• Girly Girl

    These hoes again 😧😧

    • Miss Pip


  • Spike

    Vicks wife is as ugly as her name and most of the husbands are super UGLY!!!!!! Ghetto with football money, NO CLASS!

    • Diamond Sanchez

      Well say how you really feel lol

      • Spike


  • Jahlayna Shadae Jackson

    Miko is so damn annoying. This entire episode she was bitching and moaning about something. Bitch and moan because what’s her face husband Brent was talking about her but he was COMPLETELY RIGHT. Secondly, bitch and moan about being called a bully -insert eyeroll- Who the fuck cares? Then bitch and moan about Jeniva not showing up to her party when she clearly said “cough cough I feel a cold coming on”. Like were you not in the same room with her when she said it? Who else thought Jeniva was attending?? -looks around- Bitch you knew and then to call and complain is like STFU. Jeniva is good cause I wasn’t even going to answer lmao. Miko is an attention whore who bitch and moans about everything and wants everyone to like her when they don’t. Stop begging friends! smdh

  • Jamison Grier


  • Yvonne

    I feel that Kijafa is jelous of Miko since Brent Grimes has more net worth than Michael Vick. Grimes networth is twice of that of Michael Vick, but Kijafa tries to act like they say on the show “Queen Bee”. Of course Miko if it’s real that she talks shit about her husband’s fellow teammate than she is truly on the wrong coz she could jeopardize her husband’s career or his teammates might think he talks shit about them! But again that’s what her podcast is about so we can’t really blame her for talking shit either! Why do almost all of these ladies on here trying to act like they have class but they don’t act like it and am i the only one who sees most of these ladies wigs/weaves are not even on point a lot of times???!! Anywho, these are just my opinions!! They all look basic to me or at least most of them do!