• Christiana

    1st 😉

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  • TRB


  • Litty

  • lalala

    why is evelyn talking for bj.. jackie came in saying, she would address bj personally! and evelyn the non motherfucking factor was like nah.. I’m her mouth piece… bit mind ya business.. the fight is btw jackie and bj. and i would be hurt too if i went on a date with someone and they went behind my back saying trash about me..

    • Kiree92

      But bj was only telling the truth and Jackie only mad because it came out when she could own up to it and apologize like a g

    • 🏆 Care

      I Agee

    • Nikki G

      exactly i asked that myself.

  • lalala

    she prolly didn’t remember….

  • Liha

    Jackie is definitely toxic thank you Evelyn for finally not backing down to her lying fake a**. Jackie is full of s*** and always seeking attention and then playing the victim. When she called Saniyah her sis I was nomore good like come on now😐😒. She’s definitely the problem because she pissed all of them off. I believe Saniyah will get her fair share of Jackie soon enough.

  • i all evelyn gotta do is make one phone call on jackie! aye yo evelyn call brooke. i bet jackie shut the fuck up then! lol

  • Anndrea

    So glad Evelyn is calling Jackie out on her bull she’s too dawm old to be acting the way she does

  • Ann

    Build-A-Whore LOL… Dang Jackie went there.. Jackie vs Evelyn physically who would win?

  • malia

    Jackie is a s*** starter bone carrier liar all of that she so effing fake ain’t nothing real about her I don’t even know how she’s on the show probably for the drama

  • LA LA

    Evelyn came in this show attacking Jackie trying to act like she care for Jackie by donating money to the GC. The bitch got called out by Tami cause Tami saw she coming for Jackie than she suddenly became friends with Tami again cause Tami saw her motives. Jackie had all the right to beat that BJ bitch trying to make trouble by repeating some shit she knew was gonna cause trouble. Jackie has a business and a rich husband, she don’t need a moment like Evelyn does.

    • 🏆 Care


  • Courtney Wheeler

    i totally dont see this the way the rest of you all do. I hate evelyn. Jackie is a certified mess but Jackie and Miss Bonnet create trouble for a storyline. thats it.

  • Evenlyn dont like bullies period and jackie all ways go for whoy she thinks is weak so glad she got her ass in check, watch when jennifer comes back jackie gon be on some bs as usual.

    • lisi

      evenlyn is a bully herself she’s been attacking jackie from the beginning of the show till now, all in jackie family business which shouldn’t be any evenlyn concerns. we get just a little bit of these people lives and don’t know what really goes on behind the show to becoming for jackie parenting. evenlyn have gone way to far of worrying about jackie personal life. in BJ is a trouble starter period she’s not giving some of the woman a fair chance to get to know them but taking words out of people’s mouth in taking back somebody should slap her.

      • Rosay

        Finally someone realizes BJ is a trouble starter. From the moment she went telling tami what was said at the beginning of the show. She just got into the group and instead of minding her own business she’s being a tattle tail. She shouldn’t of repeated what Jackie said but Jackie is wrong because it’s the truth and she wasn’t turnt or even drunk so she clearly rmbers but chooses to deny. And Evelyn is somewhat of a bully yes but she keeps it real and she is absolutely true about Jackie. She’s not picking on her. She’s finally doing what no one else ever did, face Jackie and her bullshit ways

      • Lala thank you for mention Evelyn is a thirsty old moma she has no storyline. Jackie been crazy all this years Smh she makes the show awesome. Fuck that build a whore mom.

      • True Eve thinks she’s better than everyone else she’s an expired whore i want Brandi and Draya back take eve to her not growing show

  • danie

    i cannot believe that anyone would take Evelyn’s side. Look at all the shit she is saying and gets a pass, several time she has mentioned Jackie’s kids and got away with it, She needs another check and that is why she is back on this show. Yes Jackie can be a little crazy and has a good heart, but what she is not is an uppity mean whore like Evelyn. They are literally like the mean girls click. OOOH i cannot stand Evelyn, she is the same bitch she has always been and no amount of money can change her, she always looks down on people and tries to act like she has good intentions? People Please!!! Bonnie Jill is boring and fake as shit and should not be on that show PERIOD. Shaunie just bores me to death and she needs a better story line ASAP. The other boring girl who needed a makeover should just leave also, she has no personality at all and is just a follower.

    • Teaira

      Danie 💯💯💯💯

  • Teaira

    I like Jackie like she said she may have or may have not said it they were all drinking. I dont think Jackie remember but at least she apologize. Why BJ aint tell what she said about her because she told her to shut up at the table…Evelyn just like talking shit and i do not like her .. Evelyn talking all that shit about calling people out and all she did was call security..

  • What a stupid fake show. Checked it out and funny as hell. Fake hair, fake nails, fake “events” Oh yeah Tammy Trump be yo president so keep wearing your silly shirt. You look stupid. I remember when you were in real world and you had an abortion now you want a baby

  • Africa

    I don’t know why all of you are sticking up for jackie, a bitch that mistreated and still mistreats her oldest daughter simply because she’s dark skinned. Jackie is bipolar, ugly, old af, stupid af. She’s the biggest liar on the show and she does way too much. Idgaf who doesn’t like it. I really hope they get rid of jackie. (I purposefully left the j lowercase, she’s not that important)

    • MeanGean

      And where did u hear that she don’t help her daughter because she is dark skinned? We don’t know the real situation between that mother and her child. I’m sure there’s more to the story. We don’t know if Jackie doesn’t help her child. She probably did/does and her daughter takes advantage of it. No one knows the real story but them two. Evelyn never should’ve gotten involved. She only gave money to Jackie’s daughter to spite Jackie and to create a storyline because she knew she was coming back on the show. Please believe her giving that girl some money was not genuine. I’m sure she wrote it off on her taxes. Evelyn needs to go!

      • Africa

        From her daughter… google, YouTube all the information is out there. I believe she has a book and I will be buying it to support her. Jackie is trash, she’s old, way too old to be acting like a high school want to be bully, and usually the bullies always got their ass beat in the end.

  • MeanGean

    Y is Evelyn on this show??!!! She is a NON MF FACTOR!!! Jackie told her that she was gonna address BJ herself and when Jackie asked old ass Evelyn their beef, she had none! She continued to bring up the BJ situation. That’s because Evelyn is a FOLLOWER and has beef with Jackie because Tami does. I can’t stand Evelyn. Jackie would MANGLE Evelyn. Break that whole top row of fake buck teeth that she has! Evelyn shouldn’t be on this show! Isn’t she popping out babies for a baseball player that won’t marry her?! Create ur own show Evelyn. Oh yeah I forgot, no one watches ur boring life. LMAO “build a whore” daughter! YESSSS!!! LMAO! Jackie is crazy but I love her!

  • Abe

    Buuuut BJ lied, Jackie never called that girl a liability. She said she was drunk and out of control. Jackie is a little crazy but for once she was being honest.

    • Shay

      Nah She Said It

    • Africa

      She said it, lol we all heard it. Those of us with perfectly functioning ears.

  • Nicole

    Bj is a s*** starter. She tries to play victim but she is the problem. She is always running back with some he said she said carrying the bone. If she thought Jackie was wrong she could have addressed her personally not tell people that already don’t like Jackie. Evelyn is fake and just wants to make herself relevant. She couldn’t even say why she had a problem with Jackie.

  • Jackie fan

    This show is not a show without Jackie, yes she’s crazy at the time but she has a good heart. Jackie needs to stop listening to these women in her ears and just do she……Evelin on the other hand….Bitch! hen she just came Jackie was so nice to her and she just turn on Jackie because She wanted to be friends with Tami.

  • Am I the only one that remembers that bj agreed with Jackie as soon as she made the comment?? That girl Saniah was duff acting like a liability. She was drunk and belligerent. Jackie and Saniah were not friends yet and I don’t see why this particular comment was blown up. Evelyn is bullying Jackie this season and it’s wrong considering Jackie didn’t go in on her about her giving money to her daughter and not reaching out to Jackie about it. Tammy hated Evelyn and conspired against her with Jackie. Evelyn made up with Tammy and flipped on Jackie. Now Tammy and Evelyn ganging up on Jackie acting like they’re best friends. How wrong! This whole show is getting annoying. Where’s Draya and Angel!

  • DavonsWifey

    Evelyn is messy just like jackie. I find it funny that she was quick to throw shade about jackie’s grandkids but as soon as jackie say something about her daughter it’s a issue. Evelyn is a bully, Bj has no fucking backbone at all, and Jackie is messy old jackie.

    • Nannn

      Cause her daughter probably is hoe ish lol

    • Stephie


    • Best comment!

  • Bj, Evelyn, Shaunie, and the alleged abortion girl are all straight Mean girl bitches and fake af! I want to stick up for Jackie bc this time she does not deserve it. They all have some bad karma coming their way and they all deserve every last dirty crumb of it. Bullying is unacceptable and unforgivable.

    • Rosiejim


    • Stephie

      So true girl, preach!!!!!

  • Jessie

    Theres Really Nothing 2 Say, So No Comment!

  • shancia

    Can you post the haves and haves not? what happen to the tyler perry shows that used to be posted on here?

  • Shay

    So all of the ladies have done the he said she said stuff. I wasn’t just BJ . Also, Kristen even said that Jackie made the liability statement . So I don’t understand why Jackie attacked BJ. I get that they had a date night, but wtf does that have to do with her talking about Saniya. Jackie needs to own up to what she damn said. As for Evelyn, her issue is that Jackie is always starting or instigating shit. And when you see someone constantly doing that with others you can’t help but to think they will do you the same way. So calling Jackie out allows Jackie to know that her bullshit has been spotted. Hell Jackie has always been messy.But no one has ever called that ass out. And how does anyone know that Evelyn was trying to be malicious by donating. The important thing is that the baby was helped. And if Jackie was worried about anyone helping out of spite, the situation should have been taken care so that her daughter would not have had to reach out to the public. It’s not like Jackie doesn’t know that she and her family are in the public eye. Waiting to be scrutinized by the media and the go fund instigated for the show.

  • Shay

    Also Jackie’s daughter is grown. So Evelyn didn’t owe her an explanation of why and how she spent her money. I get that’s her daughter, but dang the donation was for a good cause.
    This is a prime example of why people don’t like to help others. Because you’re damned if you do help and damned if you don’t. Wtf is our society turning into?

  • Nannn

    Besides the arguments…I just want to say those pictures ev and her daughter took were cheap and tacky. Their poses and styling were off.

    Jackie is a fool. I think she need a mental evaluation and meds

    • Shay

      I agree that Jackie needs to be evaluated. Because when her husband was still playing she was named one of the craziest basketball wives for years. You can still Google her crazy antics that started in the early 2000s. There are also bad post about her from her daughter Tikari. And those were created years ago. So that B**** has always been crazy and verbally abusive towards her own family.
      So sad

  • Khairah Pope

    Jackie know Security always there that’s why she be talking crazy because she woulda been got beat tf up

  • Africa

    I’ll be glad when Jackies wig gets snatched. I’m not for violence but sometimes you have to put a bitch in her place. I’ve always been an Evelyn fan so I’m here for it!

  • Eveline is the devil …who is happy she finaly belongs again who the fuck is bonnie-lynn why the fuck is she even on the show?????
    I liked it better with malaysia brandy duffy en shit.
    Tammy and whatshere face are so boring with there ugly clothes and tammy with here nasty wiggs

    • Rosiejim


  • Rosiejim

    Evelyn and Shaunie and Tammy are horrible two face cows… Hating on Jackie, we all know how Jackie rolls.. So why they always looking to put her down behind her back. Grown arss women hating on other women. Yes Jackie tell them about themselves bunch of horrible people… Talking bout her grandkids… Evelyn you taking it too far. You need a direct BOX for that!!!

  • Mona

    Love Jackie without her theres no show

  • Lynn

    Evelyn! Oh Evelyn!!! Jackie will knock u out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • malia

    Jackie is there for the drama the shock value because she goes off she puts in 100% of drama for them so they are not going to get rid of her she is part of the franchise but she is crazy she keeps stuff going and Brooke oh yes she knows Brooke very well she would back down but Brooke re peeped her game from junk nipped it in the bud did Jackie come out let’s hug like Kevin Hart let’s hug

  • ceedee

    Evelyn, really? Who made you hollier than thou? This is becoming a them and Jackie situation with the NMF running her mouth all over the place making Jackie the focus of her life. She needs to really take a deep breath and check her self.

    I’m beginning to see a horrible trend of bullying going on. Not nice at all.

  • Ms Bling

    I’m just here for the comments 😄🍟🍺

  • yall feel like Reggie Like Tami Daughter….I do I feel like he just sittin there thinking like” I could get her daughter pregnant and have Me a BEBE”…..its soooooooo uncomfortable to watch. Lawwed

    • GG

      I low-key was thinking that about Reggie and him having eyes for Tami’s daughter but I didn’t want to go there, like he probably thinks of the daughter while getting some from Tami OMG 😂😂😂😂

  • Liha

    People that never liked Evelyn love to side with Jackie coo coo a**. Lord this show is a mess and it’s all over the place. It’s a shame that people really get upset and angry in the comments about a show and other people’s opinions 🤦🏽‍♀️😒🤣 And Brandi is better off not being apart of the show they can keep her cry baby self away.🙅🏽

  • Bee

    evelyn is so messy! all she does is talk abot Jackie, calling her an idiot and other names. Who called Evelyn out on that? Bonnie Jill is another fake person with no mind of her own. she never gave any of the other girls a chance because the clique didn’t like them

    • Stephie

      So true! I don’t like Evelyn this year. She is so immature!

  • Bee

    Shaunie needs to be quite, she is the most high schoolish one out of all of them. she started the stupid clique

  • Bee


  • Dime

    Shaunie a follower lmao isn’t this her show ? Sh needs to be her own person. .

    Evelyn pussy … she dish shit and can’t take it , why she going so hard for bj but won’t state her own issue ? Jackie would kill her ass lmao

    Jackie is Jackie lol she know she said it but ok ? Her and seniyah already talked and they’re great so why the bitch still cooking shit up she should fuck Evelyn up

    Tami … she in the middle but be fake af in Jackie face when she be talking shit behind her back

    Bj pussy lol and plays victim and don’t realize they call her the weakest link due to the fact she’s Caucasian . She talks too much shit

    Seniyah should’ve stuck up more for Jackie