1. I will not yell “first” i will start an intellectual conversation in regards to the show.. I really dislike both kee kee’s..they are annoying..I am happy to see Fran be able to hold herself down however she needs to calm down before she gets tagged..Seven is all talk..all she talks about is what she is going to do blah blah..ill be back I have to go see what ol girl name was that was sent home….

  2. None of these girls are bad they are all corny and bipolar. This might be the worst season ever. And they all following keyaira dumb unstable ass. Seven is trying to be relevant so bad, but she’s just not that interesting. Deshayla has no purpose. Sayorra doesn’t know how to argue or fight. Kiyonna can’t fight or dress, those grandma dresses are killing me and Fran is just lost in the mix. The only halfway likeable person was Susan, she got hands and atleast her comments made sense.

  3. I think keyaira has a low self esteem and is jealous of saayora, deshayla ugly af and look like an ardvark or anteater 😂 She trashy for spitting and sevyn and deshayla are tryna go for bad

  4. I will never forgive someone who spat on me… Fran you better than me because she would be getting it on sight everytime we crossed paths in that house!! That was trashy asf and she hawked it twice! Deshayla you are disgusting. Idgaf if you apologized. And the mom all hyping her up on the phone!? Classless like wtf did she actually do to you, or your family to want to spit 2cm from her face?!!!! …… in other news .. these bitches are super corny this season… all talking tough with no action… 🎤🎤 [drops the Mic] I’m done.

  5. malia cunningham on

    Sounds good yeah up to all of theese girls she is.. convincing But Susan the Quite Before the STORM!!!! I WONDER IF SHE IS A TAURUS. . that’s how we are cool like the other side of the pillow. . And Extremely Patient. . But don’t get it Twist MUHAHAHAHA ! LMBO! this season is horrible and I’m just watching for fun

  6. Saayora is the honestly the only sane one! Yeah she told Susan’s business but they knew each other for 2 seconds! They weren’t BFFs! Big Key is childish and aggravates my soul! The other Key is a bully and low key salty cause she know she ain’t that cute (IMO). Syven really is boring and trying to fight big Key for no reason (talking about bigger girls always come after her 😒 A big girl must’ve took her man cause Key ain’t do nothing to her) Dashayla was cool with me until she spit on Fran! I’d still be fighting! Susan was cool too but she’s a follower like Big Key. I like that Fran stood up to the bullies… but then, not so much. Everybody seems weak, either mentally or physically, some both 👀Big Key👀

  7. Only 3 girls i like this season: keke, sayyora and fran. Rest are bullies and so immature. Grow the f up already. Keyaria sooo jealous of sayorra and deshayla, susan and seven such followers. Hope rumors ive read about this being the last season is true. Bullying shouldnt ever be tolerated or accepted today. its a shame we are teaching the female youth that is our future that it is ok to act like low class trash and be put on tv for it. Fight, spit and yell to solve your problems, its all good! Pathetic and sad.

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