1. I swear I can’t stand to see or hear Tammy, she’s too old to be this childish. As for Shaunie, she’s a weak ass bitch that’s just all for the drama. How can’t she tell her “friend” that she’s acting like an ass? Can somebody please cancel these two hens. Eugh!

    • Yea so Tami is doing the most! That white girl brought back some alternative facts. I’m over that bs. I almost feel bad for Jackie because Tami is essentially making shit up and then blaming Jackie for her lies. Can’t wait for the reunion.

  2. Tami need to grow up already and move on.. it’s really pathetic and childish..I’m here for the new Evelyn and she is showing a change so far so good for her. Jackie is still Jackie Soo extra and trying to get some laughs and attention from people. Shaunice is a snake in the grass and she knows it and she’s scared to speak up to Tami.. And homegirl knew what she was doing when she brought that text message up to Nicks baby mom and she couldn’t wait to do so

    • Courtney Wheeler on

      LIHA: i kinda looked at the “Nick” situation totally different. I felt like she was keeping it real by telling her. Nicks’ baby mother is wack. She couldnt even hear the woman explain…if we are going to be around each other..i think you should know I used to text back and forth with your BD. I just think back to how Kimbella revealed she was focking fab in front of everyone…this woman at least met with her in private. I may not have liked hearing my BD likes all kinds of girls but if its the truth..its the truth. In stead..she started looking at the girl sideways. That BM is very insecure.

  3. Im glad Tammy is getting in Jackie’s ass, i never liked how Jackie used to bully the younger women in the previous seasons. She plays too many games.

  4. Jealisa Lanae Brooks on

    I Love Tammy.. she Speak Her Mind and tell u what it is.. She not messy. She real and Jackie with her coohcooh ass..lawd she is too extra..

  5. Um…where’s Malaysia, Brandy & ’em?? This episode was 💤. WARNING ⚠️ long post to follow.
    Tammy- Too old to be so pressed for drama and so unforgiving. I wonder if she’s putting on for this show🤔
    Jackie- Too old to be so immature and grammatically incorrect. It’s not cute. It feels like she’s thirsty for drama, creating some where there is none. She also asks silly questions. Lord, too much of her is too much for me. Her husband looks way younger than her. The way she’s gushing over Shantel’s baby as if that’s her 1st and only grandchild😟😑 shame.
    Eve- Seems to have turned over a new leaf, good for her. Her shady comment about Janet Jackson made me question if having children after a certain age is in fact selfish🤔 I’ve never thought about that.
    Nick Young’s Ex- Chile…you have shirley temple curls…SHIRLE TEMPLE curls, humble yourself sis. I see where the other was coming from in telling her about her & Nick. For someone who “doesn’t care”, she sure is acting like she does.
    Shaunie- Do you have a storyline…because you don’t have a VOICE. If you did you’d speak up and tell your “friend” that she’s overreacting and holding on to old baggage causing necessary tension, and advise her to reeeeelaxxx.

    • Vanessa Shaunté on

      Shirley temple curls 😂😂😂😂😂 yo I thought it was just me who noticed her bum ass taste

      • She was to hype for me like girl chill. You should appreciate someone coming to you about your hoe ass baby dad because I can guarantee you if someone else brought it to her attention it would be oh so much more drama. That’s how eve should have approached tammi in the beginning. That’s how you stop rumors and drama if it’s addressedoff top.


  6. Forgive me HEAVENLY FATHER for TRYING to watch even ONE episode of this GARBAGE! For real. Only at 3:59 and I just can’t. Those broads make ALL women look BAD. That includes O’Neal’s ex, too! Marrying into money does not equate to CLASS. This type of programming is PURE POISON.

  7. Yeah tammi did lie but jackie will get at her ass she just mad Evalen back as for brady i guess shaunie aint in charge because bitch bye, speaking a head but i seen previews so i know she’s back ,

  8. 🙄Tammy’s old jealous ass needs to sit tf down somewhere. It’s obvious that she’s jealous of Evelyn. She’s younger, prettier and has a lot going for herself. Then the polar opposite is Tammy. She’s still mad over something that happened YEARS ago, what did she say to the man that cheated on her? I can’t stand stupid bitches like her.

  9. Vanessa Shaunté on

    Jackie 😂😂😂😂😂 the bitch called “the Ukrain” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 stg that shit was funny asf

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