1. Pretty_kitty16 on

    Tammy!!!!!…..Girl grow tf up and get tf over it!!!! Every damn episode she been talking about Evelyn. Who cares!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!?????

    • Can I tell you two (in this exchange) how GLAD I am to see a “few” who get it???!!! 🙂 Utter POISON and is completely UNREPRESENTATIVE of real women! 🙂 Thanks to Pretty Kitty16 AND Nae for not HAVING THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND!!!!!! 🙂 i couldn’t watch but popped back this week to see who MIGHT agree with this behavior. Left a msg last week when I DID watch an episode. I have a lil’ blog so this has been suggested for viewing for a WHILE (again)! 🙂 Again… glad to see that SOME see this type of programming on ‘tv’ as it really is! PATHETIC and shameful. A 40-something GRANDMA???? Maaaan, I’m just WAY too old (60+) to wrap my mind around THAT one! hahaha P.S. That chick (oh yeah, brain-fart– I’m referring to “Tammy”) with the wide eyes (looking like a psychopath would)… maaaann, SHE’S COMPLETELY “out of it”! Jazz

  2. Pretty_kitty16 on

    Left that comment before seeing Tammy saying basically Evelyn’s entire being is revolving around her…LMAO, GIRL BYE!!!!!!!!

    • Right!!! Bye Bitch! *since That’s the first word that comes out her mouth. She needs to invest in a thesaurus! LMAO

  3. Tammy ass is a liar and dramatic AF! LMAO First, Evelyn didn’t say anything negative. Secondly, umm…since when was Evelyn checking for Tammy ass?! 😂😂😂😂 Was that word on the street? GTFOH hahahaha This should be the last season of this damn show. ✌

  4. “I feel like she’s trying to get a rise out of me…WELL, BITCH, I HAVE RISEN!” Tammy is a straight fool!😂😂😂😂

  5. Looks like Tammy is seeking friends and buyers for her lil book. Anyway, who would support her her childish butt. She is so ignorant and classless! Still eating grill cheese sammiches…girl bye!!!

  6. Susane Ramjattan on

    Did Jackie say “salvitate” instead of salivate?!?! That bih is a crazy ole fool, shes always been illiterate tho so im not surprised smh im disgusted with Tami, we r on episode 3 nd u still talkin bout Ev??!! Holy shit get tf over it!!! Tami is obsessed!! And bih u r CRAZY, u r MESSY, nd u r all bout drama, lets b real bout it!!! Shes angry cuz the truth was spoken. She dont like Jackie but she went to the party anyway, bih thats messy!! Im sick of this angry bih!!!

  7. Tammy girl bye…Jackie always been messy but she in the right not liking someone over her supposed friend not liking her..i give her props for not jumping on Evelyn like her crazy ass always does lol…please let this tam and ev shyt be over with I want to know other people drama…oh and the Baby mom sour over her bd talking to bitches that was over with at the table she ain’t have to bring it up petty petty petty

    • Yeah she was feeling her cognac. Decided to bring up some old text drama. She did pull out the petty card.

  8. When is somebody going to tell Jackie the truth! She’s a Bad mother to her 1st child, that’s why she on here acting like she’s a 1st time grandma BECAUSE she is! Sis ….you trifflin as hell is all that needs to be said!

  9. Jackie is cool and the most she does is show her crazy, but other than that she’s a sweetheart.
    Tammi needs to stop the high school drama. You going hard on Jackie before you even speak to Evelyn
    Is because you know Evelyn is right she is acting crazy and she is being messy period.
    Word. TAMMI being so negative and angry is not good If she still trying to get pregnant. Better get happy and grateful and stopping actin Jealous.

  10. Zzzzzzz. Bitch final season ya done ran out of shit to talk about. Grow up and take care ur grand kids… Grandma

  11. Best believe the only reason Tami and Evelyn on this show is bc they have drama to bring in these ratings. Once they come to some sort of resolve then they’ll bring on Brany and Mylasia and get that drama going. This shit just business.

  12. Tami bitter as hell. You keep Evelyn name in ur mouth constantly, wth focus on getting ur dinosaur ass pregnant😂 you too damn old to be acting like a damn fool
    Evelyn I feel ya. U ain’t done nothing wrong. Tami is MESSY
    Waiting on my girl Malaysia 😍

  13. Ok first of all I like Tami, but I do not support her foolish behavior. She needs to have a sit down come to some resolve and let it go. She does not have to be BFF’s with Evelyn or Jackie just respect them as women by not shaming them by calling them classless names. Tami you my girl but that behavior is foolish for a mother and for a woman of your age. Seek God in all you do and He will show you how to handle every single situation. Let it go stop and move on from the past. Evelyn will reap whatever bad seeds she has sown towards you believe that sister hold your head up and stop the madness. She is a woman of color just like you trying to make it in this world of uncertainty, respect that if you do not respect anything else, THAT IS THE COMMON GROUND THAT YOU SHARE. Love you Tami but you need to get it together before you go to far and nobody likes you anymore. Listen to your children they were using wisdom when they got you out of that bookstore, because Jackie came to destroy your image and ruin your party because you ruined hers. Use your spiritual eye on your situations sister.

  14. Please in your comments stop using so much profanity you can discuss the topic without profanity ladies respect yourself because if you do not no one else will.

  15. Tammy need to have several seats and I mean several.. Evelyn didn’t do anything wrong and Tammy is Soo miserable. This is just a big mess blown out of proportion🙄🤦🏽‍♀️..Reggie you are a fine piece of chocolate please talk to your girl cause she’s looking really bad on Tv it’s such a shame. Get over it Tammy and move on please you have daughters that look up to you so bring it down and keep it down.

  16. Yes turn down Tami, You my girl but you are wrong this time sister get it together my girl before it is too late.

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