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  • Morgan Blackshear

    Tonite’s episode was must see Reality TV😎&😕-OMG!!-🙏(forgiveness)

  • Lady Reign

    I cant stand shaunie..she jus mad jackie will stand up to her azz & the other scary hoes wont cus they need them checks. Evelyn so contradicting tom bout disrespecting kids when shes using jackies daughter for tea. Knowing jus like her role fake on this negative show so is jackies daughter’s book. She actually had fake tears like she was soo touched by what jackies daughter said. Girl bye you jus playin on the emotions of the fans watching that can relate to experiencing relationshipswith their moms as what was written in this fake fabricated book. Girl u satan 4 dat 1 & i feel sorry for any1 that believes Evelyn really is concerned. .the only thing she wants is revenge for the build a hoe remark that started on the global internet 1st not with Jackie. If they kick jackie off its beca use shes 2 real but they quick to label her crazy. I may not agree with alot of her lifestyle choices but thats jackies business. To me evelyn shaunie & the other chicks look like old bitter bullies. I cant wait til somebody slaps shaunie….jus 1 good time.

    • dyan

      evelyn said she cant forgive Jackie for calling her a bitch in front of her daughter…….bitch I’m sure your daughter have heard or even seen worst so what the hell you talking about, yet you have the nerve to attack the motherhood of another woman………….so funny>..!!!:-)

      • Lady Reign

        i said the same thing!! Evelyn was reaching. Shes soo contradicting its starting to look crazy. She tryin too hard to be relevant….thats the real sore that “non mf factor” statement. Who she think she foolin? Oh yeah the slow people..she got them eating outta her hands

    • teaira

      i 100%agree with u!!!!

    • Laticia Berry

      So everyone taking Jackie side forgot the earlier season of bbwla when her chanel, and takara went to therapy and chanel confirmed that jackie treated takari badly because she was bigger than the other kids and dark skin? How can Jackie say its all lies when she hasn’t even read the book yet? The book wasnt even out yet, takari only sent advanced copy to Evelyn. Also Jackie and the older bbwla cast did the same thing to Draya when they found that court case of her leaving her son home alone with no food and a poopy diaper. They brought it up and used it against her in every episode. Jackie is not a nice person yall need to go back and watch all the lies and manipulation she did on the earlier seasons. Maybe she turned a new leaf now but karma has no time limit you will always reap what you sow. She helped drag Draya for being a bad mom, now its her turn.

      • Chea Robinson


        • Shima Thickums Harrison

          i dont believe jackie 1 bit bout being a loving supportive mother shes a fraud and im not taking her side BUT SHAUNIE FAKE N FULL OF SHIT AND EVELYN IS AS WELL ACTING LIKE SHE CHANGE BITCH PLZ……she just adding to the problem and not even knowing she in too deep with lady kid she would be trying to kill jackie if the shoe was on the other foot

  • tay col

    From experience I do know children sometimes exaggerate lil extra bc they are crying out for love . Meaning somethings did take place that wasn’t right as a mother on Jackie …

  • dyan

    really evelyn…..you are not communicating with Jackie’s daughter but why did she chose to send you a copy of her book….???? Malaysia and tami are my girls, they are actually realest on the show……and now evelyn is mad because tami aint with the nonsense with Jackie and her family………..that daughter of Jackie is awfully bitter, she needs to forgive her mother for whatever and the move the fuck on.

  • dyan

    the response evelyn gave Malaysia as to how did she know that she hasn’t gone to see the grandchild was priceless, am I the only who thought she was stuttering (yet you aint communicating with takari)…………she said she had to work and you are going to say she’s on a trip with you guys………..bitch she getting paid to be, stupid ass…………shaunie I knew you were fake but damn you didn’t have to be that blunt, you really don’t know if you and jackie are friends????? WOWWW!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for the reunion ad I wish not to see evelyn back in next season……..

  • Morgan Green

    I really wish Jackie would have slap that smirk 😏 right off Evelyn face that was really her opportunity Shaunie & Evelyn been plotting on my girl Jackie she might say crazy shit but she she far from redundant

  • Adore Tori

    I’m really hurting that they called Jackie “crazy” anytime she tries to stick up for herself. Takari is looking for a moment and I hope she gets over any resent she has towards her mother.Shaunie is really fucking up and picking sides but I’m happy that Tami and Malaysia were her support systems.

  • SheKnows

    So everyone taking Jackie side forgot the earlier season of bbwla when her chanel, and takara went to therapy and chanel confirmed that jackie treated takari badly because she was bigger than the other kids and dark skin? How can Jackie say its all lies when she hasn’t even read the book yet? The book wasnt even out yet, takari only sent advanced copy to Evelyn. Also Jackie and the older bbwla cast did the same thing to Draya when they found that court case of her leaving her son home alone with no food and a poopy diaper. They brought it up and used it against her in every episode. Jackie is not a nice person yall need to go back and watch all the lies and manipulation she did on the earlier seasons. Maybe she turned a new leaf now but karma has no time limit you will always reap what you sow. She helped drag Draya for being a bad mom, now its her turn.

    • Kellie Lane

      Karma a Bitch

    • Nilda Rev


  • Best Happy

    I’ve watched the first two minutes without Jackie, and the conversation
    around the table with Shaunie, Evenlyn and so on is so boring. Bottom
    line if Jackie is not on the show next season, they will lose me as a
    viewer, PERIOD.

    • Sirenia..

      You watching this shit for free though so they ain’t losing nothing hoe😭😭😭😭😂😂 even though I do agree I actually like Jackie crazy funny ass on the show…

      • Best Happy

        Yeap it’s free, and that’s the exact reason that I don’t jump on this bullshit as soon as it streams. And FYI, I’m able to Google damn near any reality show when this site don’t work 😭😭😂😂.

    • dyan

      does shaunie have a storyline………….oh she is the executive producer, so she has to be there

  • Best Happy

    One other thing, as long as Evenlyn was bullying everyone on the past shows, Shaunie never called her crazy ass Crazy. Only after Evenlyn got head butted by Ochocinco aka Chad Johnson did she feel like a victim..

  • Jevona Turner

    Jackie daughter is telling the truth. It show’s in jackie actions. Evelyn is being very messy talking to jackie daughter.

  • Courtney Wheeler

    I may go on book tour with that bitch — proof evelyn does not care about Jackie’s daughter. She is a manipulative bully.

  • Veronic Campbell

    I believe Tacari, and Jackie is CRAZY.

  • Tavia Tay

    real or fake. i dont care. i could stare at Malaysia’s ass all day

  • Crystal Hinton-Henderson

    Lets be Crystal Clear. Do I think Jackie is nuts yes, and that is my opinion! Do i feel like Evelyn took the first shot at Jackie about the name calling of the daughters SHE ABSOLUTELY DID. Why is Shaunie and everybody acting like they forgot Evelyn threw the first punch? Shaunie really is a PUNK this season with her fake, phony rhinestone behind! Just a straight FRAUD. She just co-signs anything that Evelyn say. Rally they both were wrong for bringing up each others children in a verbal arguement.

    Whatever happened between her daughter is 3 sides, Takari”s Jackie and Gods truth. My daughter has lied on me before out of anger that is what kids do when they feel some type of way. Your children dont consider what actions they do are hurtful or harmful at that time. They are just mad and you and say anything. I think that Jackie and Takari issues are so deep. I remember when Chantel met w/Laura about her mom and Takari relationship. I remember the episode where Takari and Chantel and Jackie went to therapy and some events came out in the session. I know Jackie did something but its not their place to cast or throw stones when THEY all have made some bad judgements. When bad things happen in a family if its not addressed professionally then the generational curse-cycle continues. I know that Evelyn has some messed up crap in her background that happen in her childhood. They (meaning her and Jackie) have more in common than she portrays.

  • Madame Ovaries

    Everytime Jackie comes across my screen, I’m instantly exhausted. Like, Shaunie just let her rest next season. You could bring back the Govan’s, Royce & Suzi, keep Jacki ass off.

  • Queen Nefertiti1972

    Oh I’m loving Jackie right now!! Shaunie constantly trying to pull Jackie in shit when she tries to walk away. Jackie apologize d and still can’t get any respect. They need to give Jackie her own show cause that bitch Shaunie ain’t shit

  • Do it really matter

    Why did shaunie feel like she had the right to jump in a convo.. Jackie.. Malaysia and Tami was having.. Then tried to boss up when jackie told her abt herself.. She just wanted to have an issue with jackie cuz Evelyn do.. Idk how she call herself stayimg out of it.. When clearly she all the way in. Evenlyn is really trying it this year. She’s doing more than apeaking to her daughter online.. Hell how u get a cooy of the book before it was published. That means u and takari been talking.. U gave her ur email address and so on.. Now dont get me wrong.. If jackie did treat her daughter like that.. Shame on her.. But at the end of the day.. Thats they business.. Not the basketball wives. Hazel is a punk bitch.. And the other bitch that just came back..she riding Evelyn coat tale hard.. Since they supposedly made up

    • dyan

      hazel is new to the show hence she should have mind her business, shes a punk and a hypocrite…..you hung with someone for the entire day and then when you got around the others you got a mouth to say something, (was like bitch you had an opportunity to state how you felt without the crowd)………jenifer on the other hand is a puppet of evelyn so she really cant do anything better……….besides she didn’t even had a storyline, she was merely a tag a long

  • Cynthia Fryer-Whittle

    I LOVE LOVE the white dress Jennifer had on

  • Pink Kitty

    Hazel, shaunie evevlyn and jen are allll some snake ass bitches!!! Shaunie is a fucking fraud of a friend, the way she acting outta nowhere to jackie is so fake! & jen and hazel thirsty is all hell for storylines trying to meet jackie and be cool with evelyn to stay relevant. GIRL BYE! i truly cant stand evelyn friend needing ass she needs to get fucked up fr

  • Yvonne

    I can’t stand @shaunieoneal, she is such an instigator, at least on this episode and the other one before this we see the side of @tammyroman where she understands that both of them are wrong, where @shaunieoneal is taking sides, @evelynlozada was mad when her daughter’s name was brought up but she’s ok getting into @jackiechristie’s business about her daughter and it’s annoying as it’s non-stop unlike jackie who only mentioned her daughter and left it alone!! @evelynlozada is a kiss ass and just trying to make sure she is relevant hence using jackie as her punching bag, smdh..she should focus on her fiance, probably he sees what kind of a person she is hence the reason why he isn’t with her anymore, she’s unhappy with her life hence taking it out on jackie…can’t stand fake ass @evelynlozada..ughh

  • Antoinette MzIndependent Smith

    Jackie is crazy asf, Since the beginning. People forget about that and just focus on this new shit. Her younger daughter talked about the way she treated takari when they were growing up..

  • Ms

    I can’t stand two-faced, instigator Shaunie. I really hope Jackie would pimp slap her. I wish these girls would stop calling Shaunie their friend. Shaunie ain’t nobody’s friend but, Evelyn’s.
    Evelyn is the only one she have alliance with. Shaunie was acting a whole lot different toward Jackie and Tami before Evelyn came around, now Jennifer. EVERY DAMN TIME THEY SHOW EVELYN’S ALIEN LOOKING FACE, SHE’S TALKING ABOUT JACKIE’S DAUGHTER.
    JACKIE SAY ONE THING ABOUT HER DAUGHTER AND SHE WANT TO HATE FOREVER. AND EVEN THEN JACKIE WAS TELLING HER WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAID ABOUT HER DAUGHTER. EVELYN ACTS LIKE SHE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CARE ABOUT THEIR CHILD. What’s going on between Jackie and her daughter is none of Evelyn’s, business and if Shaunie was any kind of friend she would be telling her that instead of co-signing her bullshit. I wish that I could tell Evelyn and Shaunie off in their faces. I like to see Jackie, Malaysia and Tami have their own show together. I bet their show would have more viewers. Fuck them other triffling ass, Highfalutin whores.

  • Alicia Woods

    Y’all know Evelyn did what she suppose to do to put Jackie in her place. I’m glad she did it. She been Judging and starts fights with people since season 1. Shaunie and Evelyn if you going be messy bring some receipts from past seasons

  • StarbucksEmp

    Now TransJackie words is coming back to bite her. Even her own daughter dont like that BUTCH BITCH. She aint no longer tolerable. She need to go let her MASTER cumm down her throat because we know that man aint married to her bitch ass. Her big ass head. Im so glad her daughter wrote the damn book. Now Doug need to write one about how his COBWEB PUSSY Having wife can’t get his dick up and always going on and on and on talking about sex because she aint getting none. That bitch got owned by her own daughter and now Wendy Williams will probably have Jackie on her show because her son is going to write a book about her bitch ass next. These bitches gonna be shamed after these books keep coming out. Jackie is DONE. I cant stand the bitch.

  • Sophia Johnson

    Most of you need to wat h the earlier seasons so you can understand the JACKIE story line is TRUE.

  • Nick Omollo

    tammy thinks coz she runs the show then she can sit on everyone…maybe everyone but not jackie. tammy your so full of yourself…choose to either be a cast or producer of the show.and not both.such a bully

  • Shima Thickums Harrison

    jackie crazy is all hell and i dont believe what she saying about loving and supporting her daughter HOWEVER shaunie FAKE IS HELL AND FULL OF SHIT BYE BITCH jackie should woop her ass at the reunion she got money she dont need love n basketball and she still the only 1 married to her husband with her crazy ass

  • Tanierahh Kimmy

    OMg, this is making me boil to my blood. Idky people are so blind in life. This is the reason why I can’t wait for so many people to get exactly what they deserve and that is to be living in their real home with the devil. Y’all don’t know Jackie from an advertisement on a moving truck and you sons of bitches getting mad at the feedback they gave to Jackie over her daughters book? Please don’t tell me that y’all are serious? I find it so difficult to believe that a young girl would lie and write things like that for no apparent reason. Y’all could say until yall’s face turn black and blue that kids over exaggerate all you want , but I do not believe that young woman is an exaggeration. You people need to read between the lines and awaken yourself to the spiritual aspect of the world we living in. It’s real out here and your own family most definitely will give you hell to bare. You don’t know who Jackie really is or was and from the bits and pieces I’ve herd in that book , considering the fact that she does have a speech complication from her hearing, and she is darker than the other kids and she is a thick girl,,,,, I believe every word she’s saying. Read between the lines, it’s right in front of yall face. Do y’all even know how to read up on people?? I bet not because y’all filled with mind control from demons. That girl is not lying about her mother because I could relate to everything she said about her mother in two different scenarios. First Ima tell y’all this, that lady is a narcissistic mother. And how I know this, because my best friend suffered from the same situation with her mother. I also just left a relationship I had for 6 months with a man that had been manipulating me at everything I do because I wasn’t all the way to his liking, or he was just trying to control me by stalking my every move , things I do , say, wear, “why do you brush your teeth like that”?, “you need to use something on your face”, “you need to do this and that, things that doesn’t even concern him and him being extremely mean one moment and then switching up the next moment. Same with my best friends mother, picking on her daughter, always picking fights with her daughter always pointing out something as if she’s not ever doing anything right, manipulating her into believing that if she goes out on her own she’ll fail at life and come running back to her and begging her to help her all the time. There’s different kinds of Narcissistic people…….. if you don’t know what a Narcissistic person is, it’s somebody that had an abusive past, of poverty, abuse from other people, and over all just a disappointing growth experience. So what happens is their souls are not who you actually think they are, they fighting with something inside them and that’s why they snap so bad. Same with my ex, snapping on me for no reason when somebody’s telling the truth, or your not going along with their lies. They feed off of your energy and they need friends and people around them to maintain. Now look at Jackie, she loud and obnoxious, she’s too damn old to still be worried about friends, she’s acted crazy on multiple occasions, y’all seen it for y’all self in this season she attacked Bonnie Jill for no reason. This stuff is not a joke, it’s real and life is real wether any of you want to believe it or not and evil is real. You can’t do anything to hide that. And I could see right through these types of people and they crazy. I really hope a lot of you could be helped and saved before one day it’s too late. Because it’s sad to see that people are actually calling a young girl a liar about what she went through. Thinking that this type of stuff don’t exist when it really does. I dealt with it myself like come on now. Shit is real and you better wake the fuck up that girl is telling the truth. No one has time to lie about the way they grew up. It is what it is. People make me sick to my stomach and I really wish I could personally snap some peoples heads off for being so dumb.