but should have said “I apologize for bringing Brandi that wasn’t right but my intentions were somewhere else because I want everyone to just get along and come together, that was the wrong timing and doing so excuse me for that”.. Then it would have been coo. I would have felt ambushed like Tami as well if I have such strong feelings about a individual that I don’t like and the person bringing that individual knew why.. Lastly Asia is fugly af 😂😂😂😂😂

  • GeeCee

    Glad Christen and Sanni’yah came together I just hope Sanni’yah doesn’t try to start and spread mess again.. Hazel is very cute and hopes she’s a coo one as well… I always love Shaunie she’s so adorable OMG I wish I had a friend like her and Tami I love too though she can be a little too fixed sometimes, you’ll always need a Tami Rowan in your life.. And Evelyn.. my lovely lady I love looking at her all the time even when she mad she just so gorgeous so in love with her.

  • rene

    Evelyn needs to shut the HELL up, she came on the show to talk about Jackie every chance she gets, HELL you said that woman name like a million times more then she thinks about your ass, Bonnie you need to Stop running your mouth to who said what and who did what everytime you get around the other ladies like you trying to prove something, your ass is still mad cause Sayniyah told her to shut-up, you should confront her like you tell everything else, yes Jackie said Sayniyah was out of control and you agreed bitch get it right if you going to tell a story!!!Not she didn’t like her you said that forgot, Smh

  • Who Else

    But where was the lie??? Everything that BJ and Christian (I think that’s her name) said was the truth. That’s exactly what Jackie said. And to be honest BJ didn’t bring that bone Evelyn dropped that TEA…. And why NOT. Jackie is full of it… Lol. I like how Evelyn stood in front of BJ to protect her. How they all had there back.

  • Who Else

    Another thing why is it that Malaysia can’t respect Tami’s wishes. If she said she doesn’t want to be in her presence then so be it!! Like stop trying to force her on people.

  • Virginia Washington

    Can you upload the show Claws? Please

  • Michelle

    BJ is like karlie red on love and hip hop messy she love to bring and carry she needs a good beat down!

  • Love

    I think Malaysia is a little slow…honestly! The way she speaks, her mannerisms, etc. Annoying!

    • badbetch

      i think shes intelligent, given the fact that shes always in drama in bs that can mentally drain you and that obviously affects and slows down your thought process.

  • Laquandra Cox

    Jackie is crazy she only did that to BJ because she doesn’t think BJ can beat her up because everyone was calling her out but she only attacked one person like your too damn for that Jackie ! Grow tf up

  • Glad

    Jackie was trying to be Tami 2.0 in this episode. If she would trying to be involved in everything she would be alright.

  • ceedee

    Bonnie Jill is a little shit stirrer!!! What exactly was her point in bringing up old shit? So what if Jackie did or didn’t say anything negative about Ms. S. The girl was drunk and behaved disgracefully, arse hanging out and everything.

    They since settled and Jackie changed her tune and said she liked her. Isn’t this a free country? Can’t a sister change her mind?
    I really can’t understand these women and their petty arguments.