1. Pretty_kitty16 on

    Aja…tis tis tis. Even if the “abortion” is valid, That’s her damn REAL SISTER!!!! Besides being ugly AF in the face she’s definitely ugly at heart. I would never do that to my blood, idgaf how up and dwn we are. And the mamas just as bad letting their drama manifest itself into hatred for one another.

    • Right…she looks like she on drugs but she just want tv time and jealous of her own sister she wack off the gate

    • Aja is terrible. I am so very disappointed in the type of trashy woman she is. And it really makes me see what kind of CRAP DWade is to select her to bust raw nuts in. Ick. she looks dirty.
      And also, Aja had on the exact same outfit as Cristen. except Aja looked like the broke meme.

  2. Smh 😠 See how quickly rumors get spread. No one is wondering if it’s true, don’t give Cristen the benefit of the doubt the just believe automatically. As for Aja 😒 She’s jealous of her sister. To make up a lie about your sister this magnitude is unbelievable. Talk about Salty & Sad 😂
    Jackie a shit starter playing both sides. She talk too damn much!
    The episodes keeps getting better & better 💋

  3. Jestine Rickenbacker on

    Jackie be pissing me off to my fucking core. She always does shit time and time again. And be lying right to people face. Then she’s like “you want to fight?” and can’t even throw any type of hands. And Christen needs to pop on her sister because she’s jealous AF and you can tell. FOH. I couldn’t deal with none of them.

  4. Well if she says the baby didn’t have a heart beat then I can see it being a miscarriage.. And the doctor advising her, that she will need to abort. Because the child did not have a heart beat. I highly doubt she would lie about that. But IDK her, just from watching her now, she seems pretty cool.

    • Jestine Rickenbacker on

      Thats right and her sister spreading that shit you can tell she was jealous and fucked up to do that. Because when Synia told her about Palm Springs her first response was “No invite?” Then she starts spreading shit smfh. And her excuse for their bad relationship is that their mothers don’t get along. Smfh. I don’t know I feel bad for Christen because they keep messing with her.

  5. JAKIE A FAKE ASS OLD ASS WANNA BE YOUNG ASS BITCH ! Tamie always talking about somebody being real but I just don’t feel as though she was real by (being upset first) about the abortion situation with Chris without asking her wether the shit was true or not. They don’t need to be getting mad that Chris called them the golden girls because they been had it out for her with the way they felt about how she dresses! Y’all been had it in mind that y’all ain’t like this girls wardrobe! So foh. No. And the big black hoe, whatever her name is idk what she thought she was doing by trying to expose somebody?? But I guess that’s her style concidering the fact that she’s messy anyway having her ass out in public while drunk and spreading all her personal business at the dinner table to the women. She the real MVP 😒👏🏼 . Duck head ass, and why you got on a full blue wig tho? What is we going back to the future with that royal blue Star Trek suit on? Let’s get fuckin real, she looks like a giant with that thing on. And then had the audacity to try and make Chris wear something like that. Dress like a freaking lady and stop looking like you about to be ready for a Ru Paul audition. All of em needs to sit down. That sister of hers, bruh, I read right through her little ass. She’s wicked yo. It’s something about her that seems way off and we gon find out.

    • Jestine Rickenbacker on

      You hit each nail on the head with this one. I knew something was off with Christen’s sister Asia. She looks evil and she is a jealous lil heffa. She wants Christens life bad that’s why she stirring the pot. Evelyn is another one that be pissing me off because she says and does shit, acting like it’s coming from a good place when it’s really not and I know she knows that. She only did that shit because Christen is new. Why she didn’t try that with Tamie? Because I think she’s the only that really needs the stylist. All these seasons and she still looking like wtf are you doing.

  6. Ok, so I just want to put this out there. I’m going to need Tammy to NOT act indignant about the “abortion” and I say it like that because I don’t know if she had one but I knew Tammy since Real World days, you know back when she had an abortion (a real one) while on the show 😒

  7. Charlene Manning on

    I really just think the show is ridiculous number 1 Jackie and especially Tami need to sit down and try to be an example for the younger ladies in the group. I feel that Tami is loud, wrong and wants attention and she thinks she is in the same age bracket as the younger ones. Girl bye sit down and you talking about having a baby at your age the baby is going to think you are the grandmother.Grow up act your age and how about you try marriage again before you talk about being a mother backwards you old you should know better.

  8. I really really don’t like Brandi. I tried to give her a chance but I just don’t like her and I’ll never like her. She’s a bitch and a fake weak ass bitch at that.


    Brandi need to be glad Tammi over there choking up her lungs on that cigarette while she begging to get her fake ass hair snatched because it would have happened.in a snapshot. Brandi is just trying to stay relevant after being out of the limelight for so long and Sariyah aint nothing but a sidechick of a man that aint even trying to claim he had nothing to do with her. Brandi needs to be get a life and Sariyah is not a STYLIST, she is a FLIGHT RISK. HONEY. Jackie just want to be so young so damn bad she living through the younger bitches just to have a life of relevance

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