1. I Understand Where Evelyn Was Coming From But She Should’ve Got To Know That Girl Before Doing All That You Never Know What Somebody Is Going Thru

  2. i love tammi soooooo much,she just a no non sense person nah jackie i dont feel sorry for!she made it about her and it wasnt it was about her grand son cause if her daughter felt so comfortable in asking her she would of…..Shaunie real to cuz she was at the sit dwn n still didnt detailed what was talked about…JACKIE BYE


  3. i like Tammy but she is acting a little petty. It seem like she’s more mad at Jackie because Jackie is being friends with Evelyn. If you watch the episode when they were talking about the whole baby go fund me donating thing she told Evelyn that she sent her the link but she didn’t open it because she couldn’t that day. Evelyn called tammy Messy not Jackie.

  4. Tammy sounded so fake when she said hi to Malaysia lol. Jackie’s craziness is getting old. Same shit every season. I know Doug be cheating on her with a younger less crazy woman. Tammy being petty she doesn’t have a real reason to not like Brandi. I dont like that Evelyn and Tammy are making fun of Kristin. That girl did nothing to nobody and she is still recovering from her miscarriage. I feel like these women are just creating drama where there is none for ratings.

    • LMAO. Jackie with the let’s fight put alot of humor in the show. I’m happy Tammi and Evelyn made up and Jackie out the muzzle, Shaunie took a napkin to the head…..I was dying laughing just like 4 home girls. That’s how we do. I’m in N.Y. and my girl moved to N.C. I hope we have as much fun if not, even though we are not well off, as those Basketball wives did. Happy the show is back. Good story Shaunie.

  5. I feel like Jackie didn’t defend herself well enough let alone lay down the facts at that lunch meeting with Shaunie, Tami and Evelyn.. Jackie didn’t say that Tami said that Evelyn called her a “despicable mother” nor did she state that Evelyn called Tami “messy” sooo its like okaay .. They laughed hella hard about that wolfpussy furr coat Im not gone lie which was hella funny

    • Girl you hit it on the nose..i was like Jackie calm down and tell your part of the story then they will understand why the he’ll you so mad. Tammie didn’t want Jackie to be friends her. Every time Jackie tried to say something positive about Evelyn she would say something negative to make Jackie rethink her thoughts abt her. And Evelyn was saying some shit abt Tammie. Then when they made up they both started acting like they didn’t like Jackie. That bitch Shonie really don’t cut for Jackie either. I hope they show how Tammie was being fake and lieing at the reunion

  6. Tammi and evenlyn flipped that whole situation around on jackie.. Tammy bought up the go fund.. And even told jackie that evenlyn was talkimg abt her.. Not to memtion she got uoset at jackies grandmother party.. Cuz jackie mentioned her name. Evenlyn did too call jackie a shit starter and crazy.. Now all of a sudden they besties and jackie taking the down fall. They all fake and phony.

  7. For real they hella fake for doing that and Jackie should of just made sure she said the truth instead of being so hyped in her emotions.. the part that made me go wtf is when Jackie was thinking about bringing​ Tami and Ev together, she should of just did it instead of looking for validation from Shaunie .. Shaunie told her it wasn’t a good idea cuz I think she wanted to be the one to do it and because those were her friends more than Jackie’s.. Jackie was caught in a situation between Tami and Evelyn whether she good friends with them or not.. she should of just tried to defuse the situation herself instead of asking Shaunie and I bet the real shit would have came to light and​ wouldn’t​ have played out the way it did and have Jackie lookin like a fool.. cuz she got played by Tami, Ev, and Shaunie


    WHY DO THE INSIGNIFICANT BITCH JACKIE KEEP DRAGGING SHIT ALONG. She see Tami and Evelyn are at least trying to move forward and her bitch ass is trifling still stuck in the past because she is so selfish and narcissistic. She need to get some spiritual awakening and start understanding she is in 3 times older age group than all the rest of them. Im glad Evelyn and Tami patched things up but they both need to keep they BUCKED EYES OPEN, lol. And why do so many of the basketball players wives have miscarriages honey and when Malaysia come out of her CELEBENT PHASE, she gonna be gettin it in like the last months rent


    CHILE TAMMY SAID. “KEEP IT CUTE OR ILL PUT YOU ON MUTE”. HONEY THIS STATEMENT NEED TO BE ON TSHIRTS ACROSSS AMERICA. She could make a FORTUNE selling T SHIRTS with this phrase on there, lol..Thats probably why she said it, lol

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