• oobie

    first rva

  • Queen Nicole


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  • Girly Girl


  • Finally after missing a whole week 😁

  • Teaira

    yessss Tammy is the truth someone finally said it Evelyn stupid ass brought the kids in it first and now mad when someone say something about her child…Bonnie Jill is definitely a person who carries the bone back and forth messes ass..

  • Monica

    I knew tammy was not really rockin with eve. The moment jackie n eve started beefin i knew what tammy would do lol

  • Kiree92

    They just let anybody on here now even basketball side chicks u don’t have to be a wife or exwife nomore

  • KIeria

    Forget Evelyn she brought kids up first. And hazel girl why you think you can bring someone who clearly talked trash about the person who’s party you decided to show up to. Tami I get it but you from the hood you should understand your dumb ass niece broke the rules. She came there on messy and got her ass handed to her. Because that’s what she asked for. Shaunie ok we get you boujee however you gotta feel her. You know how she rock she from the hood. Cmon yaw act like yaw don’t know.


      Say that shit exactly what I was thinking bitch deserve to get her ass whooped

  • dani

    Shaunie piggie oneil is fake as fuck, she is all up Evelyn’s ass and cannot even tell her that she brought up Jackie’s kids first? Evelyn what are you even doing back on this show? are you running out of money since your show did not go anywhere? Also i thought that she was trying to get pregnant but all she does is drink gallons of alcohol, ugh i cannot stand that trick.

  • I’m sorry what exactly did Evelyn say disrespectful or bad about jackies kids?? Oh yeah nothing she spoke on how Jackie wasn’t a good mother to her oldest daughter in which we can all see. Jackie brought up the situation with the money and her daughter not Evelyn if Jackie felt so strongly about it she should have paid evely back.. Jackie is delusional and something is really wrong with her!! Her husband doesn’t even entertain her shenanigans..

    • Confettiqueen

      The realist comment so far cause Jackie brought up her sending her daughter some money first. After she got done trying to ruin kristen life she started coming at evelyn

    • Teaira

      Ummm Jackie only ask about the donate because tammi told here that it wasnt coming from a good place which everyone now see it wasnt. Evelyn didn’t do that out of the kindness of her how she did that just to have something to throw at Jackie..Tammi was right about here the whole time.. Where the problem come in is when Evelyn said go take care of your grandchildren she crossed the crossed the line.. Don’t talk about nobody’s grandchildren or kids if you don’t want nobody talking about yours….

    • Slinj

      Jackie called Ev a bitch in front of her child. She started the children thing in my opinion.

  • Jessie

    Theres Really Nothing 2 Say!

  • Aisha Atab

    Really y’all? Evelyn brought up her kid by helping her out financially! How is that bad?? Jackie is crazy and disrespectful. She’s too old to be pooping off like that. Damn.

  • The Doll

    Evelyn is scary. Shaunie is fake and wack as hell. We all know Jackie Christie is a lying ass drama queen. Love you Tammie lol

  • Shay

    When People Say Evelyn Brought Up Kids I think They Meant When She Said Go Take Care Yo Grandkids But Still That Wasn’t Her Speaking On The Kids .

  • Dina

    That bitch with the dogs and no kids is messy as fuck. She’s literally the white version Karlie Redd of the show….

  • Dina

    Shaunie is fake as fuck but damn I give her props. She barley gave brandi and malaysia any camera time LMAO. All the clips are with Malaysia and Jackie, or Brandi and Malaysia with Jacki. No solo time what so ever hahaha. I guess the services really were no longer needed.

    • Jen Sochi

      Haha i just noticed that. Malaysia and Brandi no longer have a story line, now they r only on the show as friends of Jackie.

  • Godd.is.Queen

    Hazel deserved what she got. Her intentions was wrong and if your not invited to a party then you can’t get mad for getting your ass escorted out. 💁🏼 It’s clear as day. God sent you signs to not do it and for you not listening . You and your “girl” got your ass handles on national television. Tami is going to be cool with Saniyyah because Saniyyah reminds Tami of herself. Tami knows her fake niece deserved that one. It is what it is. Tami fast as hell. If she wanted to help Hazel she would of… Shaunie is “high skooley.” I understand this show is a portion of her; but she just needs to play the background. Jackie is funny as fuck… always .. Bonnie Jill does carry the bone. That is her job for her to stay on the show. Plus she interviews people so she is doing what she is use to doing. If Bonnie Jill wasn’t the first to spill the beans in her non messy way; they would show her less like they are doing Cristen.. lol 😁

  • Kali

    Evelyn said go take care of your grandkids …not her kids so all y’all wrong to being 2ith Tami said that Evelyn said her kids but she didn’t so Jackie still wrong and Tami two faced in a way

  • Shaywilliams

    This show is good, but y is Jackie still on here?…. I guess it won’t be a show without her crazy ass. She need to be removed quickly plz .

  • TAS

    Let’s be real here:

    Evelyn started the shit from the beginning. She made the donation to Jackie’s daughter out of pure SHADE, to throw in her face that she’s a bad mother. Then for at least three episodes, Evelyn continued a smear campaign against Jackie to get everyone to agree with her.
    Evelyn started it and when you start shit, there are no rules and all bets are off… Go for the jugular, which is what Jackie did.

  • MissTSippa

    Evelyn is good at looking people in the eye and telling them bulls**t. The same thing she did when she got the stylist to come. She was talking mad shit behind ole girl back talking about how horrible she dressed, then to the girls face, Evelyn turned it into something she did from the “kindness of her heart”…. Same thing shes doing with Jackie. She know she wasn’t being nice when she gave that money to Jackie’s daughter. She did it to be petty because she doesn’t like Jackie.

  • Look, lets all be real. HAZEL WAS WRONG! And everyone knew it but want to act surprised. After Jackie told Siniyyah (?) that Hazel was coming with her friend Siniyyah (?) reaction told everyone what was gon happen if they didn’t leave but Shawnie gon say ” oh she showed no signs”…. sorry yall knew and still let hazel walk into that knowing she cant handel herself, all for ratings of course. . and how do you come to someone else party bringing someone they dont like, tryna be messy, refusing to leave AND NOT expect to get ya ass handed to you?? If anyone SHULD understand I thought it wud be Tami, but she wanna act new ….whatever… For once I actually agree with Jackie. These woman are full of shit for this one.

  • Dynasty

    This is one of the things that’s wrong with people…why do you guys say it was wrong for Evelyn to donate money to a mother whose child was in desperate need for financial help for her son who OBVIOUSLY NEEDED IT MEDICALLY!

    THAT IS EVELYN’S MONEY! EVELYN CAN SPEND HER EARNED MONEY HOW SHE PLEASES! Also, her intentions on how she gave it is HER BUSINESS! Atleast, she gave the money to help the HELPLESS CHILD!

    It spoke volumes about Jackie…that Jackie didn’t even CARE IF HER GRANDSON SURVIVED AND THATS JACKIES OWN FLESH AND BLOOD!

    Tammy and Jackie are STUPID for saying Evelyn never should’ve donated money. Are you serious!? Their basically saying if he survives or not so be it but DONT TRY TO HELP EVEN IF YOU WANT TO. That’s straight up IGNORANT MENTALITY!

  • Hearman

    Your fucking dirty advertisements are annoying!!!!

  • J. Edward Griffin

    Jackie was probably a build a whore and a buga boo before the terms were even introduced into mainstream society. She is so ratchet and damaged beyond repair. She is very annoying also and I bet there are historical records which indicate she was placed in a mental institution way back in the 1980s because she is a territorial bitch who stalks her prey and looks like a Terridactol, reptile bitch. Evelyn need to really step back to her old ways and splash a damn bottle of hennessey in that bitch face. Tami just always keeps it real and it supportive of those who seem like they aint no fake messy ass bitches. Seaniyah was fucking ole dude back in the day and she cant get mad just because Hazel and Ashley checked her counterfeit ass on it