1. The new girl very pretty but she say she bougie lol where? All I see is ghetto. And she has too many thot tendencies lol

  2. Bianca. The new girl aiight but she seems ghetto and a how a little and seven I’m kind of tired of her and key I’m tired of her fake lying petty ass she was childish for stomping down them steps when the new.girl bianca ask her nicely can she keep quited an seven it won’t that deep and like keke.said their mad cuz new girl hang out more with them shiid I would too and the girl that hang with key an seven the light skin one that wanna learn how to use a sewing machine she seems like a follower , I know keke said she wanted drama but u think she lied to see if they really was going to start something but keyaira needs to get kicked out I’m tired of seeing her and hearing her ,she the main one that start things and then seven will be 3rd that get kicked out.

  3. Briana is like Star from the tv show. Keyaira should never ever talk about the way someone looks ever. Even the heavy girl looks better than her. Keyaira is so jealous of everyone and hates herself. If you not cute you’re supposed to be nice. You can’t be mean and ugly at the same time. And Seven shut the hell up you are boring and a follower. You was sitting in the limo quiet as a mouse but then was bold talking abt Keyaira in the confessional. Say it to her face if you not a follower. Confessional gangsta. Me and Seven would have fought when she came up to the roof talking all that stupid shit.


  4. I’m sooooo loving this new girl so far 😻😻😻 I really think they knew what they were doing adding her (Bri) to this group of girls. Giving them a run for their money indeed. 🤣🤣🤣👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😈😈😈😌😌😌

  5. PLEASSSEEEE put braxton family values on here. The new season starts today so yeahh……PLEASE UPLOAD IT ….Thanks

  6. This is the lamest bad girls crew so far. I hope the new girl brings keyaria down to size since she is such a “leader” keyaria has so much mouth. She prays on the weak and pretty, but i wouldnt be surprised that when she finally stops talking about beating a B***h up and finally swing them hands..her little nappy headed a** is going to dust the floor with her mouth. How big girl keke barked liked a pitbull when the show started now she sounding like a premature Chihuahua since keyaria not fkin with her..im about sick of bleach head pinky..get her off the show she lame..n Seven!! She weak..how you walk of the show and now your back??? Shes quiet for a reason she cant handle the club but she trys..yeah she tried a few times but shes not ready.

  7. I’m here for Briana!! Yahhhzzzz!! She cute and she normal asf. Who cares she only dates for money.. she’s a stripper that’s all she knows. Some of y’all out here can’t even get a Mc Pick2 from y’all dudes lol!!! Keyiara is fucking annoying and she wanna play the victim all the time when you’re really an ugly ass bully! Borrowing stuff n then talking shit about the girl who gave it to you. She was just mad she wasn’t getting any play from them guys in the section cuz she has a resting bitch face. Sick of Seven already. She was just eye candy. She trying to be relevant but you’re making your self look stupid. Briana wasn’t even coming to u like that. Yes you and Deshayla are followers! Its clear as day! Can’t wait to see these fights.. boring episode 😑😑😑

  8. DAMMMMMNNNN… THE previews for the rest of the season looks litty.. The new girl was tagging a bunch of bitchs and vice versa.. And did anybody catch that smack sayora got by thicky thick..lmao.. Her hole head came off. On the Flip side.. I like how the new chick wasnt falling for that bullshit key was trying to put her on.. She’s her own person.. And like i say.. I like u until u make me not like u… 1 nail 2 nail 3 nail 4.. If i bit that 5th nail off im knocking yo head thru the door

  9. The new chic gives me life i love her!!!!! 😍😍😍😍…… she is live and direct bitch. I cant wait til she starts serving them hoes up!!!!! Yasss Briana!!!😚😚😚

  10. I like the new girl but what was funny to me was in the beginning she was loud and woke them up out their sleep with not a care in the world and then when she’s trying to sleep she wants it quiet😒..but Did y’all see how when the new girl confronted Kiyara she wasn’t hype towards the new girl like she was with the other girls.? She saw that briana wasn’t weak and isn’t taking nobody shit..I’m here for it

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