• April Walker

    Hell yeah first

  • Girly Girl


  • germaine woods

    Stacy should file a civil and criminal al case against Carmina asap. Carmina had no business getting involved. Carmina is dead ass wrong for throwing anything at a 8months pregnant woman. She could have caused her to go into labor or something. Carmina is in the wrong. The entire conversation had absolutely nothing to do with her. She took it upon herself to integrate herself for a storyline and now she looks like an ass. Stacy as every right to be master as hell at Carmina. Kiki told Carmina to apologize. Carmina chose not to. Lawsuits all around. No mercy.

  • Ebony Bickham

    I hope 353tv airs STAR season 2 ( w the 3 girl singers) when it returns this month ( hint hint) 💜💜💜💜

  • Jayla Sullivan

    Carmina is NOT wrong. That is the problem with people, you throw shade and when someone throw shade back “it’s a problem”. Stacy came to the event with a candy dick and get mad again, when someone throw’s it back. Stacy has no class!

  • Melish Hamilton

    Miko ugh stfu with your bone carrying whining ass

  • nothinworldoff

    so givin a lolli dick ain’t supposed be offensive?