1. i can’t wait to the reunion it going to be litttttt glad seven and key went home like them bitches was mad annoying…

  2. Greatful for this site but lately all of the videos been constantly buffering or don’t play at all. I love this site but its very disappointing

  3. Complaining about something that is 3 damn and you ain’t bad in my book if you can’t catch a head up Fade with somebody instead of trying to sucker punch them what none fair about that fight there’s no fear in fighting but at least give me a head up fade

  4. I’m irritated the show is being cancelled over a petty prank during one of the worst season’s in bgc history…newho BGC17 Final Countdown was a disappointment…idek where to start..

    Deshayla-I understand you ended up having a good time w/ the other girls, but you are 2 faced. You was up & down like a damn light switch. Your “fashion”..Tf Was that shit u presented w/ the feathers?? Hideous..I feel like you were an opportunist & Fran mopped the floor with your little soft ass…you ain’t shit. Bye.

    BigKey- I just know I wouldn’t fuck with you in real life. & Imma East Coast Chick. You came into the club tryna throw your weight around but ended up being a big ass cry baby. You always whining. You are lame and annoying…side note..the big girls have never represented for the bgc..1st it was wack ass Taneisha, then Big Redd and now Key..like wtf??

    LilKey-You not the hardest baby girl. You not a punk bitch, and I can respect that, but you ain’t no damn Kimbo Slice Bih.. Yea, I think you was hella dramatic over some weak shit half the time. That’s what made you look weak. Why fight a bitch you know u can beat?? If it ain’t about your kids, your paper, love or “real” disrespect, shut up and sing a muh fuckin song..cuz that is what ur gud at.

    Bri-Glad you held your own better than the other girls. I’m still not going to remember you…Lahh..lol tf was that??

    Sayyora-You’re funny. Sometimes you can look and sound a little awkward, but it’s all good, that’s your thing. You were, however, a bit boring.

    7-You act so stank. For what tho?? Tf you feel like you need to prove? You gets no browny points for beating a weak bitch, barely at that, even if she is a big girl..foh you are a Non Muh Fuckin Factor that’s learning how to DJ..Good Luck with that btw

    Fran-You a different type of chick. You had me rollin sometimes..idky but, for me, you have a Robin Williams type of humor..I was amused for a little while..a very colorful character, but you didn’t really do anything unexpected, it started to get predictable..I can name 5 girls I’ll remember forever from the bgc…Raquel, Meghan, Judy, Amy, Valentina…I could list more that I’ll remember before Fran..other than the obvious choices like Natalie Nunn

    Reunion-Wtf does Erica Mena have to do with ANYTHING?? these days she not doing a lot of shit..Eww, that’s Bow’s leftoevers!! Ha..& Taneisha girl, glad you knocked a few pounds off You look happy but you also look sick. Personally thought you wore your weight very nice. I still think you’ve been a bad representative for the bgc and should not be host. You is a Hollerin Hipocrit that should have been booted like the Life Coach..hope you get your ass snatched before it’s all said and done.

    This season would have been more interesting with replacements, it lacked that part of the thrill..I get the law suit but there’s better ways to prepare a girl for her 1st coming into the house. You don’t have to blind side somebody just let the natural flow of events happen and, my damn, you’ll still have a show….Bad Girls Club..I’ve been a fan since day 1 & you’ll be missed, no shame in my game…

  5. Honestly, Key is so sad. Last episode she was talking about this fight with Bri was unfair when she literally backed her into a wall and and choked her. She was just embarrassed that Bri spanked her and then tried to play the victim. Like wtf is that, you literally instigated the fight, they were out on the balcony minding their own business. THEN next thing you know she goes and sucker punches Bri before she even has a chance to put her shit down. Like I said, SAD. The house was so much better when she left

  6. I dont think the last fights was unfair i mean they shldve already known seven and key was coming for that a** i mean yea they juss set in but hey thats y u always gotta watch your back seven and key was my favorites , and juss bc ur friends dont like someone and u go along not liking too dont mean u a follower its juss the loyalty you are showing to your friends

  7. This season was weird and seemed very emotional..I think Tanisha looks really good..I’m proud of her for losing her weight not an easy thing to do so much wishes to her..

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