1. i read somewhere in a comment that said jackie is the phadera of basketball wives 🙄🙄 she is also the karli redd of this show too..

    I think the majeover would of went fine if evelyn approached her like “hey i know what u’ve been through so i took it upon myself to give u a mommies makeover”

    ..tami has a legitimate reason mot to want to be around Brandi..Shaunie does too..i mean i dont know hiw else to tell someone “ur services are no longer needed” 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. Drake Vinning on

    Whether you like Tamil or not, she made it clear to Malaysia not to bring Brandi. It looks like Brandi is upset with Tami and Shaunie, but Malaysia is the one who led her to believe everything was ok.

  3. i would had popped Evelyn and her unprofessional ass stylist right in the face.Tammy it time to grow up and Jackie aint shit i probably would of hit her first.. The only one i feel sorry for is Kristen

  4. The make over idea was a bit harsh to swallow. So I get why she felt how she did. However, I don’t think Evelyn’s intentions were to be mean. I just would have told her personally. But hey, it’s reality TV 😁. And Maliyshia (spell check) If Tami told you she choose not to be around Brandi why NOT Respect that!?! She was very clear on what she said and direct… Good job Tami for being Clear and direct.. And I’ll say it again I Luv Me Some Tami!!! Jackie got caught in a lie and said she didn’t know why she was upset with her… 😕😕 Girl you just lied ringer face. Why can’t people learn to just admit when they are wrong..
    Oh well another god episode!

    • Whoever you are damn you cant spell at all.. Do you ever us the fuckin spell check.. Smdh.. Gon back to middle i know they have room for your slow ass..

      • I'll Just Sit This Right Here on

        MS.TY — Really?!?!?!? 0_o Before you start casting stones, please don’t live in a glass house yourself.

        Let’s checkout your spelling:

        Whoever (< this should be whomever) you are damn you cant (<can't ) spell at all.. Do you ever us (<use- I'm pretty sure this is what you meant) the (<"the" is not necessary unless you meant to say fuckin spell check button or feature) fuckin spell check.. Smdh.. Gon (<gone-please do better boo) back to middle (<school- forreal girl…I think you might be the slow one) i know they have room for your slow ass..

  5. Fuck all that other shit all i want to know is if Eveln wanted Christian or whatever her name is to get a make why the f she didnt pay for it that would been my first issue no bitch dont a budget for me set one for her , lol she brought you here. As for brandy girl bye you got mouth I’ve been knock her disrespectful ass out but till next people, lol

  6. Vanessa Shaunté on

    I’m trying to figure out why everybody was acting scared to put that ratchet ass disrespectful “stylist” in her place 🤔🤔🤔

    • Me too..Especially Tami (mouth all mighty), tiptoeing around her when she was rude as f*** to that woman smh

  7. Too much makeup = SORCERY lol Christin is already beautiful.. I think Evelyn just love her as she is.
    This episode is hilarious.

  8. What Tami said about Malaysia was hilarious lmao “I knew you were dumb but I didn’t know you were deaf too” 😂😂

  9. UGH. Brandi. NOBODY IS THREATENED BY YOU… NOBODY FUCKING LIKES YOU! except malaysia and jackie…. simmer the hell down. lmfao. “whats the problem?” … as if last season never fucking happened.

  10. The makeover should have been a joint venture they all should have did a makeover but this is for TV and when did you become so Superior that you choose who sits in the room that you sitting in you’re not the star of the show but again it’s for TV in Malaysia ain’t no punk she’s Boughetto! Lol jackie. …? Lmbo! In this hole that Brandi was telling Debbie she better represent Texas I never heard that come up until now now that’s the reason why she don’t want Brandy around her because apparently this is what Brandi said to Duffy

  11. Jackie’s is messy will always be messy. For her to spread he say she say about her so called Kristen especially being something of that intense she deserves to get slapped.

    All them girls scary because no one put that stylist in her place told her stop but then want to run to Kristen side to comfort but were there when all the disrespect was occurring and did NOTHING!

    I feel like Tami met her match with Brandi and that’s her issue. Everyone on this show Tami jumped on has been weak af & can tell aren’t fighters. Brandi doesn’t back down and I respect her for that.

    I like the new people though. I feel for Kristen because that wasn’t Evelyn’s place and she did not play it well. Everyone has their own style so who’s to say what you like is the standard for everyone. Tami can’t dress tonme nor Jackie but it is what it is 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. Then the stylist talking bout being professional no ma’am the way you talk and what you say is apart of professionalism. I’m ratchet but they would never know that where I work. Plus you talking about you here to do a job so once you seen your services were clearly not needed or wanted you should’ve left. You going with them to dinner on their trip. Who Tf wanna hear about your hoe ways claiming you loving a taken man && you were fully aware of him being taken. Girl bye. Just style and keep your mouth shut.

  13. Cat in the Hat on

    I love me some Tami….. I knew you were stupid, but I ain’t know you were deaf too😂😂😂😂😂
    Don’t think Evenlyn meant any harm. Real friends try to pick you up when you have low self esteem. Really ain’t no1 thinking about Brandi big wide a**. People kill me, if Tami would’ve hit her “she would’ve been ghetto and trash and now that she’s trying to avoid it she’s” scared… Boy bye. #TeamBasketballWives…OG. I Like Jackie but shes starting to have no loyalty… She goes wherever the wind blows. I remember when Brandi and Malaysia were dogging her out.

  14. Fix it Jesus.. poor Kristen and I wish Brandi disappeared again..I can’t stand her stank behind attitude..girl bye😒✌🏼

  15. What I’m not understanding is if these chicks sees that Kristen doesn’t want the make over why not stop this. Why didn’t Kristen just say NO. And this unprofessional Amazon with her loud ass would’ve got punched in her throat



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