1. Yasss Evelyn I’m glad somebody is finally calling Jackie throwed off messy a** out. I’m happy Jennifer is back! Only ones missing are Susy and Royce. It’s getting juicer by the minute and I’m here for it. I like Malaysia but she was wrong for that and she know it, if the script was flipped she would’ve had a fit.

    • Yes Jennifer is my absolute fave. I was sad when she left the show. She is so sexy and smart and beautiful. Mmmmm those lips lol. Im glad Jennifer is back yaaaa! I hope she’s more outspoken now because theres plenty of people that she needs to curse out from what happened before lol

    • everlyn is only happy she got friends now so guess now she got a voice. Wasnt she just preachin she was grown and over the drama FOH

  2. I hate to say it but I hope Evelyn beat the fuck out of Jackie!!!! Evelyn was doing so good but sometimes you just gotta show em that u still will throw them hands when need be!!!!

  3. jackie would beat evelyn. i really dont know why she stays meddling in her business. like it is none of your mf problem.. deal with your eggs. I’m i the only one that thinks she and tami get a pass for any bad thing they do on the show?. like seriously its getting boring. i dont see anything wrong in what jackie did by inviting asia, she probably was trying to get a clearer picture of whats going on but that bitch knew she was lying so she had to fake cry and leave for no reason. i

    • Jackie is a messy old wrinkled neck black hag and I can see straight thru her bullshit! I hope she gets that ass beat down!

    • I hundred percent agree .. I think Tammie is so fucking messi and so is Evelyn.
      I think they are trying to make Jackie look bad..

      • I agree, I hate it’s things going on with Jackie and her daughter but that’s her family business she needs to worry about those eggs.

  4. what is her business with jackies daughter. Bitch needs a storyline so bad. just move onntalk about your eggs and move on.. its bad enough that jackie is in the news for the wrong reason, you dont have to drag her. at some point we have all fallen apart from our loved ones

  5. Malaysia’s English is terrible. She really needs adult education courses. Kenny garden? What is that? Ardacity? Do you mean audacity sweetie? Then she said we all
    Put our legs on one leg at a time. Huh? And darthy?l instead of Dorothy 😩😩

    I can’t deal with Asia’s face. It’s like a pig. Her makeup color is cremation number 5. DWade is gross to me now and forever for messing with that thing.

    Jackie stop saying ponderosa. Stop it.

    Ev stop opening and closing your hands when you talk. That is sooo 2008.

  6. craaaaazzzzzyyyyyy I love asia she so rule to me.Never did care about Evelyn like i hope Jackie beat her ass.. cant wait til the 3 day reunion

  7. Ugh! I can’t wait to see jackies uglass put in her place! I can’t not stand her nor people like her. Old bitch!

  8. Jackie should beat the shit out of Evelyn.. these women to illiterate nd old for all the unnecessary he say she say talk ..

  9. Man I wish security will let Jackie get to Evelyn. Jackie will mangle Evelyn scary ass. Evelyn is evil. I believe she did help Jackie’s daughter out just to make Jackie look bad. Karma gonna be a mf. Don’t interfere with a mother or child. Evelyn needs to stay in her place. She has no story here. She’s making herself not like Malaysia or Brandy for no reason! She’s a follower. I can’t stand that any of these old hags (Tami, Evelyn and Shaunie) is back on this show. They should’ve created their own show for themselves and leave the youngin’s for BBW. I like Jackie. I don’t think she did anything wrong. She runs her mouth just as much as everyone else on the show yet everyone wants to come for her. I hope Jackie prevails!

    • I haven’t liked Evelyn since she jumped over that table. She is not “about that life” and she knows those NEARBY security guards are required to jump in. Evelyn ain’t shit. Talking about another baby…..get married first. Jackie probably would whip that azz. Jackie does start stuff tho..and carry the bone back and forth, but that’s her role on the show. Just like it’s Tammy’s role to turn up. ..fight…pop off. Malaysia looks a fool now…and talks and acts like one. You can’t force the other girls to be Brandy’s friend. Leave it alone….find another story line. However, Evelyn said the same thing about Tammy being messy……so she needs to be called out for that. Jackie ought to whip her azz for real for intervening in her and her daughter’s business. It’s all about the money and ratings anyway.

  10. It’s easy for them to blame Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. I would give her back that money and tell her to stay out my family business thank you but know thank you!!#

  11. I stand by what I said Jackie knew what she was doing and always plays the victim like she didn’t know what the problem was. She is messy, dramatic, and too old to be acting like a child that can’t pronounce common words😑😒🤷🏽‍♀️. Yes, Evelyn should stay in her lane in regards to jackies daughter but I’m glad she’s keeping it real with Jackie to her face and not smiling in her face and talking behind her back like Shaunie and Tami do all the time.

  12. Arnisha Williams on

    Ughhhh who tf do Malaysia think she is? She so full of herself with her slow talking ass…

  13. Melanyn Temptation on

    So i guess Malaysia has prosthetic legs??? Because mine already attached..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 She lost me with that one!!😒😞 Yassssss Evelyn, Shaunie, Tammy…you b!tches give me life and can do no wrong..IDC!! Jennifer ehhh let’s see how this goes i guess. Jackie girl you are a mess…😂😂😂😂😂😂 but very entertaining i must say!! The stylist is reaching for a storyline…i am not really interested, something’s missing??😏 The white girl that loves animals is ok but i don’t fully trust her?? Loving how this season is popping off though, the girl who so called lied about the miscarriage or whatever is all talk..clearly not about that life!! Welp that’s my commentary..better late than never!!😎

  14. Evelyn is a snake, going back n forth stirring crap, calling Jackie names behind her back. Jackie’s no angel, but they all need to act like grown women and stop playing silly games. I suppose if they did, the show would be boring. Does anyone find Bonnie-Jill a sneak? She’s like an informant.

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