1. ERICA MENA- girl… have several seats. after bow wow dumped you and there isn’t available casting stops on LHH.. now u at Bad girl club trying to front as a co-host. u look thirsty !!!

    KEY- i see u been taking my advice. U got better bundles this time..and your hair is looking amazing. but the black lipstick was a no-no. u been a bully as season and now at the reunion acting like born again christian . stop the fuckery. its your nature to be a bully…

    Seven- the outfit was a mess.
    SUSAN- u just want camera time. calm down.

  2. Bri need to have several seats so do kiki bitch u cant fight talkin all that shit cause security there i cant these bitches fake except for key seven and sue then other bitches cant fight they so hypE cause people there but we all seen how scary they was n the house they had to wait to the reunion to grow some balls get the fuck outta here ….

      • Real recognize real. Bri didn’t stand up to Key until Big Kiki put the battery in her back. Before that, all them hoes was on hush.

        • I’ve never commented ever before but are we watching the same show?? Bri never had a problem with Keymarie. It was Keymarie! Bri didn’t stand up to key-key until she choked her and who WOULDN’T stand up to a bitch after that? Yes Kiki and Fran are talking shit (nothing new) and BEEN talking shit IN THE HOUSE as well. Yeah they can’t fight but speak their minds. I’ll take that over a quiet weak bitch (Deshayla). This is the first season where I didn’t have a fav. I liked them all for different reasons except Deshayla. But I liked Keymarie the least.

          I’m proud of Keymarie . Growing is real bad girl shit.

    • U say she doing all that because there’s sercurity there but they where there i. He house to tf it’s more of them I. The show cause it’s easier to fight you get to fight that person with no worries tf key weak asf she piped off of cause seven did the bih just need take her L and let n it go tryn blame it on fact your uncle pass bih bye sorry for lost but if u ask that would have made me go even harder swing how u so close n she wanna fuck with u bih u was bouncing before u even threw down bye seven wit ha fine ass lol baby got hand I can say she was herself the whole time shay umm well idk lol she pretty asf tho n she can get it and sue lmao that bih crazy she Latina or Mexican one they get down with fuck around fuck fighting bih I’m just cut yo ass real shout I grew up with black n Mexican my whole school median I know lmao ion I like Bri them tho cause they knew how have fun KEY ASS WAS ALEAYS COMPLAING ABOUT SOME SHID SHE SHOULD HAVE FIXED THAT 1967 lace front ass wig whatever before maybe get braids next time 😂😂 Bri 😂 Bri that would been my bih cause she bought her money so am I she turnt so am I and we take no shit Fran she a crybaby but she iite kyi’Anna hahaha she funny asf bih real life bipolar 😂😂😂💋💋😝😍😘🤘🏾🤘🏾

  3. Kiyonna doin way too much she annoying and apparently she didn’t even grow up in BK. She went to high school in North Carolina. Keyaira is a damn lie saying Sayyora was buckin at her really Sayyora of all ppl, she was one of the weakest in the house yea you were a bully and bullies are weak because they have low self esteem so they try to bring others down. She didn’t like that Sayyora got all the male attention every time they went out. That was her real issue.

  4. I really dont not like seven she’s like keyaira little puppy ughhh both them bitches was getting on my nerves through out the whole show.. i like bri, keyana, fran, and sayora they was more of trying to have fun then try ro run the house and be bullies like keyaira and her follower seven. i must say the three girls outfit was some hot ass messes especially seven and keyaira and Susan definitely looked at stupid and here

    • I Completely agree with you. I’m reading some other comments though and asking if we were all watching the same show

  5. Any female who can still talk SugarHoneyIceTea and get beat down, well kudos.. At least she knows she will fight if she runs her mouth…

    Ugh. Key was in fact bullying.. How can you not watch this and think you didn’t. Eveything Say was saying was correct. When ever she didn’t stand up to you she was a weak B and when she does she was running her mouth and running up… 😕…. Cmon on son! Which is it!

    Seven has common sense and I see she can raise above this if she not allow herself to jump in when her friends jump up.
    And what in the heck was Susan wearing!???
    Bri hands down was my favorite. IDK why…. And this season was not the best. Why do they keep saying that.
    In not mad at Erica for getting her coins. Hey if they were looking for her why NOT! Y’all tell me if you were in one show previous and decide to leave and do something else. And then another show call you and say we want you to do host, you saying No! SMH.. Be for real. She’s actually been a mediator for them and helping them to understand this is a platform. I ain’t mad at all Erica, get your money boo! Shouldn’t nobody knock her hustle!!

  6. Every last one of these hoes were battery operated I want to fight key she a weak bully she’s right she goes down in history for it. You fight weak hoes who you know can’t and don’t fight you wanted to be seven and both of y’all were scared of each other. Seven has the least sloppiest hands but every last one of them hoes and fake and flip flop. The only bad bitches was seven and sayorA (how ever you spell her name) as far as looks they could’ve replaced the rest of them hoes. I hope we didn’t waste the last season on that week ass group

  7. Franchesca is ugly loud obnoxious messy ass bitch for real yo! What the fuck was she wearing with that lil tubby belly that shit was not flattering at all. And kiyanna the big weak ass bitch still taking all the L’s. you dumb ugly fat fuck you got yo ass beat again for like the seventh time by the baddest bitch seven! What a weak as piss big ass hoe! You ain’t about dat life hoe. Fran and Kiki are fucking losers and sayyora by association! Bri is the ugliest messiest bitch out of the lot of them. What a fucking joke talking all this shit you dumb fuckin slut. Definitely KEYAIRA, SEVEN & SUSAN are the only real bad girls and baddest bitches in the house. And you a corny ass motherfucker if you think otherwise LOL 😂 Take a fucking seat with the dick riding of those other 4 weak ass bitches!

  8. Keke Is Too Much They Ass Ain’t Learn Shit Her And Fran Kept Getting Beat But Keep Talking So Much Shit 🤦🏾‍♀️ Bitch Sit Down And Be Humble

  9. Caramel Crunch on

    Key”dog face”marie..with a ghetto ass name saying she’s blessed living in Compton. Seven “the no boobs” does have a problem with heavy set women, mostly because they have what she can’t afford to get. Bri all day everyday!! Deshayla is scary turn coat, Fran is cool just not when she’s trying to hype everyone, why hasn’t anyone mention to her how annoying she can be and needs to tone that down and actually learn how to hype and not be soooo loud. Sayyora is bae,Susan is too busy being a human trampoline to fully understand what she’s mad about or even what she’s saying at this point. I’m glad the show is over and looking forward for the next season!

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