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  • Jlo


  • Jlo

    2nd lol

  • April


  • ash bash

    What is this 1st, 2nd shit lol?

    • Dee

      When you find out please let me know because I don’t get it either.

    • Saying first cause they was the first here when the show became available

  • Blessed Jackson

    they are so boring, evelyn and shaunie that i had to forward to the fight…

  • T.C

    Shaunie fake as fuck.. Watching this made me wanna knock Shaunie the fuuuuck out.. they can see everything Jackie do but not evenyln. … Shaunie a ass kisser..always making them omg who got killed expression weak bitch….lol I’m big mad watching this weak shit

    • Anna Marie

      Right this shit irritating me

    • MissTSippa

      And when did Shaunie get her but did? Im so used to calling her Sponge Bob. I was like “hold up, Shaunie a booty sticking out” 😂😂😂

    • Pamela Fox

      Jackie said out of control. Bonnie-Jill is a spin doctor. She reports half truths. Jackie knew she did not say that because she new her frame of mind. It’s like someone said you said someone was fine but, you knew you didn’t say that because you didn’t think that person was fine and then they come back and said that you said that you may not know exactly what you said but, you know your frame of of mine that’s what I think is going on. Shanace was drunk so she said out of control that was it all she said. Nothing about t a liability. Bonnie -jill she stretch the truth and she did the same thing when she said that Jackie and Evelyn was saying she crazy when Jackie didn’t even say crazy Evelyn said Tammy was crazy but it will not become a deal and she was saying bonnie-jill but, will be going back and reporting she’s a trouble starter.

      • you need to watch that episode again. Jackie did said she was out of control and a liability. Jackie should apologize and leave people children out, evelyn as well.

        • Briana Sims

          She did not say anything about a liability… I just went to episode 7 and watched it 3 times she never said that…

  • malia

    Jackie is hilariously delusional she lied but when they had the reunion show you going to see it when they run it back she said that and then she lied about saying that and then she wants an apology for the lies she told

  • Dafricanqueenie

    Evelyn started it but couldn’t finish it! We all know what Jackie said that night and everybody on that table agreed with her!!! Jackie lying or not has nothing to do with Evelyn! She wasn’t even at the table. Jackie already apologized to the person she said shit about and they are cool. Are we all going to pretend Bonnie Jill has nothing to do with all of this? She had something to say that night, she agreed with Jackie for fuck’s sake!!! Then she’s gonna turn around and be a little bone collector? carrying info back and forth like a snitch!!

    • Teaira

      i agree

  • Shunta

    If you ask me this is the most exciting episode of basketball wives that I’ve seen in a all time.

  • Shalisa

    Jackie been a liar doe

  • Shalisa

    But build a hoe smt where online that is I never saw one bad post but that girl online y she don’t talk but her daughter who she was wining with draya for cuz even orlando said him an his boys smashed it. Bitch ain no one wan b us family or Your husband he look like he hardly wan be round you his self. Jackie is so sad

    • Lydia Cruz

      yes indeed I wish I can tell er to her face Jackie u Full Of shit literally She need to stop drinking maybe then u can remember what the fuck u say n do,,.. like u said her own man don’t wanna b around er he probably only come around to smash n keep it moving.

  • Rosiejim

    Yes Jackie #Teamjackie

  • Cinderella shoe

    How can Evelyn fix her mouth to talk about Jackie all along she got her mama living life on welfare 🤔 Bih if you don’t buy yo mama a house or two bed room apt 😂😂😂👀👀👀

    • MarieMian

      Maybe Evelyn’s mom is comfortable exactly where she is and doesn’t want Evelyn to buy her a place, ever thought about that?? And how could you say she’s on welfare just because of where she lives?? That wasn’t even the main focus of this episode at all. Bottom line, Jackie’s a liar and she’s mad because Evelyn called her out on it.

    • Kaybeautie

      Girlllll, you hit the nail on the head with that one 😂😂😂 but she can afford to give Jackie’s daughter $3500

      • Sukii2.0

        Jackie makes the most money out of all of them; look up Forbes. So, it is a little sketchy as to why Evelyn initially got involved in their family affaires. Didn’t she have her own problems at the time? Jackie lied because she wants them to accept her as a friend, but in all actuality they don’t really like her. Shaun I’d been fake. How is sh fraternizing with her employees in the first place: trying to stay relevant lol. I’m so done. I miss Draya and Malaysia

    • Anonymous

      Maybe her mother doesn’t want to move

  • Mason9752

    Haven’t even watched yet but Jackie annoys tf out of me..she lies n gets mad when u rat on her..she’s a bone collector to n plays both sides of the fence..its entertaining but can sum1 give this old birth her walking papers or chin check her BC I honestly believe she is not bout that action boss!!!

    • Kaybeautie

      Tbh I’m not a Jackie fan but she brings the mess and without her messy antics. Would there be a show to watch? Face it the others are boring we watch these shows for the mix up truth or lies. With that said Jackie was completely out of order talking about Evelyn’s daughter

    • Jackie wacked out. She needs a psycho doctor. If i was Evelyn she would have been knocked out by the 4th episode. With no cameras. I ride solo on that one Evelyn. Say I’ll kill that bitch shaunie should kick her out the show rip up that contract like nothing. Get that ass Evelyn. from Wisconsin that’s how we play….

  • Laura

    Evelyn you are a bitch. Don’t start shit in front of your daughter and then play victim. Jackie is crazy but Evelyn you are looking for every reason not to like her. I see why other people don’t like Jackie but you didn’t have one until she called your daughter a build a whore. Which is low but you keep talking about her relationship with her daughter so what do you expect

  • Evelyn spoke on Jackie’s kids first nobody said a word,now that Jackie spoke on shaunice everybody has something to say..came to LA trying to push those ladies off their own show

    • D

      She spoke on jackie being a bad parent, not on her kid!

  • Jackie may be crazy but Evelyn started all this drama and brought up Jackie daughter first. Shaunie acts like Evelyn is Good gift to this Earth but gets mad at Malaysia about Brandy. Shaunie you are Brandy!

    • MissTSippa

      Now That Shaunie part u said at the end was funny 😂😂

  • Ebb

    I usually dont agree wut jackie but evelyn got everything thats coming ti her she really is fake asf and instead if donating money to jackie daughter u coukd have gave it to ya mom for a better place to live. Evelyn did bring the kids into it first last episode when jackie left her party and niw that jackie said something back she wanna cry girl bye.

  • Nana

    Let me clear the mfn air!!! Evelyn came on the show talking shit abt JACKIE as a mother not once did she ever have anything bad to say abt Jackie children. Was it messy? Yes! Fast forward to the most recent episodes. Evelyn called Jackie out for bein a LIAR which she clearly is nd for someone reason nobody on this show has done that yet nd this the 6th damn season. I don’t understand that shit smh. They just always giving her passes like “oh that’s just Jackie, she’s just a lil coocoo” NO that bitch is a grown as overdramatic LIAR. And at Eve party she asked Eve what her issue was nd Eve told her nd even thennnn this bitch lied once again in everybody face talking abt she wasn’t tryna fight bj lol. And of course she had to cause a scene as she exited! Jackie just too much for me 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Shay


    • MissTSippa

      They did call Jackie out one seaseon when the girl Drayah was on. The girls all called Jackie a liar and they all walked out on her. But some kind of way Jackie slithered back into the group the very next season lol

  • Teaira

    Tammy hit nail on the spot when she said Evelyn did that donation to be funny she didn’t do it out of their pure and his kindness of her heart.. Evelyn can walking around saying all this s*** but soon as someone that start talking s*** about her now it’s leave the kids out of it.. even Evelyn daughter was like maybe she don’t remember everybody was drinking. It took jill bring the shit back out and her comes Evelyn is trying to rescue somebody a girl sit down and worry about them damn eggs..

  • Jessie

    Grow Up Ladies, Stop The Fighting!

  • Shay

    My Problem With Jackie Being mad About Eve Giving Her Daughter That Money Is Why Yu Nt Mad At No1 Else That Donated 🤔 Is It Because They Not Famous Or Relevant Enough 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ Jackie Lied She Need To Own Up To It Damn . They Always Trying To Give Her A Pass

  • Anonymous

    Jackie going through menopause and Evelyn got the side effects from the baby planning

  • Evelyn getting everything thrown back at here karma remember she use to need with Tammy had all that shit going on… now she knows how it feels …

  • Sarena

    Jackie is just messy and a liar and act like people are supposed to be ok with it cause she be drunk… She drunk every episode

    • MissTSippa

      Man Im with Jackie on this one. She’s saying she knows what she did was low but she’s already at her lowest point from Evelyn dippin in her daughters business, so she had to show Evelyn how it feels. Because Jackie can’t feel any worse than having her family’s buisness in the blogs

  • Girlplease

    Jackie lied. All the ladies are frauds. Tammy and Shaunie stood and let Jackie talk crazy, not once said, Stop or said what was said in their clique sessions. Its not about donations, jackie needs to contribute to the own daughters. Jackie been “Buddy husslin’ with all the ladies, her latest adopted friends this messy female Synia (homewrecker) whatever this girl name is…. she is fueling the fire. After She apologized for being messy.

    Keep it coming, it’s great entertainment.

  • Shinny

    Can someone please punch Jackie in the face because I’m tired of her Psycho ass she don’t know if she’s coming are going. I’m tired of her fake ass. She needs to stopped. ASAP

  • Anoname

    So nobody is gonna comment on the whole box of hairpins evelyn got on one side of her head🤔.
    I am so glad Evelyn came back because all of these damn seasons of this show and no one ever called jackie out. Jackie is a damn liar. I think evelyn did donate the money to jackie’s daughter to be petty. But not once did evelyn talk about her daughter, she simply told jackie to take care of her kids. Jackie went way too damn far with talking about evelyn daughter. My vote is for Evelyn to beat some sense into Jackie’s non existing brain

  • Meme

    Why the fuck everybody keep saying Jackie said something abt her daughter. ..she said now what if I believe what the blogs say abt your daughter being a build a hoe…she never said yeah your daughter a build a hoe….damn…in every scene she haveeeeeeee to say something about Jackie. ..Im i the only one that notice this…..🙌🙌🙌🚬😬

    • Nesha

      Finally somebodies saying what im screaming.. She didn’t say it… And clearly she said she didnt say it after shr said now what if i say… Thanks for bringing that up

  • Vivian

    This is the funniest shitz ever! Entertainment!!!!!!! It makes me forget about all my worries. Being able to watch these ladies and see the wrongs and the rights should help us all. It’s still TV!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Disrespect me infront of myself???? 🤔🤔🤔

  • NoShadeJustFacts

    First of all…. ALL THEIR ASSES ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS BS. Second, Jackie is right, Evelyn just needed a moment cause none of this shii had anything to do with her. How you mad about some shii that was said about someone else that THEY’RE NOT EVEN MAD ABOUT… make that make sense. Technically jackie can’t be lyin about some shii that she don’t remember only a damn fool would admit to sayin sumn that they don’t remember sayin. Evelyn always taking shots then wanna play the victim, now all of a sudden you’re the big bad wolf! Girl sit down I ain never seen you do shii but throw drinks and get knocked upside your damn head by Tami (while still holdin her cigarette) lol. I wish they would let Jackie get off just one damn time and get it out of her system lol.

    • Sukii2.0

      You right about that! Jackie crazy though. How the hell is evelyn gonna disrespect Jackie I front of herself 🤔 Okay, now I’m confused.

  • runder

    mehnnn jackie is just tooooo muchh

  • sara

    episode 12 please!

  • Briana Sims

    First and foremost they are lying on Jackie. Like dude go to episode 7 and watch the first 10 minutes she only said “that one is out of control” and “its too much” in which she was at that moment. Bonnie jill lied and stretched the truth adding the liability part…. Evelyn can stfu she wasn’t even there at that time socshe d oesnt know at all. And the fact they are all stuck on thinking Jackie lied when Bonnie did is crazy! And all y’all claiming she said that y’all lying too.. like go watch it that woman NEVER said that…. it’s irritating cuz they are all attacking poor Jackie over something she never said claiming that she’s the liar… when in reality it’s Bonnie jill… smh

  • ceedee

    Evelyn is the biggest, non factor bitch! She’s a nasty person. Jackie tried to speak calmly with her when she first came into the restaurant. Evelyn’s response was to speak to here in such a vile unnecessary disrespectful manner, even I wanted to slap her mouth…. that’s when the crap really started.

    Side bar, did anyone pick up on the look on Bonnie Jill’s face? She looked scared shitless!!!

    I can guarantee if anyone posting comments on this page was spoken to the way Jackie has been, you’d go off. Jackie was the bigger person and apologised to the ho and got that vile response. Now be honest, if you were on the receiving end of that, wouldn’t you want to slap Evelyn silly? She’s a disrespectful, petty BITCH!!!

  • Girly Girl

    Where is episode 12 got damn?

  • cynthia

    hey admin where is episode 12? thanks

  • Nesha

    Im kmsl… Jackie just beat EVELYN ASS ALREADY.. SHE STARTED IT… STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM.. Jackie didnt talk about your kid.. She clearly said what if i… Evelyn on the other hand should have just closed her mouth from jump…

  • Iris

    Jackie needs to go to treatment asap!

  • Amber Maldonado-Simons

    Why is everyone on Bonnie Jill head when she wasn’t the person who brought it up it was Evelyn and ole girl that she was trying to make over… Jackie looked at her when she said “you did say that she was a liability” and Jackie was like “I’m not talking to you , you just sit there we’re cool”… With her scary ass bonnie Jill just confirmed what the other two was saying…. Jackie jumped bad with who she knew she could beat let’s be real. Watch that shit again and you’ll see…. Evelyn messy AF as well